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  • Name: Ksenia Borodina ( Xenia Omarova )
  • Date of birth: 8 March 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: the Leading reality show «Dom-2»
  • Marital status: Married Kurban Omarov

    Ksenia Borodin: biography

  • Ksenia Borodina is one of the most prominent Russian TV presenter is the undisputed mistress of the longest-running Russian television reality show «Dom-2». Over the years on TV, She has gained immense popularity in the community – successes, achievements and personal life of a movie star is now widely discuss her many fans who are constantly watching all the news about Borodina. Ksenia Borodina K. was born in Moscow on international women’s day on 8 March 1983 in a wealthy Armenian family. At birth she was given the name of the father – Amoeba, which was changed to his mother’s maiden name in adulthood. Such decision became a consequence of the fact that during the first year of her life parents divorced and the father of Susie never been involved in the education of girls, even appearing on her 18th birthday.

    Ksenia Borodina in childhood
    Ksenia Borodina in childhood | stuki-druki.com

    After the divorce, mom Susie, she married Italian architect and moved to his home on the island of Capri. The education of her daughter she trusted grandpa and grandma, therefore, the childhood of future TV stars took place in the Moscow district of Kuntsevo, where she grew up with the neighborhood kids in the Soviet time.

    Ksenia made frequent visits to Sunny Italy, but the attachment to Russia again returned her to Moscow. Up to grade 9 Xenia visited Moscow school No. 749, but in 9th grade I transferred to private school, and specializiruetsya in-depth study of foreign languages, from which he graduated with success.

    At the age of 17 years Borodin continued studying in the summer English school «Multilingue», living in the family a simple Builder and nurses. But at that time she already has her first love in Moscow – a boy Sasha from next door. So a month spent abroad without Alexander, it seemed a future star terrible, and she was determined to return to the Russian capital, despite the entreaties of the parents.

    Ksenia Borodina in his youth | woman.ru

    On arrival in the Russian capital Ksenia Borodina immediately entered the Moscow Institute of hotel management and tourism, where it took just a second-year student. During this period she broke up with Alexander and took a firm decision to become a TV star.

    TV and «Dom-2»

    Biography Ksenia Borodina originates in the University years. Future TV star is serious about his career, to break into the harsh world of show business. She regularly sent your photo and resume to various casting calls, held numerous trials on new television projects. But the conquest of the domestic showbiz was not easy and almost impossible task for Borodina.

    Multiple failed attempts to become a star of television led Xenia in despair, and she with her hands, was about to fly to Italy to parents. But during this period, she phoned and informed about the statement on the TV show «House-2».

    Ksenia Borodina «Dom-2» | hsmedia.ru

    «Dom-2» was a debut of the young star, who became fateful in the career of Ksenia Borodina. With the popularity of the show and the noise increasing around him, the person leading the project became more visible to the public.

    Co-host Ksenia Borodina on telestroke became a famous TV star Ksenia Sobchak, which is quite difficult to compete on television. However, Borodina managed to gain credibility among the participants of the project and to take its rightful place, «superintendent» love of construction, which it retains for more than 10 years.

    Ksenia Borodina and Ksenia Sobchak
    Ksenia Borodina and Ksenia Sobchak | instagrammi.ru

    Reaching Olympus telekava Ksenia Borodina began to appear in other large-scale projects on Russian television. Since 2009 she is a permanent member of the show of Andrey Malakhov «Let them talk» and in 2011 took part in the 11th season of «dancing with the stars» and TV project «Cruel games». Also in the period of 2012-13 Borodin led show «Reset» on channel TNT.

    The reality show «Dom-2» Ksenia Borodina was not an accomplishment. It widely use your creativity and outside of the project. In 2007, She successfully tried his hand as a writer — she published the book «Laws of love». Ksenia promised that it will be not only her creation, and told about plans of work in the autobiographical genre. 4 years later, in 2011, the world saw a new book presenter called «lose Weight with Ksenia Borodina».

    Ksenia Borodina — book «Laws of love» | «Vkontakte»

    In 2008 Ksenia Borodina together with stylist Sergey Zverev has opened a beauty salon «Celebrity». After a short time the media personality has developed to serious proportions your «beauty business» by opening a network of studios of beauty. Work on the project and business Ksenia successfully combines with the performances at all kinds of events in the role of a guest star.

    Ksenia Borodina, Margarita, Marceau and Natalia Bardo | dom2tntnews.ru

    In addition to the show «Dom-2» and business known singer proved himself in the acting career – she starred in the film «Zaza» in the role of the girl protagonist. Later Ksenia Borodina starred in the films «the Method Laurel», «Deffchonki» and «March 8, men!».

    In 2016 appeared rumors, Ksenia Borodina away from the «House-2». Insiders have not indicated what it plans to do telediva beyond the scope of the project, which is not commented and the Xenia. There is information that Borodin on the reality show «Dom-2» will supposedly replace the former participant of the project Elina Kamiren.

    Personal life

    Personal life Ksenia Borodina full of joy and sorrow, and her numerous novels is widely discussed by the public. One time She was Dating the lead singer of «Dynamite» Leonid, Nerushenko, who later died in a terrible accident.

    Ksenia Borodina and Vladimir Marushenko
    Ksenia Borodina and Vladimir Marushenko | House-2

    For Susie the death of a beloved was a severe blow, which she went through very difficult. But time healed wounds Borodina, and again she opened the heart to love.

    In 2006, the presenter has tried to build love with a member of the project «Dom-2» Oscar Karimov, with whom relations have become «workplace romance No. 1» in the biography of Ksenia Borodina. This novel did not last long and the couple parted.

    Ksenia Borodina and Oscar Karimov
    Ksenia Borodina and Oscar Karimov | uznayvse.ru

    In 2008, She married businessman Yuri budaqov. Their first meeting took place three years before the wedding on the set of the show «Comedy Club» where the future husband and wife were present as guests. Wedding Borodina and budaqov held in non-traditional TV stars atmosphere – a celebration was held for the very conservative scenario in which She didn’t even wear the traditional bridesmaid dress, and went to the registry office in ordinary evening dress of Golden color.

    Ksenia Borodina and Yuri Budagov
    Ksenia Borodina and Yuri Budagov

    Married Borodina and budaqov a daughter Marusya, who was born on June 9, 2009. In honor of the birth of her daughter Xenia has immortalized the name of the tattoo on his arm. Unfortunately, Borodina, as at the time her parents failed to save the marriage. In 2011, the family split up with a big scandal. According to Susie, her breakup with Yuri was the result of his riotous living and bad attitude towards her.

    After a short time, Borodin decided to arrange his personal life. She began «office romance No. 2» with the former participant of «House-2» Mikhail Terekhin. The lovers was quite a torrid affair — they then rowed halfway across the country, then again reconciled. In the end, the controversial couple split up.

    Ksenia Borodina and Mikhail Terekhin
    Ksenia Borodina and Mikhail Terekhin | hellomagazine.com

    July 3, 2015, Borodin was married to businessman Kurban Omarov. The TV star took her husband’s name. Ksenia Borodina 22 Dec gave birth to a beloved daughter of Theon in one of the elite Moscow clinic.

    Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov
    Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov | cosmopolitan.ru

    In July 2016, the media are full of information about the disorder in a young family. The couple, previously posted in social networks joint photo with declarations of love, removed each other from friends and stopped to answer questions from fans about his personal life. A pair of long time no comment, Borodin later admitted to the press that the cause of the breakup — infidelity Omarova.

    Divorce Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov not discussed just lazy, but all of a sudden the couple has reconciled. In his Instagram Ksenia Borodina posted a joint photo with her husband and reported that their disagreements with her husband settled. She persistently asked fans not to spread rumors about his personal life, assuring that loves her husband and is not going to break up with him.

    Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov
    Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov | cosmopolitan.ru

    In addition to the reality show «Dom-2», and his colourful personal life Ksenia Borodina enjoys football, she aches for FC Lokomotiv. Also among his interests Borodina present poetry. Among his favorite poets Borodin notes of A. S. Pushkin and M. A. Nekrasova, many lyrical poems are known by heart.


    Ksenia Borodina

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