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  • Name: Borawska Ksenia ( Kseniya Buravskaya )
  • Date of birth: September 29, 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Ksenia Borawska: biography

    Ksenia Borawska – Russian actress, star of such films as «Palmist», «Red mercury» and «the creeps». She also starred in the films American and French production.

    Ksenia was born in Moscow into the family of renowned film Director and screenwriter Alexander Borovskogo. She held in the Russian capital earlier childhood, and then moved with his parents to France, where graduated from high school.

    Later, with only one father, the girl was in the United States. In America, Borawska studied in several theatrical studios, including the well-known theatre Institute Lee Strasberg and the new York school Studio, William Esper.

    In fact, in Hollywood and began her professional acting career, but in 2005, the girl returned home, to Russia. This has contributed to interesting offers from film sets, family circumstances.


    Debuted in the film Xenia Buravsky in American movies «coming Soon» and «Russians in the city of angels.» Then she was invited in the national TV series «Dear Masha Berezina» and Comedy «Bachelors», where her partners were famous actors Marat Basharov and Dmitry Pevtsov.

    The great success of the actress brought action series «Palmist» and crime drama «Ticket to the harem», which was followed by the Comedy «the Russian means», Thriller, «chill», the historical picture «From the flame and light».

    Is Xenia the experience of cooperation with the stars of world scale. She starred with Pierre Richard in the Comedy «the Parisians» and Jean Reno in a detective «Joe». She continued to call me a foreign film Studio, and Borawska played in the French melodrama, «Drink the sea», the American Thriller «Contagion», a British crime drama «the French connection».

    In Russia the actress romantic Comedy «Cool guys,» psychological drama «Red mercury», taken together with the Estonian partners, romance «Open up, it’s me,» easy entertaining picture «Mom.» In early 2016, fans of Ksenia Borovskoy could see her in the new crime series «my father’s Son», and now the actress starred in the dramatic Thriller «the Collector» together with Konstantin Khabensky.

    Personal life

    In 2005, Ksenia Borawska met with then-budding Russian Director, producer and screenwriter Klim shypenko. Because of him, she returned from America to Moscow, and soon the young couple got married and lived together for a little over five years. But even the birth of a son does not become an obstacle to separation, and Borawska with shypenko separated but remained good friends.

    After the divorce, she has become more private man, though still easily takes any twists of fate and not planning anything in advance. Officially married the actress never came out, but in her life appeared a man to love. It is from the creative crowd, but is neither an actor nor a Director.

    Main home Xenia Buravsky consider Moscow, but it also frequently live in France, where she left home.


    • 2004 — Bachelors
    • 2005 — Palmist
    • 2006 — From the flame and light
    • 2006 — ticket to the harem
    • 2006 — the Russian means
    • 2007 — Infected
    • 2008 — Unforgiven
    • 2010 — Red mercury
    • 2011 — Open, I
    • 2016 — my father’s Son


    Ksenia Borawska

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