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  • Name: Ksenia Alferova ( Capua alferova )
  • Date of birth: 24 may 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married to Egor Beroev

    Ksenia Alferova biography

    Ksenia Alferova from an early age accustomed to independence. Parents were always gone at work. The girl had learned to do without excessive care: she studied well and did not give parents any trouble. To the theatrical life she has used quite early. When her peers were playing with dolls, she found something behind the scenes. A favorite spot was the prop shop of the theatre. Ksenia Alferova «put» their performances, which played all the roles.

    Ksenia Alferova with parents
    Ksenia Alferova with parents | theplace.ru

    On screen she has appeared in 1981, when she was 7 years old. Father took it with him to Leningrad, where he starred in the film «the Woman in white». Then the girl starred with his mother in episode one of the melodramas.

    After graduation in 1992, Ksenia Alferova at the insistence of the mothers chose not theatrical, and law school. In the 90s cinema was in a state of decline. And mom wanted daughter got a profession that will be able to feed. And family tradition. on his mother were all successful lawyers, played a role.

    After graduating from capital law Academy Alferov had an internship in one of the best in Britain law firms. But my mom’s genes won practical calculation: Ksenia left the law and entered the School-Studio of MKHAT.


    Biography of Ksenia Alferova, which started in childhood and thrived in College. The actress came on the stage of «Contemporary». But did Xenia and on TV, she was leading in the rating program «Vzglyad».

    In the film Alferov seriously declared itself in a «zero». First prominent role came to her with the popular television series «the Moscow Windows».

    Ksenia Alferova in the film
    Ksenia Alferova in the movie «Rules of the masquerade» | Compa.Gee

    In 2003, Ksenia Alferova got the star role in the historical project of the American Director John Daly. The drama was called «Express St. Petersburg-Cannes». The heroine Ksenia, a student, an attempt on the Prosecutor, said in English. The events described in the tape, developed in 1904. Alferova starred with the famous English actor Nolan Hemings. Experience under the guidance of renowned stage Director for the young artist was priceless.

    In 2007, the actress appeared in a gorgeous drama «the Trap», where the main characters played Alexander Abdulov and Irina Alferova. At that time parents were already divorced, but on set they, above all, remain professional. For Ksenia, this circumstance seemed instructive.

    Next year Ksenia Alferova was given a wonderful role in the Christmas drama «Ded Moroz ponevole», directed by Elena Ciplakova. The actress played the main character here, along with Yegor Bereavem. The painting was warmly received by the audience.

    Ksenia Alferova and Stanislav Bondarenko in the series
    Ksenia Alferova and Stanislav Bondarenko in the TV series «the Trap» | Compa.Gee

    But the work of Xenia in the detective film «Steep banks» critics have taken ambiguously. Perhaps the reason was a new role, in which he tried himself an artist. If she got cute and romantic girls, the role of the investigator of capital Prosecutor’s office on especially important cases was somewhat resonating with the previous images.

    Ksenia Alferova – recognizable mediaperson in the domestic show-business. It can often be seen in various popular shows. She has participated in the project «Ice age».

    Personal life

    Perhaps, there is nothing surprising in the fact that Xenia Alferova, like mom, is also the actor’s family. But with my husband Egor Bereavem she met don on the set and at the press conference. Egor acting dynasty. Mama Elena Beroeva — the actress of the Mossovet theatre, and grandfather Vadim Beroev known to the older generation of viewers as «Major Whirlwind».

    Ksenia Alferova and Egor Beroev
    Ksenia Alferova and Egor Beroev | artfile.ru

    In 2007, this beautiful acting couple had a beautiful girl they called the beautiful old name of Evdokiya.


    • «Top class»
    • Moscow Windows
    • «Taste of murder»
    • «St. Petersburg-Cannes Express»
    • «Mirror wars: Reflection one»
    • «Chasing angel»
    • «Trap»
    • The «window»
    • «Steep banks»
    • «Ded Moroz ponevole»


    Ksenia Alferova mom

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