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  • Name: Ksani Sergienko ( Ksana Sergienko )
  • Date of birth: 7 may 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Mirgorod
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: singer, participant of the project «the Voice»
  • Marital status: not married

    Ksani Sergienko : biography

    Ksani Sergienko was born in 1984 in a provincial Ukrainian town of Mirgorod in Poltava region. Xan mother recognized her singing talent from girls very early. Daughter debuted at kindergarten «stage» 3 years of age. 6 she went to a music school, a couple of years Ksani Sergienko, she was in pride Mirgorod – children’s ensemble «Rodnichok».

    Dream 12-year-old Xan was performing on local television. Helped to fulfill the dream of mother. She spent all the accumulated funds and paid for a Studio recording of the song. Even then, the woman understood that it was not a waste but an investment in the future of his daughter. The calculation was correct: after the show the young singer at a local channel voiced girl noticed. Since that time, she becomes a regular participant of various festivals and competitions, where it occupies a leading position. The ksana Sergienko regularly invited to all the regional concerts. It is often in Kiev.

    Following a significant victory waited Ksana Sergienko next year. She was sent to Romania to participate in the international competition called «the Little Prince». Mirgorodskaya donation brought home the first place prize.

    In 15 years she takes part in the popular youth festival «black sea games». In his native Mirgorod Ksani Sergienko comes the winner: she won the first prize, leaving behind a lot of talented contestants.

    After graduating from the local secondary school, Ksani is sent to study in Kiev. Easily passed the entrance exam in the variety-circus College.

    Ksani Sergienko, USA

    At the 4th year of College Ksani permitted to participate in the popular show «people’s artist». To do this, she comes to the capital of the neighboring state and goes through several auditions. But during this period, she receives a tempting offer to work in America. The young singer fearlessly is sent to a distant and foreign country. At first it was very hard and very far away from my mother and Motherland.

    The reality was much more prosaic than the promised «Golden mountains». Instead of playing in a Broadway show most of the time, young singer sang for visitors to cheap restaurants and bars. In parallel, the girl had to learn the language. For several years she sang in the popular new York cabaret club «Rasputin». But to return home without a victory, as it was in childhood and adolescence, Ksani Sergienko didn’t want to.

    After a few years, finally made it to the US, she records her debut album. And Ksani Sergiyenko closely following competitions and shows for young performers, planning not to miss the chance to become famous. The chance and the life gives her. And not one, but two.

    Ksani Sergienko: «The Voice»

    In America and Russia almost simultaneously start the next seasons of the show «the Voice» (in the American version of «The Voice»). Sergienko is applying for participation in both projects. But when it comes time to choose, prefers Russian TV show. She believes that with knowledge of languages and American experience, more chances to win will be in Russia.

    In the qualifying round of Ksani performed the song «Show Must Go On» and immediately won over the jury with powerful voice and manner of execution.

    On «blind» listening in Moscow to Ukrainian-American singer, sang the heartfelt song «Why» by Annie Lennox, returned all four members of the jury. Sergienko chose the team of Dima Bilan.

    The singer managed to impress the coaches and spectators in each round. Why should only the classic men’s suit and hairstyle in the style of the ‘ 60s. Brilliant was the performance of the singer in the quarterfinals. Reaching the semi-finals, Ksani gave Alexander Bonu.

    Ksani Sergienko: personal life

    Personal life Xan Sergienko works. She has a beloved man. This American businessman of Russian origin, Vitaly. In the US his small company producing furniture.

    The entire period of the competition in Russia Vitaly was very worried for the girl and, according to Xan, really helped her cope with the excitement and experiences. These relationships, according to Sergienko, may well end the marriage.

    Ksani Sergienko thinking about how to stay in Russia. According to some information, she and her husband have already chosen an apartment in Moscow.

    Ksani Sergienko: photo

    Ksani Sergienko

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