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  • Name: Kristina Sysoeva ( Khristina Sysoeva )
  • Date of birth: 8 January 1981
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Siberia
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: socialite
  • Marital status: not married

    Kristina Sysoeva : biography

    Socialite Kristina Sysoeva was born January 8, presumably 1981. Data, where it came to light Christine, no. All sources States that its birthplace is a small town in Siberia.

    According to Sysoeva, her father is a leading top-Manager of LUKOIL. Therefore, luxury lifestyle to girls is the norm. In all likelihood, Christine graduated from one of elite Moscow schools. Dad decided to give her a good European education and sent her to London. Here Sysoev graduated from the most prestigious colleges, but his name shocking beauty never mentions. After College, she decided to stay in London.


    I think it can be called a «profession» and «activities» of this woman. The whole biography Kristina Sysoeva is a glamorous life, outrageous acts and pictures confirming lavish lifestyle on her Instagram page where she has over 130 thousand subscribers.

    As she says Sysoev, «a way of life attracts people of the same level». While the socialite says that a well-trained and not throwing money. It seems that this statement is dissonant with the rest of her revelation that a day she spends on shopping at least a thousand pounds.

    However, many things said Kristina Sysoeva, to put it mildly, at odds with reality. For example, the than-their-girlfriends blonde with high cheek-bones claims that he never resorted to plastic surgery. But experienced plastic surgeons say they see in her appearance are signs that the intervention was. The socialite says that he has nothing against hair extensions, strengthens the gel for eyelashes and spray tanning. Supposedly these tools all of her manipulation made with the appearance limited.

    As for the incredible miniature (Kristina Sysoeva weigh 43-45 kg), it is a result of regular fitness and liquid food. The woman excluded from the diet flour, sweet potatoes, rice, oil and a few products. Besides, she does not drink alcohol. But the most important thing in her life is stress.

    In England Russian beauty – face are known. About her and her way of life the British learned after-show «Meet the Russians», which focuses on the rich Russian that settled in Albion. I must say that after a broadcast, the British strengthened in the opinion that the immigrants from Russia, who have achieved some material success, are extremely immodest and provocative lifestyle.

    Personal life

    This side of life is most likely also consists of myths that are regularly exposed by journalists. So the woman says that she married a Lord and a billionaire named Charles. It is related to the real estate business and is closely linked with the British Parliament.

    But reporters have not found such a person in Parliament. But the photo determined that «husband» Sysoeva name is Giles Mackay. He’s older than Christine for 20 years, really a very rich man, although the Lord had not. According to the journalists, McKay officially married to a woman named Carolina. She is a lawyer by training. On the allegations that Sysoeva – the kept woman of a billionaire, which he rents a house in Central London, socialite replied that it was the machinations of the envious and ill-wishers.

    As it turned out, the personal life of Kristina Sysoeva has another «dark spot». Anyway, so say the journalists. They dug out that Giles Mackay has another girlfriend – model named Ifka Assault. In July 2015, the woman allegedly gave birth to a son to Giles. But in September of the same year with the model is in trouble: as a result of injuries she sustained, surfing, Ifka is in a coma. Kristina Sysoeva did not forget «to rejoice» for the competitor, posting your video blog with the phrase «Karma is a bitch».

    If you believe the words Kristina Sysoeva, she gave birth to Charles-Giles ‘ two children – a daughter and a son. Photos can be found on the Internet.

    In the summer of 2015, the journalists wrote that the relationship between Christine and imaginary Lord over. Sysoev itself allegedly simply reported that she and her husband experienced a dispute.


    About Kristina Sysoeva again loudly talking in connection with the attack in nice. Currently socialite were resting on a donated yacht on the coast and was going to see the fireworks on the day of the storming of the Bastille. But as you know, after a bloody terrorist attack, neither of which the continuation of the celebration it is not going.

    Sysoeva has posted on his page on the social network text, which angered many. It was not sympathy for the victims and regret about ruining the holiday.


    Kristina Sysoeva

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