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  • Name: Kristina Kuzmina ( Kristina Kuzmina )
  • Date of birth: 1 March 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Kristina Kuzmina : biography

    Actress Christina A. Kuzmina was born in the early spring of 1980 in St. Petersburg (then-Leningrad). The girl grew into a beautiful intelligent family, where his father worked as an engineer and his mother worked as a doctor. Art had aunt Christina – Nelly Popova. She infected her niece with the love of mummery.

    Probably, considerable influence on the character of a girl provided the «explosive» mixture of the blood in her veins. Kristina Kuzmina argues that it mingled German, Spanish and Russian blood. On my mother’s side in the family are the don Cossacks. The girl got the beautiful model looks. Moreover, in the early years Christine was a good voice and an excellent ear for music.

    A large number of talents required for their implementation. Kristina Kuzmina studied at the music school in piano and vocal and acting makings in the musical theatre named after Viktor Reznikov. A teenage girl tried herself in model business.

    When she turned 14, she was accepted into the St. Petersburg model Agency «Modus Vivendi». The singer appeared in advertising of products of firm «Nordik», «Sprite» and gas stations «Aero». And she was chosen the face of the channel «Petersburg».

    Once the case brought Christina with Dmitry nagievym. They met on «Radio Modern». This meeting had consequences: she interested in radio and soon became the youngest DJ Peter. After a short period of time, she was entrusted to lead projects. At the same time, Christina continues to develop her musical talent. She performs in St. Petersburg’s clubs, and plays «Nezhin» «hard-core». And she sings as a guest vocalist reperskih groups «Balinese clan», «7.62», «Overheating» and «Just because».


    After leaving school in 1997, the girl has to decide. She chooses Spbgati. But working in radio, touring with rappers and training did not match. Each lesson takes time, but its just not. Kristina Kuzmina takes a moment to decide.

    After 2 years she returned to theatre Institute and gets to the talented mentor of Vladimir pazi.

    In 2004, after graduating from theatre Christine along with their other Pets-alumni invites her theater Vladimir Groove. The young actress first appears on stage of the Lensovet theatre. For 4 years Kuzmin has played in many performances and finally realized that acting is the main thing among all her Hobbies.

    But in 2006 Vladimir pazi did not. To replace him came another chief Director. Changed the repertoire and style of working with actors. Kristina Kuzmina 2 years trying to adjust to the new leadership, but failed. She left the theater of the Leningrad city Council and passed into other – named after Vera Komissarzhevskaya.


    A cinematic biography of Christina Kuzmina started in the early 2000s. Like most young colleagues, the actress starred in small roles in serials. Viewers saw her in melodramas and popular detectives.

    The first significant role of Christine – the image of Elizabeth, the wife of Emperor Alexander I in the historical film «the aide-de-camps of love». The series was released in 2005. Then there was work in the melodrama «the house on the roadside», «Clean sample» and «On the edge».

    The series «Man at the window» and the Comedy «Seven booths», shot by Dmitry Meshalim, showed the audience Christina Kuzmin in a new role. The popularity of the actress is growing rapidly.

    The music teacher in the melodrama «Hills and plains», Masha in the action film «We are from the future 2», the main role in the dramatic film «House on the sidelines» St. Petersburg claim the actress star status.

    In 2012, Kristina Kuzmina, appeared on the screen in a magnificent historical series «the Gap». In the company of such wonderful actors as Igor Petrenko and Andrey Smolyakov she played the lead role of Helena, the onscreen wife of the hero Smolyakova.

    Personal life

    With her future husband, the famous film Director Dmitry Meshalim Kristina Kuzmina met at the audition in his project «the Princess and the pauper». Then Meskhiev had not approved the film, it seems, did not even pay attention to it. He soon married with his girlfriend Christina. But the marriage did not last long. Unexpectedly for Christine and a half years after the first meeting Dmitry asked her to meet me.

    A whirlwind romance developed into marriage. In 2010, the couple had a daughter who they named Agrippina.

    Personal life of Christina Kuzmina started to «crumble» shortly after the birth of her daughter. Numerous scandals in the family followed one another. In 2012, the couple divorced officially.

    In the fall of 2014, a scandal erupted. Many media were full of headlines, which reported that Dmitry Meskhiev beat his ex-wife who tried to get her out of his suburban home. The yellow press long savored the details of this scandal, because the former wife went to the police with counter-statements. Christina – the bodily harm (she was diagnosed with contusions and a concussion), and Dmitry – on the penetration of its private ownership.

    At the moment Kristina Kuzmina’s not married. It seems that she will soon begin to trust men after that experience.


    • «Adjutants of love»
    • «The man at the window»
    • «Seven booths»
    • «Hills and plains»
    • «We are from the future 2»
    • «The house on the roadside»
    • «Net sample»
    • «On the edge»
    • «Separation»


    Kristina Kuzmina

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