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  • Name: Kristina Kretova ( Kristina Kretova )
  • Date of birth: 28 January 1984
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Orel, Russia
  • Activity: ballet dancer and leading soloist of the Bolshoi theatre
  • Marital status: married

    Kristina Kretova: biography

    Kristina Kretova — the Russian ballerina, the leading soloist of the Bolshoi theatre, as well as jury member in one of the popular TV show «Dancing on TNT». Experts call it the direct heir of the tradition of the legendary ballerina Galina Ulanova.

    Was born the future ballet dancer in the city of Orel and at age six began studying classical dance. Parallel to a comprehensive school the girl was going to choreography, where she mastered the basics of ballet. In 10 years, Christina is sent to Moscow and after complex entrance tests becomes a student of the Moscow state Academy of choreography.

    After graduation in 2002 Kretova included in the dance troupe «the Kremlin ballet», and later danced in the theatre named after Konstantin Stanislavsky. Now she is the leading soloist of the Bolshoi theater. In addition to roles in productions of «the Flames of Paris», «Lost illusions», «the taming of the shrew» and many others, the dancer participates in the projects of other theatres. For example, she was involved at the International festival of classical ballet named after Rudolf Nureyev and the Bolshoi theatre event «Russian seasons of the XXI century».

    TV show

    In 2011, Kristina Kretova has agreed to be one of the participating entertainment project «Bolero», which was shown on the First channel. The essence of the program lies in the fact that the leading ballet dancers were paired with the best athletes in the country. In a couple of Christine got honored master of sport of Russia in figure skating Alexei Yagudin. The artists have created a symbiosis of classical dance with contemporary choreography and so well that at the end of the project become the winner.

    The dancer says that this show has given her a lot. She took another look at the essence of dance, working with such famous ballet masters and choreographers as Radu Poklitaru and Vyacheslav Kulaev, tried his new styles that are different from the classics. All this gave the opportunity Krutovoy further grow professionally.

    And in 2015, Christine called to the other dance project, talent show «Dancing on TNT». She first appeared as a guest member of the jury in the second season and the new year becomes a permanent judge along with Ukrainian choreographer Tatiana Denisova, a famous dancer and choreographer Ivan Vasiliev and star of American modern dance with the Pacman, whose real name is Philip Chibib.

    Personal life

    Dancer Kristina Kretova for many years married. The husband’s name she keeps secret, but information from social networks it is known that man has nothing to do with theatre, while performances of his wife, trying not to miss and after each performance gives her a lush bouquet of flowers.

    In 2009, Christina first became a mother: she and her husband have a son, who was named a Muslim name ISA. The singer admits that during rehearsals and performances she is totally focused on the job, but once out of the theatre premises, then immediately forgets about everything except his family.

    Like all ballerinas, Kretova adheres to a strict diet, especially in her confession, she is inclined to obesity. The dancer does not believe that leads an ascetic life and very happy, as is her destiny.


    Christina Kretova

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