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  • Name: Grandma Christine ( Kristina Babushkina )
  • Date of birth: 18 January 1978
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Irkutsk
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Kristina Babushkina: biography

    Kristina Babushkina — Russian actress, hails from a musical family. She was born and spent his childhood in Irkutsk. Her mother Olga Stanislavovna led the chamber choir in the local Philharmonic, and also taught at the College of music. Father Konstantin Stepanovich was part of the Governor’s regional orchestra, which was a musician who played the oboe.

    Parents wanted to see their daughter is an Opera singer, the more musical ear and beautiful voice passed down to her by inheritance. But the girl Aria and the score is not interested. Despite the fact that she graduated from music school, Kristina from an early age dreamed of actress’s career. Remembers grandma now, she’s still quite young gathered in the courtyard of the children and read them your favorite stories from books. And each character was voiced by a girl in his own way, already trying to get used to the images and descriptions of literary characters.

    After school secret from the relatives of Kristina arrived in Irkutsk drama school. She announced it only after the official enrollment. The girl studied perfectly well, but when she moved to the fourth year, the tragedy occurred. Grandma was in a car accident and received a severe leg injury where I couldn’t move. From school he was expelled in connection with professional impropriety.

    But Christina is not resigned to fate. She made huge efforts, partially restored health and start everything from the beginning. The girl went to Moscow and tried to enroll in various College theater. And was accepted into most of them! Grandma opted for the famous School-Studio of MKHAT. It was the right decision, because already in the second year the young actress made her debut on the professional stage of the Theatre of Oleg Tabakov, who, incidentally, was its artistic Director and in high school.


    Early in his career of Kristina Babushkina appeared in small roles in such television series as «Truckers», «Maroseyka, 12», «Moscow. Central district». It can also be seen in a series of films based on the works of Vasily Shukshin «Shukshin stories» and adventure Comedy «Bulky».

    Widespread popularity among the Russian audience came to Christine after the release of the melodrama «Diva», and strengthened the popularity of the actress with the musical Comedy «National treasure» and drama «my friend the banker», which became a logical continuation of the «Diva».

    Then grandma Directors are often invited into projects designed primarily for a female audience. For example, is to provide such melodramas as «the General’s Wife», «I sore throat!», «Male escort», «Zemsky doctor.»

    Also on the bill actress romantic Comedy «the Female» in which she plays the wife of Sasquatch, the crime drama «Migratory birds» and the detectives based on the novels by Tatiana Ustinova «Uncut pages» and «One day, one night». The latest work of Christina is a fantasy Thriller «Night watch», which will be released in late summer 2016.

    Personal life

    With her future husband, actor Stanislav by Doinikova, Kristina Babushkina met shortly after his arrival in Moscow. At first had a purely friendly relationship that gradually developed into a romantic interest, ended with the wedding. In 2007, the Stanislav and Christina had a daughter, who was given a beautiful old Slavonic name Ustinja.

    Relationship Grandmother and Doinikova among many friends were considered superior, they were called the perfect couple. And really, the woman adored her husband and he appreciated it, gave flowers and gifts, helped around the house. But when the actors began to play in the same theatre, their relationship began to deteriorate, and after some time they broke up. However, the former couple has maintained a cordial relationship, and Stanislav continues to participate in the education of her daughter.

    Now in Christina’s life Grandma is a regular man. It is not its counterpart, and is engaged in medical activities. Actress this fact very much, because she decided for themselves that they are no longer able to share life with a man of his profession.


    • 2005 — Donna
    • 2006 — National treasure
    • 2007 — my friend the banker
    • 2009 — mistress of the taiga
    • 2011 — the Wife of a General
    • 2012 — Ex-wife
    • 2013 — I — Angina!
    • 2014 — Migratory birds
    • 2015 — Male escort
    • 2015 — Uncut pages
    • 2015 — One day, one night


    Kristina Babushkina

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