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  • Name: Kristina Asmus ( Christine Myasnikov )
  • Date of birth: 14 April 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Korolev, Russia
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married Garik Kharlamov

    Kristina Asmus biography

    Kristina Asmus is a well — known actress of cinema and theatre. She became popular after starring in the TV series «Interns». Some time she also engaged in modeling business, posed for the underwear ads.

    Our heroine was born on April 14 1988 in Korolev. Her real name is Christina Myasnikov, and the name of Asmus, she took my grandfather with German roots. Father — Igor Myasnikov, a mother — Happy Myasnikov, sisters — Karina, Olga and Ekaterina.

    Kristina Asmus in childhood
    A future star in the childhood | «KinoTime»

    The family of six lived modestly in a communal first, then in a very small two-bedroom Khrushchev. Remembering his childhood,the star says that sometimes, in their fridge sometimes stood only Bank with horseradish, I had to endure and wait for the salary of the parents.

    In childhood, the biography of Kristina Asmus was related to gymnastics, where the girl achieved the degree of candidate of master of sports. It is known that she has a fear of sports equipment: she would spend hours standing next to them, but not to do any exercise. However, the athlete in her wanted to see the parents, the girl dreamed to become an actress, and this desire came after the series «Wild angel» with Natalia Oreiro in the main role. Parents were sympathetic to the desire of his daughter. To your goal girl walked in small steps. In the school years, she studied in the theater Studio, where he played roles in performances of «Chalk» and «the dawns here are quiet».

    Kristina Asmus with her parents and younger sister
    With her parents and younger sister | «the Essence of the event»

    After high school, our heroine arrived in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre in the course of Konstantin Raikin. Along with Asmus had learned in the course Nikita Efremov, Pavel Priluchny, Ivan Makarevich, Aristarchus of wines, Karina, Andolenko, Grisha Dobrynin and Anna chipovskaya. In one of her interviews Christina said, that got lost on their background and was expelled from there, as it did not meet expectations. Christina was upset and asked him to give her a chance to become volnoslushatelnitsey on the course, but Raikin advised the girl to work a lot to succeed and did not accept it. Christine said that this conversation with Raikin has divided her life into «before and after», in a few minutes the girl if matured for five years and left his office a different person.

    The next 2 years the biography of Kristina Asmus was a time of constant search and testing. The girl got 2 theatre, even had to sell tickets in one of them, was also an attempt to create your Agency on the organization of holidays.

    Christina Asmus
    Photos of actress | «golosUA»

    In 2008 she enrolled in the Theater school. Schepkin (course Boris Klyuev), from which he graduated in 2012. There, the actress immediately started to show itself, and were the leaders of the course. Currently, the actress played in the Moscow dramatic theater named Yermolova.

    Movies with Christine Asmus

    Real success came to the actress in 2010 when she auditioned for the role of Varya Chernous in the TV series Maxim Pezhemskii «Interns», 2,5 beating thousands of other hopefuls. This role became a springboard in her career. Asmus partners on the set became Ivan Okhlobystin, Ilya Linnikov, Alexander Ilyin and Dmitry Caracois. In the same year she was voted the sexiest woman in Russia by magazine Maxim.

    «Interns» | «sosmopolitan»

    Next were roles in the films «Christmas Tree», «True love,» «Dragon Syndrome», «Zolushka» and «rise of the Guardians».

    In the movie «Cinderella» | «Mediananny»

    In 2011, our heroine became a «TV actress of the year» by Glamour magazine, and in 2013 received the award of Fashion People Awards.

    In the same year 2013 she played the main role in the film «the Understudy», where her co-star was Alexander Revva. In 2014 in the film «Easy to trace» plays together Asmus and Garik Kharlamov. In 2015, the actress starred in the film «the dawns here are quiet…».

    Kristina Asmus in the movie
    In the movie «the stand» | «Groups»

    In the film «Champions: faster, higher, stronger», which premiered in February 2016, the actress starred as gymnast Svetlana Khorkina. The filmmakers chose an actress for this role in connection with her resemblance to the gymnast and also because of the good physical form of Christina. It is noteworthy that many of the stunts in the film Kristina Asmus performed independently.

    In the film «Champions: faster, higher, stronger» | «Big question»

    It should also be noted that the star takes an active part in the TV show. In 2014, she is the participant of «Ice age-5», which were paired with Alexei Tikhonov.

    Christina Asmus in
    «Ice age» | «Wokrout»

    Also the actress participated in the programs of «Eat and hudey!», «Charging with the stars», «Unreal story», «Evening Urgant».

    In 2016 Kristina takes part in extreme show «Without insurance».

    Personal life of Christine Asmus

    Christine has had a relationship with his classmate Victor Stepanyan, but she broke up with him because of the desire to build a career.

    In 2012, the personal life of Christine Asmus went on one way with the resident of «Comedy Club», a famous humorist Garik Kharlamov. In 2013, they got married, but later the registration declared null and void, because at that moment the showman was diluted with Yulia Leshchenko. Because of problems with his ex-wife Garik was forced to hide presence in his life a new passion.

    Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov
    With her husband | «7 days.Gee»

    In an interview with the star admitted that they with Garik United football. They began to write in social networks, and «hook» for this topic, the dialogue has continued, but is already live. At first the actress thought that Garik Kharlamov — narcissistic, vulgar and selfish people. Later, she realized how much was wrong.»

    January 5, 2014 Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov became parents in the suburban hospital «Lapino» on light there was their daughter Anastasia. After spending quite a bit on maternity leave, by the end of January 2014, Christine returned to the stage of the Moscow drama theatre Ermolayeva.

    Kristina Asmus 2016

    Now a celebrity attends directorial skill, an old dream to work on the other side of the camera soon to take place. According to sources, mentor Christine Alexei Popogrebsky — award winner of «Kinotavr» and «the Golden eagle».


    • «Christmas tree»
    • «Interns»
    • «Zolushka»
    • «The dragon syndrome»
    • «True love»
    • «What men are doing»
    • «Nezlobin»
    • «The dawns here are quiet…»
    • «Speak of the devil»
    • «Champions: faster, higher, stronger»

    Photos Of Kristina Asmus

    Christina Asmus

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