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  • Name: Kristen Wiig ( Kristen Carroll Wiig )
  • Date of birth: 22 August 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: CANANDAIGUA, United States
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Kristen Wiig: biography

    Kristen Wiig is a famous American actress and comedienne, who became famous thanks to the films «bridesmaids», «the Martian», «sex: the Secret materialchik» and many others. It is also for nine years acted in the Comedy show «Saturday night live».

    Kristen was born in CANANDAIGUA, a suburb of new York. Her father John Wiig was the owner of a small yacht club, but mother Lauria Johnson is a professional artist and designer. Three years after the birth of her daughter UIG the couple moved to Pennsylvania to the town of Lancaster, where he spent his childhood and adolescence Kristen.

    For a long time about an acting career she didn’t even think. The girl was interested in medicine, so after graduating from a very prestigious high school she enrolled in College to become a «Psychoanalyst». However, Wiig did not survive there is even one course, dropped out and returned home.

    The following year she became a student at the University of Arizona, where he studied fine art. But even a dip in creativity, and Kristen are unable to completely eliminate the medicine from her life: she worked as an administrator in the office of a plastic surgery. Thus, the girl’s life was over, but then fate intervened. Not coincidentally Wiig gets a student rehearsal of the drama club and falls in love with the stage.

    In the end, Kristen throws the University, as the College travels to Los Angeles to become an actress. She managed to enter the Comedy team «the Groundlings», where he met with a textured actress Melissa McCarthy. Together they appeared in a television «Show drew Carey» and later did entertainment program «Saturday night live».


    In a feature film Kristen Wiig began to appear in 2003, first starring in the melodrama «I’m with her.» Then came the romantic Comedy «knocked up» family picture «Children without supervision», Comedy «the Brothers Solomon», romance, «hi, bill!» and the mysterious story of «Ghost Town».

    The name Kristen Wiig more and more became known to a wide circle of movie fans, and in 2011 was a real breakthrough. It is noteworthy that for the film, which was the starting point to the Olympus of the stars, she wrote the script. It’s about female Comedy «bridesmaids,» which had great reviews from critics and audiences.

    Since the actress is regularly nominated for prestigious award «Emmy», «Golden globe» and «Oscar». Later works clearly are a fantastic Comedy «sex: Secret materialchik» ironic detective «All the tear!», romance «Hate, friendship» and the spiritual adventure movie «the secret life of Walter Mitty».

    Kristen also appeared in the acclaimed sci-Fi film «the Martian», a humorous action movie «Heroes» and the melodrama «Diary of a teenage girl». In 2016 on world screens leaves a kind of remake of the fantasy Comedy «Ghostbusters», where the main characters will the writers turn into fearless lady, one of which will be Kristen Wiig.

    Personal life

    In 2005, Kristen Wiig married actor Hayes Hargrove’s, which even before the wedding she was tied up a long-term relationship. But the marriage survived only 4 years, and in 2009 the couple divorced.

    After the divorce, the actress announced that more formally to marry is not going to. Indeed, although she had met with writer and Director Brian Petsos, and then with the drummer of the rock band The Strokes Fabrizio Moretti, Wiig remains free of obligations.

    Kristen Wiig actively promotes vegetarianism, is a member of the animal protection organizations and was even called «the most sexiest celebrity vegetarian».


    • 2006 — knocked up
    • 2009 — The Brothers Solomon
    • 2011 — bridesmaids
    • 2011 — Gender: Secret materialchik
    • 2012 — All tear!
    • 2013 — Hatred, friendship
    • 2013 — the secret life of Walter Mitty
    • 2015 — Diary of a teenage girl
    • 2015 — Martian
    • 2016 — Ghostbusters


    Kristen Wiig

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