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  • Name: Oleg Menshikov ( Oleg Menshikov )
  • Date of birth: 8 November 1960.
  • Age: 56 years
  • Birth place: Serpukhov
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, Director and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Anastasia Chernova

    Oleg Menshikov biography

    Oleg Evgenyevich Menshikov was born in Moscow region, Serpukhov, November 8, 1960. His family had nothing to do with the world of cinema and theater: father was a military engineer, mother – the doctor-the neuropathologist. Shortly after the birth of the son the family moved to the capital. The boy early showed musical ability, and the parents took him to one of the capital’s music schools, where Oleg learned to play the violin.

    The world is beautiful and high art attracted the young artist. He loved operetta at an early age. Twice a week, Menshikov visited the Theater of operetta. Some of the performances so he liked that he walked on them several times in a row. In high school Menshikov himself would put on plays, for which he wrote the music and lyrics. But the acting talent he had seen, when Oleg was in ninth grade. One son with his parents went to the wedding of the daughter is of the Maly theater. The guy to the surprise of all the guests was a one-man band: he played the violin and piano, accompanying singers and musicians, improvised and recited. Among the guests at the wedding was a teacher for Cod Vladimir Monks. All evening he watched the guy. Soon Menshikov received from Monakhova invitation to the audition.

    On the request to read something on his own, the young man recited «the Desire of glory» by Pushkin. Vladimir was pleasantly surprised. He found Menshikov has extraordinary acting talent. And even compared it with Gerard Philippe. Should I be surprised that in 1977, after graduating from high school, Oleg Menshikov chose an actor. Parents choice although not happy, but did not prevent the son to decide their fate independently.

    Oleg Menshikov theatre

    Exams in the famous Sliver Oleg Menshikov passed brilliantly. He got on course to the rector of the school of Nicholas Afonin. Attention to the talented young man was increased from the first year. So far the teachers and classmates Menshikov delighted to remember the skits that were organized by Oleg. It was a wonderful fusion of subtle humor, brilliant improvisations and high artistry. By senior year most promising student played in the formulation of Nicholas Afonin «Invasion». Interestingly, he Afonin offered Menshikov to take the lead, but he asked one of the episodic and irrelevant. But it is this small role in the talented graduate has become one of the most vivid and memorable.

    After graduating from high school, the budding artist was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Maly theatre. After a year He left to serve in the army. He served his military duty, playing in the theater of the Soviet Army. One of the most notable works of this period – the role ivolgina in the production of «Idiot» in the works of Dostoevsky.

    After the service, Menshikov became an actor of the Moscow drama theater named Yermolova. Here he worked from 1985 to 1989. Theatergoers remember his playing in the performances «Speak!» and «the Second year of freedom».

    In 1990 he received the main role in the play «Caligula» Fomenko, which took place at the Theater Mossovet. Then Oleg Menshikov was 30 years old. This role made the young artist known not only in Russia but also abroad.

    And in 1995, Menshikov was organized by «Theatrical company 814». It was one of the first private companies not only in Moscow but also in Russia. Menshikov became the chief Director of most productions of «Society», the most famous of which is «Woe from wit» Griboyedov, «Kitchen» Kurochkin and «Players» by Gogol.

    From April 2012 Oleg Menshikov was appointed artistic Director of the drama theater named Yermolova, where he previously worked as an actor. As I told Oleg, first, he held a «revision» of the repertoire of the troupe. And was very unhappy with the results. From the old repertoire, he left only four productions. Said goodbye to some actors. Among them was his longtime colleague, with whom he starred in «the Pokrovskie gate», Tatyana Dogileva.

    Oleg Menshikov movies

    In 1980, 19-year-old actor made his debut on the silver screen, playing Shura in the TV drama «Wait and hope» Shahbazyan. Thanks to this picture, he two years later got his famous role of Kostik in the Comedy

  • «The Pokrovskie gate». It so happened that Mikhail Kozakov have scored the cast of «the Pokrovskie gate». But the role of the student Bone for a long time nobody. Two dozen young actors were trying, but to no avail. Helped with the search for the wife of filmmaker who watched the debut film Menshikov «Wait and hope». The young actor so she liked that she would remember for a long time and at the right moment advised her husband. Kostya was found. This work was done by Menshikov and the idol of the domestic audience.

    Added to the popularity and small cameo role in the wonderful film «Relatives» and Mikhalkov’s film «Flights in dreams and in reality» Balayan. Often Directors and writers in the course of the filming have expanded and deepened the role that was played by Oleg Menshikov. In the 80 years he excitedly called in the films of eminent Directors. So Menshikov appeared in the film «Captain Fracasse», in the films «big Volodya and small Volodya», and «Moonzund». Interestingly, all these roles were diverse and different, but the artist still did fine with all.

    In the 90s Menshikov already carefully selects and proposed roles, and Directors. Each new picture with its participation becomes an event for real movie lovers and critics. Some tapes pull in the talent of the actor Menshikov, as happened with the picture of «Dyuba-Dyuba» Hwang. Another brilliant job Mitya in

  • «Burnt by the sun» by Nikita Mikhalkov. In 1996, the artist has collected in his piggy Bank many awards for his work in the drama Bodrov’s «prisoner of the Caucasus». But no sooner had the fans of Menshikov to enjoy this film, as very soon there is another, no less remarkable:
  • «The Siberian Barber» Mikhalkov. Here Oleg has played a major role. And as always – it was a virtuoso work. During these years, the actor took part in the film adaptation of «the Golden calf» Silkini. He played of course the Great schemer. Complex and deep was the work of Menshikov in the tape
  • «Doctor Zhivago» by Pasternak’s novel. Oleg has played a major role, triggering a wave of accolades from film critics. In 2003, He became the people’s artist of the Russian Federation.

    Oleg Menshikov: personal life

    Personal life of Oleg Menshikov – is a mystery. To 43 years, the actor was not married. Quietly and unexpectedly married in 2005. Wife of Oleg Evgenyevich became a young actress

  • Anastasia Chernova. The couple live keeping total secrecy and privacy.

    Oleg Menshikov: filmography

    • Pokrovskie Vorota
    • Dyuba-Dyuba
    • Burnt by the sun
    • Prisoner of the Caucasus
    • The Barber of Siberia
    • East-West
    • Woe from wit
    • Councilor
    • The Golden calf
    • Doctor Zhivago
    • Legend No. 17

    Oleg Menshikov: photo

    Oleg Menshikov

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