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  • Name: Kristen Ritter ( Kristen Alice Ritter )
  • Date of birth: 16 December 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Bloomsburg
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: American actress and former model
  • Marital status: not married

    Kristen Ritter: biography

    Kristen Alice Ritter was born in December 1981 in Pennsylvania. Her childhood and teenage years were spent on the parental ranch in Bloomsburg. She was a regular girl, to the best enjoys a little bit of everything: books, music, movies and sports.

    That all changed when Kristen Ritter was 15 years old. High, modest and slim girl, walking through the Mall with a friend, I noticed a modeling agent. Offer to try yourself as a model Kristen took immediately. So 15-year-old student started her professional career. On weekdays she went, and on weekends, participated in fashion shows on the catwalks of new York. Soon Kristen Ritter signed a contract with two major modeling agencies.

    When the girl turned 18, she moved to new York. One of the agencies with whom she signed a contract, sent Kristen to audition for commercials drink Dr Pepper. From this point on Ritter modeling career rapidly went up. The girl is removed for the covers of fashion magazines, often appears in commercials and is on the shows in Milan, Paris and Tokyo.


    A cinematic biography of Kristen Ritter began in 2002, when the girl was busy in the modeling business. She made her debut in the film «Garmento» directed by Michele Maher, where he played a cameo role. In the same year appeared in the short film «fuck off!».

    In 2003, Kristen Ritter continues to act in films. In the famous painting «the Smile of the Mona Lisa» Kristen appeared in a tiny but memorable role to the audience. Small or occasional was her appearance in the film «Tanner on Tanner», «Veronica Mars» and «johnny zero.» But in these years, Kristen Ritter realized that the acting profession closer to her than modeling. So after 5 years of walking the catwalk, she leaves a career as a model and completely switched to work in the movie. The girl attends acting classes, Ballentin.

    In 2006, Ritter first appeared on stage theatre Second Stage Theatre. She played in the play «All this intimacy», which draws on a play by Rajiv Joseph. Then had a small role in the film «the Boys in the pool», «27 dresses» and «Once in Vegas».

    In 2009, Kristen Ritter got a big role in the Comedy film «Shopaholic», where the actress played the girlfriend of the main character. Partners Kristen on the set was Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy. A similar role in the film «Too cool for you.» This romantic Comedy by Jim field Smith brought Ritter awareness. Added the popularity of the role in the popular American TV series «breaking bad», where the actress appeared in the image of the heroine Jane Margulies.

    First lead role was played by Kristen Ritter in 2010. The former model starred in the film entitled «How to make love to a woman.» To partner on the film was Josh Meyers. The basis of this film project is the best seller of Jenna Jameson. It is a well-known American pornographic actress and model who wears the unofficial title «Queen of porn».

    In the same year, Ritter took the lead role in the TV series «gravity», which tells about people who tried to commit suicide, but got a second chance.

    Among the most famous American Actresses of the last time you can call the picture of nick Hamm’s «Killing Bono» and the horror Comedy «Vampire», where Ritter starred alongside Alicia Silverstone.

    Kristen Ritter is busy making the tape «do Not believe… in apartment 23». This is a youth show where the actress got the lead role – whimsical and funny Chloe.

    Personal life

    Personal life Kristen Ritter is very closed. The actress did not comment to reporters and did not disclose their secrets. Aware of several short novels Kristen with known colleagues, but they have not yet led Ritter to the marriage. As she says the beauty of family life it is not interesting.

    Kristen is not only interested in shooting film. She has got quite many Hobbies. Ritter loves music, preferring country and punk rock. She sings beautifully and plays guitar in an aspiring rock band «Ex Vivian». And yet the artist loves children and dogs, yoga and reading.


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    Kristen Ritter

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