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  • Name: Kristen Bell ( Kristen Anne Bell )
  • Date of birth: 18 July 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Huntington woods, mi, USA
  • Height: 155
  • Activity: American actress
  • Marital status: married

    Kristen bell : biography

    Despite the relatively young age of the actress Kristen Anne bell, her filmography consists of nearly fifty paintings and series. And Kristen made her debut at 11 years of age, having a banana and a tree.

    Kristen was born in July 1980 in the state of Michigan. Her childhood and early youth were spent in the suburbs of Detroit, in the small town of Huntington woods. Parents Kristen bell broke up when her daughter turned 2 years. Father, editor of television news programme, remarried. Anne had two half sisters. But the girl lived with her mother, who worked as a paramedic.

    Detroit was famous for the hockey team. This sport was no stranger to the future actress. At a young age it is nice chasing the puck. But when Anne – so in school age were asked to name the girl grew up, she got interested in dance and singing. Soon it became clear that Kristen bell is growing a real actress. She enjoyed playing different roles in school plays and had a «star» appearance.

    So in high school her parents moved the daughter in a Catholic school in the city of Royal oak, which is famous for the theater group.

    In 1988, Kristen bell finished school with the title of «most attractive girl». As planned, she enrolled in the famed art school «Tish», initiated at new York University.


    A cinematic biography of Kristen bell began only in the new century. Before this young actress was interrupted by minor roles in theatrical productions.

    Bell made his debut in the film «Polish wedding». The film remained almost unnoticed by critics and audiences, but Kristen was happy so early, because it opened doors into the world of cinema.

    It just happened. The young actress began to offer small roles in various TV series and TV shows. And on the stage things got better. Kristen played Becky Thatcher in the acclaimed play «the adventures of Tom Sawyer».

    4 years after «the Polish wedding» bell finally offered a starring role. Detective tape «Veronica Mars» turned the girl into a famous actress. The series has received a warm reception, but until then unfamiliar to the audience, Kristen, who played the main character Veronica was named a rising star of cinema.

    Young actress, finally came the star roles, «were laid on the set in full force. Bell later admitted that from hard work on the court and worries she had a nervous breakdown. But the film is worth it. From Kristen turned into the actress, to which Directors were lined up with their proposals. Now bell was filmed continuously. With her went on a few projects a year.

    Soon the audience saw favorite «Veronica» in the popular TV series «Heroes» Comedy «In flight», the melodrama «the Formula of love for prisoners of marriage» and the film «a divorce!».

    In 2014, fans of the charming Kristen bell got a wonderful gift: the screens came the continuation of the beloved series «Veronica Mars». This time it was a feature film of the same name. The main character here played bell.

    Personal life

    In the life of the actress there were two bright novel. First with producer Kevin Mann lasted 5 years but ended in divorce.

    After 2 years, personal life Kristen bell shone with new colors. Beauty met his true love – actor DAX Shepard. DAX is a famous comedian, who played a key role in the popular sitcom «my name is Earl».

    After 2 years the couple legalized their relationship. In an interview, Kristen admitted that they have no duck even little secrets from each other. They have made directly and openly to talk about everything that excites you. Perhaps this is the secret to a good marriage, which grows two adorable girls, Lincoln and Delta bell, the difference between the birth which is only a year old.


    • «Polish wedding»
    • «Veronica Mars»
    • «Heroes»
    • «In flight»
    • «The formula of love for prisoners of marriage»
    • «A divorce!»
    • «When in Rome»
    • «Some girls»
    • «The big boss»


    Kristen Bell

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