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  • Name: Kostya Tszyu ( Kostya Tszyu )
  • Date of birth: 19 September 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Serov
  • Activity: the boxer, the athlete, the absolute world champion among professionals
  • Marital status: divorced

    Kostya Tszyu: a biography

    Kostya Tszyu – the famous Russian boxer, particularly well-known in Russia and Australia due to its impressive successes in Boxing and outside of the ring. Achievements in the international arena athlete well known to every sports fan.

    Konstantin Tszyu was born on 19 September 1969 in a small Russian province under the name of Serov in the Sverdlovsk region. His parents were ordinary people from the «scoop» to a professional sport had no relationships. Papa Boris Tszyu, the lion’s share of his life he worked at the metallurgical enterprises, and mother were active in the field of medicine.

    Relative to the Bone, he was always very active and agile. With the aim to direct the young energies of the child in a fruitful direction, Boris, in 1979, took my son to the Boxing section of one of the local youth. And then I realized that not missed the choice.

    After six months of training in the hall of a spirited ten-year-old boy began to win in the ring guys older than her age. Two years later, the current started to be interested in the coach of the national Junior team of the Soviet Union. This period can be called the beginning of professional sports biography Kostya Tszyu, which is slowly but surely sought up. He has won many regional and international matches and was the winner of several tournaments. Enchanting victories alternated with defeats, but this only strengthened the spirit of man. In 1985 jeou received the title of champion of the RSFSR in their own age category boys. A little later, the boxer was occasionally «light up» on the more Mature competitions.

    Kostya Tszyu: the best fights

    In 1989, the guy managed to achieve significant success in the most important and the observed age group. In that time he has won championship belts at the tournament of the Soviet Union and shortly after the triumph, made in the European championship, where he also ascended to the highest step of the podium. Then followed a long series of significant victories.

    In the period 1990-1991 talented fighter twice in a row won the title of champion of the Soviet Union and received numerous gold medals in international competitions. In 1989, on world championship Boxing, which was held in the Russian capital, Kostya Tszyu has managed to take the third prize position in the group of athletes in the weight category up to 60 kilograms.

    After about a year the champion has collected in his piggy Bank and gold medals in the famous Goodwill Games in Seattle. Following 1991 was not less impressive and striking in the career of the athlete. It was at that time Kostya earned gold medals at the international Championships.

    Serious performance in various competitions has attracted considerable interest of a coach from Australia johnny Lewis to the athlete from the Soviet Union, who soon convinced the boxer to move to permanent residence in Australia. After some time Tszyu was asked to become an official citizen of Australia, he readily agreed. After that, the boxer began performing on a regular exhibition antagonisms across the globe.

    During his professional career, Kostya Tszyu was considered one of the strongest athletes in the world in his category of weight. From time to time he was able to prevail over such well-known figures such as Juan Laporte, Jesse Leigh, Cesar, and Ismael Chavez, Zab Judah and others. These victories were precursors to incredible fame and international recognition in the Boxing world. Tszyu became a legendary star in Australia and in his native Russia.

    In the aggregate the entire career of Kostya went to the ring 282 times, winning with 270 victories. This figure was very impressive and the boxer was included in the international fight hall of fame in the summer of 2011. Noteworthy is the fact that on the same day along with Tszyu in this hall also included a famous actor

  • Sylvester Stallone and champion Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez (last Costa managed to beat in one of the championship fights).

    Kostya Tszyu: after Boxing

    After the end of the professional career of Kostya Tszyu began to train the younger generation. For private wards, they have developed a special scheme of training, allowed to effectively counter opponents in the ring. The most memorable students of the Russian athlete Tali boxers Lebedev, Povetkin, Allakhverdiev. At the same time our hero spent various the master-classes for young sportsmen. On their finances, he opened several sports schools in the whole territory of Russia, arguing that it can help greatly in the expansion and popularization of the sport in his native country.

    In 2010 Kostya Tszyu became the head of the editorial debut in the country’s e-edition

  • «Fight Magazine» that addresses various aspects of martial arts. People found out about yet another talent of a famous boxer. However jeou also often been a participant of various TV shows, acting as a media person. Athlete «lit up» in the projects «Kostya Tszyu. To be the first»
  • «Dancing with the Stars»,
  • «Top model Australian» and others.

    In the moment the athlete is engaged in publishing its own product and works as a coach. At the event in 2013, mass media began from time to time to announce that Kostya Tszyu is alleged preparation for writing his autobiography. But the information still cannot be verified and confirmed.

    Costs jeou: personal life

    For nearly twenty years the boxer has been married. First wife Tszyu was a girl named

  • Natalia. From official data it is only known that the marriage produced three children, and all future connected his life to sports. After the unexpected official divorce jeou said that he and his wife are not getting along 12 years ago, and from that time they did not live together. Today Kostya Tszyu affair with a girl named Tatiana. The couple decided not to register the relationship, but the athlete evasively answers the question about joint children, so anything is possible.

    Kostya Tszyu: photo

    Kostya Tszyu

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