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  • Name: Cornelia Polyak ( Korneliya Polyak )
  • Date of birth: 31 October 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actress, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Korneliya Polyak: biography

    Korneliya Polyak was born in Moscow in October 1984. Unfortunately, her family and parents to find information failed. We only know that Cornelia was studying at one of the schools on Kutuzovsky Prospekt and very soon established himself as a bright and creative individual.

    Korneliya Polyak
    Cornelia Pole | afisha.ru

    In the 6th grade Korneliya Polyak knew to be after the awarding of the certificate: course, the legendary «forge of the stars» – VGIK.

    From the girl did not retreat. In the famous acting school she studied with the great pleasure. And after it began to build a career.


    Biography of Cornelia Pole after graduating VGIK did not begin roles in films and as a producer. There’s a girl, from a young age «Lucavsala» creativity, a lot made up. Together with her husband Pavel Khudyakov, a well-known producer and owner of the company that specializiruetsya in the production of commercials and music videos, she managed to reach incredible heights and financial success. «Khudyakov production» filmed videos for such stars as Timati, DjSmash, Grigory Leps.

    Known Cornelia Polyak and as a socialite, whose expensive jewelry and outfits from top fashion designers love to gossip glossy tabloids.

    As a film actress Cornelia Pole made his debut in the popular Comedy series «Classmates.Gee: naCLICKay luck.» It is noteworthy that this project was the first husband of the actress, Pavel Khudyakov. This is his directorial debut.

    Cornelia Pole with her husband in the film | tatler

    On a question of journalists why the main heroine of the project, he took his wife, Khudyakov says that the wife understand his first words. But most importantly, the choice of Paul Khudyakov approved the art Director of Theatre of Nations Yevgeny Mironov, whose professionalism nobody doubts.

    Mironov, after watching the game Cornelia Polyak, frankly said: no acting experience, but «natural organic matter is present and it needs to develop. From the mouth of people’s artist of Russia is the highest praise.

    The premiere of the Comedy took place at the end of 2013. The film was very dynamic and «alive». He received a warm audience reception and good reviews by critics. Cornelia Pole after the film became famous.

    Korneliya Polyak and Peter Fedorov:
    Korneliya Polyak and Peter Fedorov: «the Classmates.Gee: naCLICKay success» | afisha

    Actress and producer, known for his page on «Instagram». Its jurisdiction the Pole is very responsible. Here there is a lot of interesting photos from which it becomes clear that the family of Pole Khudyakov «acquired» a large number of friends, whose names are known not only in Russia but throughout the world.

    Personal life

    Married Pavel Khudyakov Cornelia came shortly after the fateful meeting in the cafe «Moscow-Berlin». The girl at the time was only 19 years old, and her chosen one 21. As it turned out, at the time the pair attended a nearby school on Kutuzovsky. And the decision about what to do in the future, Cornelia and Paul also took at the same time, in the 6th grade.

    Today, this successful couple has two adorable children – daughter Tonya and son Mark. Personal life Cornelia Polyak has developed happily. She lives with her husband «on the same wavelength,» he likes, and he achieved great material prosperity.

    Cornelia Pole with her husband and Dog Snoop
    Cornelia Pole with her husband and Snoop Dog | Fotobase

    Cornelia page in the «Instagram» it is clear that the family often travels around the world and resting in Monaco, Cannes and Paris.


    • «Classmates.Gee: naCLICKay luck»


    Korneliya Polyak

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