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  • Name: Konstantin Solovyov ( Konstantin Solovyev )
  • Date of birth: 28 January 1974
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married to Anastasia Larina

    Konstantin Solovyov: biography

    Konstantin Solovyov was born in Moscow on 28 January 1974. His father was a policeman with the rank of Colonel, and his mother – an engineer of the IPU. Despite the profession daddies little Kostya grew up a bully. In school a naughty boy even made a «black list», which means candidates for exclusion from school. In ninth grade, Constantine decided to end your old life and come to his senses.

    The desire to benefit society inspired the teenager to attend medical school for nurses. A short experience in the hospital helped me to understand Solovyov that medicine was not his calling. Then he went to study in the police School, but after two years gave it up.

    To enter the theater Konstantin Solovyov advised elder sister. The first attempt was a failure, but a year later the guy went from four specialized universities. The choice fell on a drama school named Shchukin, which actor graduated in 1999.

    Constantine’s acting career only began when he decided to leave his homeland and to go to the United States. Role in Hollywood the actor has not got, but had to take a course of survival – without friends, money, and knowledge of the language. It turned out that America is very serious about the acting profession: even the smallest cameo role selected in the top ten contenders. Despite the harsh conditions of the casting, Konstantin Solovyov managed to participate in several projects.

    Then the actor had to learn a new profession – fitness trainer. In Los Angeles is the norm to maintain the perfect shape, so the new job was not profitable. Overseas, Solov’ev did not lose contacts with Russia, and when he became a popular actor in his homeland, lived ten years in two countries.


    With a stage actor he met while studying – it, student of third year was invited to the Vakhtangov Theatre. After graduating, the actor stayed to work there. For a short time of work in the theater Konstantin Solovyov took part in a production of «Cyrano de Bergerac», where she played the role of Christian de Neuvilette.

    Another of his theatrical work was the role of Frank Taylor in the play «the promised Land».


    The debut of Konstantin Solovyov in the movie took place during the study. In 1998, he inherited a small stunt role in the film «Black ocean». Then there was the role in the TV series «Let’s get acquainted!» (1999).

    In the early 2000s, the domestic film industry invoice Constantine was very popular, athletic, brave and charismatic actor was invited mainly on the role of soldiers, servants, guards. Such images, he managed brilliantly to bring to such films and series as «Maroseyka, 12» (2000), «In August 44-go» (2001), «Brigade» (2002), «Soldiers» (2004).

    His first major role, Konstantin Solovyov played in 28 years it was the melodrama «the Summer rain» (2002), in which he appeared before the audience in the image of a magical doctor who could not make a choice between two women. The role brought recognition to the spectators, and since then, the artist began to receive offers to appear in a TV melodrama.

    Every year Solovyov filmography was replenished with a large number of works. Known role in the TV series «Doomed to become a star» (2005), «the Russian means» (2006), «Rich and favourite» (2007).

    The next wave of popularity came to an actor after appearing in the TV series «One is love» (2009). Not less successful were shooting the crime series «the Foundry» (2011).

    Recently Konstantin Solovyov took part in the shooting paintings «Rust» (2014) and Barca (2015).

    Personal life

    With his first wife Konstantin Solovyov met while studying at the «Pike». His fiancee was American, her name was Celine. It was through her he moved to the United States and had many years torn between the homeland and the States — at that time, the actor received a lot of offers from domestic producers.

    During the filming of the series «Lace» (2008) Constantine met with the actress, a diplomat’s daughter Evgeniya Akhremenko. New friend by coincidence also lived in America. The actor broke up with Selene and was married with Eugenia, persuading her to return to Russia. After a short time a hasty decision about marriage manifested itself, a joint life has become unbearable. Their marriage lasted three years.

    Now Konstantin Solovyov happy in a third marriage with a model and a dancer Anastasia Larina. Familiarity of lovers happened during the filming of the TV series «Foundry», in which Anastasia worked in the film unit. The current darling of the actor 15 years younger than her husband, but the age difference does not bother the pair find a common language. Now the family has a daughter Elizabeth.

    Konstantin Solovyov: filmography

    • «Summer rain»
    • «Doomed to become a star»
    • «Rich and favourite»
    • «The Russian means»
    • «One day love»
    • «Rust»
    • «The foundry»
    • «Women’s dreams about far countries»
    • «Anna Herman. Echoes of love»
    • Barca

    Konstantin Solovyov: photo

    Konstantin Solovyev

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