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  • Name: Konstantin Raikin ( Konstantin Raykin )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1950
  • Age: 66 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actor, Professor, head of the Moscow «Satirikon» theatre, national artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Konstantin Raikin: biography

    Konstantin Raikin is a Russian film and theater actor, head of the Moscow theatre «the Satyricon» and founded the High school of performing arts». In 1992 he received the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation.

    Konstantin was born in Leningrad, in the family of the legendary entertainer Arkady Raikin Ruth Joffe, his wife, who was also an actress. The Bone has an older sister Catherine. The family of Ranenyh was very friendly, the children grew up in an atmosphere of love and care, though they saw my father not so often: Arkady Isaakovich a lot of time spent on the road.

    Constantine has always been of an artistic nature, but showed pretty significant progress in the exact Sciences. Because of this he was accepted in the physico-mathematical boarding school at Leningrad state University. But after school, the young man decided to become an artist and was enrolled in drama school named after Boris Shchukin. Immediately after graduation Raikin personally invited to the theater «Contemporary» Galina Volchek.

    There Constantine served for 10 years, but when transferred to Moscow Theater of miniatures, where the leader was his father, actor went over there and helped Arkady Raikin remodel this place legendary theatre «the Satyricon». With his father a young man he played in productions of «His Majesty Theatre» and «Peace to your house», and in 1985 he created the author’s program «Let’s an artist!». Since 1988 Constantine as artistic Director heads the «Satyricon».

    Gain experience, Konstantin Raikin has decided to share knowledge with the younger generation. In 2001 he started the acting course at the School-Studio of MKHAT, in 2012 he founded his own educational institution «High school of performing arts. Theatre school of Konstantin Raikin». And they teach as actors and theatrical managers, and designers scenic views – designers, sound engineers, lighting technicians.


    Debuted Konstantin Raikin in a movie at age 19. He played a mischievous high school student in the Comedy «Tomorrow, April third…». Next appeared in the children’s film «Clown» and «the Kid and Carlson who lives on the roof» and the military drama about the submariners of «the Commander of happy «Pike».

    The great popularity came to Raikin after starring in the film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Comedy «Much ADO about nothing», which was followed by another significant role – Tatar Kahuna the East «among strangers, a stranger among us». It is necessary to underline that Constantine, one of the few stars of the film, performed all the stunts himself, without the help of stuntmen and doubles.

    But the most stunning success expected Raikin in 1976, when he published the two-part Comedy «Truffaldino from Bergamo». The painting was music, easy, fun. However, sang Constantine not there himself, he «helped» Mikhail Boyarsky.

    But all the incredible dance moves, the actor performed on his own. In the artist’s career there are other musical movies such as «shipwreck Island» and «the maid of Rouen nicknamed Doughnut».

    Proving his comedic talent is undeniable, Raikin suddenly switched to dramatic roles. In the film adaptation of the play by Eugene Schwartz «the Shadow, or Maybe everything will be fine», he played two characters — a Scientist and his Shadow, and in the drama «Russian ragtime» played a gangster Mahmud.

    In 2002 Konstantin Raikin decided on the role of the famous detective Hercule Poirot in the mini-series «Failure Poirot» novels of the Queen of detectives of Agatha Christie. But in General in the 21st century it is more played in the dramas, and from 2006 began to shoot documentary films on famous personalities: the Kornei Chukovsky, Oleg Tabakov, Vasily Chapayev and about himself.

    Personal life

    The first time Konstantin Raikin married a student of the Studio of his friend Oleg Tabakov, Deer Kuizinas. Young people were only together for three years, after which the Union collapsed, and with scandal and difficult divorce process. Obviously, I contributed to a meeting of Constantine with his old friend — the present Salakhova, the daughter of a famous artist. It turns out that Constantine was in love with her as a teenager. But their family was not happy.

    Family comfort Raikin found was married to actress Elena Butenko. In 1988 the couple have a daughter, Pauline, who chose the same path as parents and became an actress. Now playing at theatre of a name K. S. Stanislavsky and regularly takes part in the filming of the movie.


    • 1973 — Much ADO about nothing
    • 1974 — at home among strangers, a stranger among his
    • 1976 — Truffaldino from Bergamo
    • 1987 — Island of lost ships
    • 1989 — the virgin of Rouen nicknamed Doughnut
    • 1989 — Comedy about Lysistrata
    • 1991 Shadow, or Maybe everything will cost
    • 1993 — Russian ragtime
    • 1996 — Twenty minutes with an angel
    • 2002 — The Failure Of Poirot


    Konstantin Raikin

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