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  • Name: Konstantin Meladze ( Konstantin Meladze )
  • Date of birth: 11 may 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Batumi
  • Activity: Ukrainian composer and producer of Georgian origin
  • Family: married Vera Brezhneva

    Konstantin Meladze: biography

    Konstantin shotaevich Meladze was born on 11 may 1963 in the Georgian resort town of Batumi in the family of Shota and Nelly K. Akakievna Meladze. Parents and grandparents of Constantine on the paternal side were engineers. In addition to the Bones family, he grew up the younger brother of Valery Meladze, now a famous singer, and sister Liana, the producer of the record label and production center «Velvet Music».

    First interest in music came after watching the movie «the Polonaise Oginsky». Then the boy decided to connect his life with music, but it was not so simple. In music school, where I went Meladze to learn to play the violin and piano, it didn’t work out. Teachers said that the guy has no hearing and sense of rhythm. So the classes had to leave. And yet Constantine did not give up: I learnt to play the guitar, and later on other instruments.

    After school Konstantin Meladze graduated from the Nikolaev shipbuilding Institute. Then the composer worked as an engineer in the design office.

    Konstantin Meladze: creativity

    Musical talent of Konstantin Meladze was once seen by one of his buddies. So Constantine was in the student group «April», which became his first step to the world of music. With this little-known group began a creative biography of Konstantin Meladze.

    A new phase in the work began in 1989, when the Meladze brothers were invited to the musical group «Dialogue», where they worked until 1993. During this time the band released two albums – «in the Middle of the world» and «Autumn shout of a hawk», several songs which were recorded Constantine.

    But the real popularity of Konstantin Meladze came in 2000, when he, together with Ukrainian businessman Dmytro Kostiuk founded pop-rock group «

  • VIA Gra», having the author of all her albums. Immediately after the release hits become a song «VIA Gra», the most famous of which is «there is no more gravity» «Attempt № 5», «don’t leave me, beloved!», «The world I didn’t know you.» Prestigious awards of the composer and performer song «do Not disturb my soul, violin», «Girls from high society,» «I can’t live without you», «Samba of a white moth,» «salute, Belief», «Sir», performed by Valery Meladze.

    In addition to the group of brother singers and music of Konstantin Meladze became Alla Pugacheva, Sofia Rotaru, Irina Allegrova, mark Tishman, Ani Lorak, Polina Gagarina, the group «Bis», «Yin-Yang» and many other artists. Songwriting talent of Konstantin Meladze has received national recognition.

    The composer wrote the music and lyrics for the musicals «Evenings on a farm near Dikanka», «Cinderella», «Sorochinskaya fair» and the film «Irony of fate. Continuation», «Hold me tight», «dudes», «Zolushka».

    Subsequently, Konstantin Meladze to its composer’s fame and added glory to the producer. In 2007 he, along with Valery Meladze was the producer of «Factory of stars-7». In the same year, was created by producer center «Meladze brothers», based on which in 2009 was established PTS «Constant records».

    In 2011-2012, Konstantin Meladze, music producer of the Ukrainian project called «the Voice». In the same year was born the same project «Voice. Children», which was able to reveal the talents of young performers in the country.

    Konstantin Meladze – talented musician, well aware of the queries of the audience and knows how to excite her interest. So, in December 2012, Constantine announced the dissolution of the group «VIA Gra». After a few days it was announced a new casting for the group. In September of the same year started a new reality show.»

  • I want to VIA GRU», in the final, which determined the participants of the new group members: Eric Herceg, Misha Romanov and Anastasia Kozhevnikova. In 2014, the producer has launched a new project «
  • I want to Meladze», which resulted in the birth of a new popular boyband»
  • mBand».

    Konstantin Meladze: personal life

    The growing popularity of composer and producer attracted attention to his person. Personal life of Konstantin Meladze was on the front pages of the tabloids when there was a crack in the family relations with his wife

  • Jana. The couple has registered their relationship in 1994, and about this family formed a strong opinion as very prosperous. Beautiful wife Jan Constantine gave birth to three children. It seemed that the family fortune of the family Meladze eclipsed only congenital disease son – boy has autism. But in August 2013 it became known that Constantine and Yana Meladze after nineteen years of marriage, took the decision to divorce. There were rumors that the cause of the rupture was the former participant of group «VIA Gra» Vera Brezhnev. Then said John, the affair lasted since 2005. Now Yana with children living in Kiev. From her second marriage. And Konstantin Meladze moved to Moscow. He maintains good relationships with the children and helping them financially.

    Some time Konstantin Meladze, Vera Brezhnev were in a civil marriage, but in October 2015, they legalized their relationship. The lovers got married in Italy.

    Konstantin Meladze: discography

    • Sir
    • The last romantic
    • Samba of the white moth
    • Attempt No. 5
    • Stop! Stop! Stop!
    • Biology
    • L. M. L.
    • Ask the clouds
    • Contrary
    • Emancipation
    • Bipolar world
    • Love will save the world
    • Thaw

    Konstantin Meladze: photo

    Konstantin and Valery Meladze

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