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  • Name: Konstantin Kryukov ( Konstantin Krukov )
  • Date of birth: 7 February 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor, producer, jeweler
  • Marital status: married Alina Alekseeva

    Konstantin Kryukov: biography

    Konstantin Kryukov is a member of the famous acting dynasty. The artist was born in Moscow, his mother was the famous Russian actress Elena Bondarchuk, father Vitaly Kryukov — candidate of philosophical Sciences, his uncle, a famous Russian film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk, grandfather and grandmother, the legendary master of Russian film by Sergei Bondarchuk and the national actress Irina Skobtseva.

    First, the Kriukov family lived at the dacha in Barvikha. When the coast was five years old, they and his parents moved to Switzerland, where he spent his first school years of a boy. As a child he constantly listened to the advice of the famous grandfather. Konstantin entered the art school in Zurich, which he graduated with honors. Sergei Bondarchuk was their duty to protect grandson from his cinematic career and tried to instill coast love for the fine arts.

    Konstantin Kryukov with his family
    With mom and grandma

    When the family returned to Moscow, the future artist went to the Metropolitan school at the German Embassy. The last two class hooks finished externally and immediately entered the Moscow branch of the famous American Gemological Institute, he became the youngest certified specialist in precious stones in 16 years. Then the young man decided to continue his education in a somewhat different key and entered the Moscow state law Academy, from which he graduated in 2006.

    My main occupation Kryukov believes the painting. The actor owns a private art Studio in Prague and likes to engage in art alone, turning off the mobile connection.

    Picture Of Kryukova
    Pictures of the actor «Thought forms»

    At the time of the work of the young artist was awarded the order of Franz Kafka. This award in different years were awarded such world-renowned Directors as Milos Forman and Steven Spielberg. Hooks received the order for the series of paintings «Thoughtform». This series is unique as the idea works and the technique of their execution.

    Constantine is an avid bibliophile, in his spare time enjoys swimming and photography.


    First, hooks does not see himself in the film. But once for a family dinner theme emerged movie, and Kryukov invited me to try myself as an actor. Constantine decided to participate in the casting of the film «9 Rota» his uncle Fyodor Bondarchuk, and to do so on a common basis. Still, many critics have stated that this relationship helped Constantine to take part in the filming of the famous painting.

    Surprisingly, despite the complete lack of drama education, the charismatic guy was adopted by one of the main roles of the film. Hooks played a fighter with the call sign «Mona Lisa», which was not similar to their comrades in the service, distinguishing itself with erudition, charm and a great sense of humor.

    Konstantin Kryukov in movie
    Fedor Bondarchuk in the film «9 Rota»

    The shooting has greatly influenced the character of the young man. To better get into character, the actors spoke with combat veterans,»Afghans». A real, living experience in the war that the soldiers shared with the actors, struck Kryukov, always had a susceptibility of a creative nature. As noted by the father of the actor after filming Constantine changed the expression of his eyes, in them there was something adult.

    Still, there were those who criticized the new movie. Some Soviet soldiers who took part in the fighting in Afghanistan, said that the film does not demonstrate traditions and does not betray the spirit of the airborne troops. Many veterans claimed that each division is clearly a task was performed, and they did not have a sense of «abandonment» that is shown in a sense in this film. However, the majority of viewers fell in love with the picture.

    Kostyantin hooks , actori
    With the actors of the film «9 Rota»

    «9th company» made a lot of noise at the box office. After the film hooks for the first time seriously thinking about how to translate her acting career from the category of experiment in the career plane.

    Next film Kryukov was the role of the writer-novice Paul Gushchina «Three polugratsii». His character, positive and attractive, was warmly received by the audience. However, the role of playboy, which Konstantin has performed in the youth film «Heat» was not as successful. In the television series «Love as love» Kryukov was offered to play the character’s sexual orientation, but the artist refused. In the end, Konstantin played the role of Michael Prorva, who returned from Canada emigrant who find it difficult to adapt to Russian realities.

    Konstantin Kryukov young
    Early photo

    The role Kryukov quite diverse: it is equally easy to cope with as the role of a hardened cynic (in the Comedy «Pickup: eat without rules»), and innocent romance («swallow’s nest»). In the historical series «Star Empire» actor played the noble Duke Andrei Vladimirovich, and in the acclaimed film adaptation of palavinskas of the novel «Generation P» hooks appeared before the audience in the image of the modern self-confident creatives. In addition, hooks takes part in the filming of the cult TV series «Soldiers».

    In 2013, the screens out Comedy «What men are doing!». Konstantin Kryukov, ravshana Kurkova and become the main characters of the characters in the picture, and the famous actor Dmitry Nagiev acted as a millionaire who organises a competition for young people. In addition, on the basis of the plot of this movie was filmed video «Cold moon», which became one of the most popular clips online.

    Kostyantin hooks , Tetyana Arntgolts
    Tatyana Arntgolts in the TV series «Cult»

    In 2014 he started shooting the series «Cult». Actress Tatyana Arntgolts, Konstantin Kryukov and become the main characters of the TV series. The film is about young people trapped in a cult under the influence of Edward Lewinsky (Konstantin Kryukov). Edward enlists future sectarians in Moscow, choosing the children who are most exposed to its effects.

    One of the last roles Kryukov became the series «permanent vacation». The film tells the story of Golden youth, which is engaged in not the most prestigious professional activities. Actress Valery Fedorovich, who took part in the filming, not just positively characterized his partner in the film.

    Jewelry business

    Jewelry childhood passion Kryukov. Your first piece the artist made at the age of seventeen. Constantine gave his mother a ring with a unique diamond constipation. Since then, the artist often designs jewelry for their loved ones, including myself took the rings for their own wedding.

    In 2007, hooks decided to create his own jewelry brand. Already in 2009 with the British company The Saplings was released the first collection of «Choice».

    Konstantin Kryukov in the jewelry business
    Jewelry business artist

    In 2012, the hooks together with the jewelry house «Estet» has introduced several collections of jewelry, United by a common concept of «Hearts by Konstantin Krukov». Exquisite pendants in heart shape are divided into five collections: «the Cold heart» with the decor in the form of snowflakes, «Hot heart», decorated with flames, «Free heart» the birds, «a Calculating heart» with «money» concept, and Pure heart, encrusted with diamonds.

    Personal life

    The first wife of the artist was Eugene Warsaw, the daughter of the Deputy and the co-owner of holding «Russian coal». Young people met in a cafe, when Constantine was only eighteen years old. Jack first took curly-haired guy behind the popular pop singer Justin Timberlake.

    Konstantin Kryukov with his first wife
    His first wife, Eugenia

    Five years later, hooks and Warsaw got married, had a daughter Julia, but the marriage did not last long. Soon the couple divorced because of adultery.

    Konstantin Kryukov and Alina Alekseeva
    With his second wife Aline

    The second time hooks married Alina Alekseeva. Alina is a qualified lawyer, she worked as a PR Manager. Hooks and Alekseev played a lavish wedding in 2013. Children in pairs.


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    Kostyantin Hooks

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