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  • Name: Konstantin Kinchev ( Panfilov Konstantin )
  • Date of birth: 25 December 1958.
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: musician, songwriter, vocalist and leader of the rock group «Alisa»
  • Marital status: married

    Konstantin Kinchev: biography

    Konstantin Kinchev, whose real name Panfilov, a famous Soviet and Russian musician, singer and frontman of «Alisa». Along with Viktor Tsoi, Yuri Shevchuk, Vyacheslav Butusov, Garik Sukachev and Boris Grebenshikov is considered to be the main combat unit of the Russian year. Almost all the lyrics of «Alice» was written kinchevym. In addition, Constantine tried his hand as an actor.

    Konstantin Kinchev in childhood
    Baby photo, Konstantin Kinchev | Fan site «Alice»

    Konstantin was born in Moscow, educated family of professors, lecturers of the capital universities. His father Eugene A. Panfilov headed the Moscow Institute of technology, and her mother Ludmila Nikolaevna was teaching such a complex subject as «strength of materials» at the Moscow chemical technological Institute named by D. I. Mendeleev. Interestingly, Kinchev – not quite an alias. This is the name of the mother of his grandfather Constantine, who was arrested. Musician, learned of his fate, began to use this name to honor the honor of the ancestor, but before the official renewal documents, it never came.

    Konstantin Kinchev
    Konstantin Kinchev in 1984 | Fan site «Alice»

    Music in the biography of Konstantin Kintchev was from an early age. Even in first grade, he listened songs of the group «The Rolling Stones», and later, inspired by the «Black Sabbath», became a real music fan. Childhood of the future star of Russian rock can be called crazy. He ran away from home to find treasure, had conflicts at school because of the reputation of a rocker, and when he was not allowed in class because of long hair, went to the hairdresser and protested that cropped cropped.

    Konstantin Kinchev
    Image Kintchev at the beginning of his musical career

    Second passion after music in the biography of Konstantin Kintchev was hockey. Teen few years of practicing in the club «Spartak», but in 14 years, I realized that a big sports star will not, and dropped out of class. Also not was the case with learning. After school the young man entered the Moscow technological Institute, the rector of which was the father, then studied for a year in singing school of the Bolshoi theatre for three years at the Moscow cooperative Institute. But the thrust of academic knowledge Constantine felt.

    In parallel, he worked as a Miller apprentice in the factory as a graphic designer, a loader in a bakery, the administrator of the women’s basketball team, and even an artist’s model in Surikov school. But all the while Kinchev wanted to go down in history of rock music, and he succeeded.


    The first groups Kintchev was unknown to the General public. He played in the group «Golden mean», «half black Circle», «Third fan-team», «Broken air», «rest Area», but no records from that time have not survived. Under the authorship of «Doctor Kinchev group and Style» Constantine released a solo album, «Nervous night», after which he was noticed and invited to the place of the singer in St.-Petersburg the «Alice» team. Interestingly, the first of this group perceived a new singer exclusively as a Studio artist, and the band used to sing the leader Svyatoslav zadery. But soon Kinchev proves that he is capable of much more.

    The debut album «Energy», presented to the fans of Russian rock hits such as «lover,» «My generation,» «me» and the song «We are together» became the hallmark of «Alice». The second disc of «Block of hell» is interesting primarily known for the hit «Red on black», but was very popular and the song «Time to change the names» and «Hey you, over there on the other side».

    Soon the group is having problems with the authorities: they were accused of promoting Nazism and hooliganism. Kintchev was arrested several times, but each time let go. These events influenced the content of the album «the Sixth Forester» and «St. 206 part 2». In the songs of Konstantin Kintchev «Totalitarian rap», «Theatre of shadows», «Army life» I felt the juxtaposition of his opinion the official way of thinking.

    The album «Sabbath» was dedicated to the early departed from the life of a talented musician Alexander Bashlachev, «Black label» — a tribute to the guitarist of «Alice» Igor Coliccio, who committed suicide. Later creativity it is worth noting such hits as «Spindle», «Route E-95», «homeland», «Power», «On the threshold of heaven» and «Rock-n-roll». The last released album is «Kurtosis» in 2016.


    Very funny, have to agree on the role in the movie rock musician was solely in order not to fall under the heading of «Parasitism» and have no further problems with the legislature. He first appeared in detective Yulia Koltun «walk the line» where he played the vocalist of the band «kite». Then there was the short film «Ya-GHA» in which Kinchev appeared in the role of composer. Although some rock fans of the singer claim that they find out their idol among the nameless adolescent in a children’s film «Boy and the elk», so it is possible that in the movies Konstantin Kinchev was involved even since 1975.

    Konstantin Kinchev in the film
    In the role of Bones in the film «vzlomshchik» | Rolling Stone

    But the main knospen Constantine brought Valery Ogorodnikova youth drama «Cracker», where the musician played a major role. Sam Kinchev cool attitude to the results of this work and own the game remained dissatisfied. Nevertheless, he became winner in the nomination «Best actor of the year» at the International film festival in Sofia. Later, the artist has many times appeared in various projects, but the role itself. Also Kintchev you can see in the video, Yuri Shevchuk and the group «DDT» for the song «Autumn».

    Personal life

    In the personal life of Konstantin Kintchev was two marriages. For the first time he married, when not yet was famous all over the country musician. His wife was Anna Golubeva, who bore her husband his only son Eugene. When the son Kintchev has grown, it has became a journalist and worked in the sports magazine, and now in the «Alice» deals with questions of merchandise.

    Konstantin Kinchev son
    Konstantin Kinchev son Zhenya | Gossip

    The second wife of Konstantin Kinchev met shortly after the birth of first child. He, along with Yuri Shevchuk took part in the wine section of the grocery store, and before them stood a beautiful girl Kostya decided to meet. It turned out that her name is Alexandra and she is the daughter of the honored artist Alexei Loktev. Soon Constantine moved to his beloved, he divorced his first wife and since then happy with Alexandra. In 1991 they had a daughter Vera, who dreams of becoming an actress. The musician became a foster father to Mary, daughter wife Kinchev from his first marriage.

    Konstantin Kinchev wife
    Konstantin Kinchev with his wife Alexandra | Gossip

    Konstantin and Alexander live in the village of Saba, located in the Leningrad region. It is 170 km from St. Petersburg, but the couple that distance does not scare. The singer enjoys fishing and loves to sit with a fishing rod near a lake. By the way, few people know that Konstantin Kinchev is left – handed, though, and writes, and plays guitar «uncomfortable» with his right hand. I should add that the rebellious attitude of his adolescence and youth, Constantine tamed in the early 90s, years after he first visited the Holy places in Jerusalem. He was baptized and became very religious man.


    • 1985 — Energy
    • 1987 — Block of hell
    • 1989 — the Sixth Forester
    • 1991 — the Sabbath
    • 1993 — For those who have fallen from the moon
    • 2000 — Solstice
    • 2003 — it’s later than you think
    • 2008 — the pulse of the guardian doors labyrinth
    • 2012 — Sabotage
    • 2016 — Excess


    Konstantin Kinchev

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