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  • Name: Konstantin Ivlev ( Ivlev Konstantin )
  • Date of birth: 12 January 1974
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: the chef, television presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Konstantin Ivlev: biography

    Konstantin Ivlev, a Russian chef, who became famous across the country thanks to the TV show «Ask the chef» and «knife».

    He was born in Moscow, but the early childhood of the boy went abroad, where he worked for his parents. In the capital of Russia Ivleva returned when he was about 12 years old. Against the background of Soviet peers, he stood out more expensive clothing and equipment, which, however, did not prevent him to communicate normally with the guys.

    But at school the problems were. How he remembers the chef, he was almost the losers, so to go in grade 10 felt it was pointless. Thinking about the future, Constantine decided to devote their life to cooking because in his childhood he liked to help mom in the kitchen. He went to continue his studies at a trade school where he studied and his future colleague Yury Rozhkov.

    After graduation and military service Ivlev began climbing the career ladder. First he got some very useful experience working in the dining room of one of the institutions, where they had to serve up to a thousand people per hour. And then Constantine made the jacket a chef and worked in top ten most prestigious restaurants of the capital. Did not stop he and his culinary development. This man regularly attended thematic seminars and master-classes in France, Sweden, Spain, America.

    Today, Konstantin Ivlev is a member of the French Guild of groceries, and also heads the Federation of professional cooks and confectioners of Russia. A few years ago he decided to share knowledge with the younger generation, and opened with Yury Rozhkov culinary school «Ask the Chef».


    Konstantin Ivlev is not only a great master of cooking, but also a promoter of domestic cuisine. He came to the conclusion that dishes of Russian inventions buried under the well-established in the Soviet era primitive monotony. Thus, the professional decided that it was time to acquaint the population with the idea of cooking local products in new and modern technology.

    Along with the other chef Yury Rozhkov on the TV channel «Home» Constantine began to lead the culinary program «Ask the chef». There he talks about the unique recipes, often the author’s, and also conducts master classes on their preparation in the home. Positive, which is the chef, who was loved by the audience, and they began to closely, as it creates one mini-masterpiece after another.

    And in June 2016 Konstantin Ivlev appeared on the TV channel «Friday!», where launched reality show «At loggerheads». A chef who is the guru of domestic restaurant business, he decided to declare war on the incompetence and negligence that often demonstrate Russian restaurateurs. By analogy with the program «Revizorro» Olga Romanov and «Magazzino» Aliaksandr Malochka, he will tour to different cities of Russia and to inspect eating places. About their experiences Ivlev and will share with the public.

    Personal life

    Family life of Konstantin Ivlev also develops quite successfully. He’s been married, his chosen name is Maria. In their family brought son Matthew, who is quite likely to follow in the footsteps of his father, as already takes a keen interest in cooking.

    Once a year, Ivleva trying to go away from Moscow, preferring exotic destinations, where you can relax from hard work. It should also be noted that Constantine about 20 years ago, completely refused from alcohol.

    The chef is the author of publications on modern technologies of cooking. The most famous «My philosophy of food» and «Russia is preparing the house», and several books he co-wrote with his longtime partner Yury Rozhkov.

    In the apartment of Konstantin Ivlev, in a special glass Cabinet kept amazing collection of dolls depicting chefs. At the moment this mini-Museum has more than two hundred figures from many different countries, including a miniature of the chef, made to order by his wife.


    Konstantin Ivlev

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