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  • Name: Konstantin Ernst ( Konstantin Ernst )
  • Date of birth: 6 February 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: media Manager, producer, General Director of JSC «First channel», TV presenter, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Konstantin Ernst: biography

    Modern Russian TV is unthinkable without a man named Konstantin Lvovich Ernst. Over 20 years he holds the position of General Director of channel one, which under his leadership for many years been a leader in broadcasting. His biography is a vivid proof that nothing happens by chance. Konstantin Ernst, the beginning was far from even thought to connect his life with the TV, but, being on a TV the kitchen became a man, was able to forever change the history of TV.

    Kostyantin Ernst
    Photo of the General Director of channel | Spletnik

    Konstantin Ernst was born in Moscow, in the family of a famous Soviet scientist. Father, Lev — Honored scientist of the RSFSR, laureate of the Prize of the Council of Ministers, he was Vice-President of the Russian Academy of agricultural Sciences, taught there and had the degree of doctor of agricultural Sciences.

    For his numerous achievements in the agricultural sector Leo Ernst was awarded medals of the Soviet Union and the Exhibition of achievements of national economy presented the order «For merits before Fatherland» III and IV degree, order of red banner of Labor, and also received the «badge of Honor».

    Konstantin Ernst, in childhood
    Baby photo | Things-Dryukov

    Constantine received his name in honor of his grandfather on the paternal side and has German roots. The childhood of the boy was held in Leningrad, where he graduated from school № 35 and after graduation entered the University, Leningrad state University, Department of biology, planning to continue the family tradition and devote his life to science. At this time, nothing in the biography of Ernst no sign of even the slightest possibility of working in television.

    Konstantin Ernst young

    In his youth Ernst tied their career aspirations with biochemistry and even defended his thesis in twenty-five years, not yet knowing that education does not play an important role in his career.

    Despite the fruitful work of the specialty in several research institutes, a young biochemist has achieved success in a completely different area, unrelated to his original profession.


    Career of Konstantin Ernst on television began by accident, forever changed his biography. As says the Director of the First channel, in the late eighties he and his friend, a Soviet journalist Yevgeny Dodolev, looked at a student party, where at that time was head of the program «the Sight» Alexander Lyubimov.

    Casual acquaintance with the play was a turning point in the biography of Konstantin Ernst. After hearing his critical comments concerning the conceptual errors in the «Look», the TV reporter suddenly offered Ernst the implementation of the ideas in your own project and contributed to the fact that he gets airtime for his transfer.

    Konstantin Ernst, and Vlad Leaves
    Vlad Listyev | Old TV

    So, the first project of the young Ernst on the television program was about the culture, movies and secular gossip «Matador,» in which Ernst played the role of the author, Director, presenter and producer. Matador successfully existed for four years, in parallel with it successfully was working on several other projects, in particular, Ernst directed the program «the View» with Vladislav Listyev.

    Vlad Listyev was the real superstar of Russian television. Ernst quickly earned credibility and became one of the few whose opinion the presenter listened, believing it to be largely more promising and talented than myself.

    Konstantin Ernst young
    Young Leonid Yarmolnik | LiveJournal

    Shortly before his death Leaves offered Ernst a position of his Deputy, but was refused. Despite advances in television career, Constantine L., increasingly think about how to go into filmmaking. Implemented these plans only partially.

    The sudden death of Vlad Listyev, who at that time held the position of head of the channel, shocked the Russian society. The situation demanded that the leadership of the TV company action, and in 1995, Konstantin Ernst was appointed General producer of ORT, and a year later he became a member of the Russian television Academy.

    Kostyantin Ernst
    Photo producer | Rus//web

    At that time under his leadership was successfully implemented such spectacular projects as known throughout the country a series of Christmas musical «the Old songs», «Russian project» — the first since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the social is performed by the stars of stage and cinema, awarded numerous prizes in Russia and abroad, and more.

    The channel itself during the leadership of Ernst has also undergone significant changes: changed the concept that led to the expansion of the target audience. In 1999, ORT change its name, and 38-year-old Konstantin Ernst became General Director of the newly created «First channel». In the same year founded the record label, «Real records» under his leadership.

    Konstantin Ernst, the jury KVN
    The jury KVN | Filebase.ws

    In 2008, Konstantin Ernst is included in the Board of Trustees of the Higher school of television at MSU, and two years later, takes the second place in the ranking of top managers of the newspaper «Kommersant». He also became a permanent member of the jury of the Higher League of KVN.

    A pilot project of Konstantin Lvovich was broadcast in 2011-2012 on the First channel of the resonance series of authorship Valeria Gai Germanika «School» and «Short course of happy life». According to General Director of the First channel, such projects help to expand the audience of the channel. Also in 2012, Konstantin Ernst, the producer made the weekly entertainment show «Evening Urgant».

    Konstantin Ernst at the Olympics in Sochi
    At the Olympics in Sochi | Sport

    In addition to the main directions of its work Konstantin Ernst took part in several significant entertainment projects on an international scale. So the musical contest «Eurovision-2009» that took place in Moscow, covered the First channel.

    In 2014, Ernst acted as creative producer of the ceremony of opening and closing of the Olympic Games in Sochi. This ceremony is remembered by the audience all over the world with its incredible scale and spectacle.


    Today, Konstantin Ernst is one of the most influential people on Russian television. Effective managerial approach and creative vision Ernst was appreciated by senior management.

    Media Manager of the First channel was three times awarded by the order «For merits before Fatherland» of II-IV degree, awarded diplomas of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, is a knight of the order of Friendship.

    Kostyantin Ernst z
    With the award «TEFI» | 101tema

    Also Constantine L. in different years received three TV award «TEFI» as a producer, and in 2009 was declared «Man of the year» by the publication «GQ». A considerable number of opponents of the Ernst approach to filling the grid of the First channel in 2007, was awarded the Constantine L. humorous anti-award «the Paragraph».

    Movies and TV shows

    At the very beginning of working on TV, Konstantin Ernst, was engaged in directing and producing films. Eventually he even planned to finally go into the film industry. His first works became successful films, «Radio silence» short film «Homo Duplex». At the same time he directed the music video for the song «aerobics» rock band «Alisa». After that, Ernst was switched exclusively to the production than is currently the Director of the First channel is very successful.

    Kostyantin Ernst
    Mediaperson | Personality

    A list of movies and TV shows that Konstantin L. had a hand as a producer, currently exceeds eight dozen, among which a huge number of cash projects, won numerous awards. The name of Ernst in the credits has long been a mark of quality and synonymous with success.

    Of the most notable projects are the acclaimed blockbuster Timur Bekmambetov’s «Night watch», based on the eponymous science fiction novel by Sergei Lukyanenko, and also a number of film adaptations of works by Boris Akunin: the series «Azazel» and a full-length adventure film «Turkish gambit», directed by Janik Faizieva.

    Rumors and scandals

    As mediaperson Konstantin Ernst is always under increased attention from the media. In this connection his name appears in a number of scandals. One of them was the story around the name of Vlad Listyev, which the Director of the First channel connected friendships.

    So, in 2013 the online magazine «Snob» published an interview in which Ernst allegedly called policy Sergei Lisovsky customer acclaimed at the time of the murder of Vladislav Listyev. Himself Konstantin Lvovich has officially denied this information, and the scandalous interview was removed from the site.

    photo by Sergei Lisovsky
    Sergei Lisovsky | Explorer

    In early 2014, appeared in the press of the scandalous reports that Konstantin Ernst tried to kill himself. Questionable «jalepeno» news has been spread by the portal NewsStreet. Soon on the official website of the First channel has a refutation of false information about the suicide attempt Ernst.

    Kostyantin Ernst
    Photo of presenter | metro

    In early 2017, a scandal erupted around the new year’s broadcast of the First channel. In the Internet appeared the petition «against Pugacheva», aimed directly to the head of the channel. Against format «for Diva» in favor of more than 100 thousand outraged viewers. In response to the criticism was followed by an immediate response by Ernst, that changes the concept of broadcasting, in connection with the possible loss of rating.

    Personal life

    The personal life of the Director General of the First channel has always been a mystery for the masses. Sam Ernst does not indulge the press with details of his private life. It is known that the first wife of Konstantin Ernst was Anna Silinas critic, well known in theatrical circles. Several times she appeared on television in transfer «Good morning, Russia!» and «Muzoboz».

    In the year when Constantine was promoted to General producer of ORT, in the family the daughter was born. A girl named Alexandra. However, the marriage of Ernst to his first wife Anna Silinas didn’t last long and the couple divorced.

    Konstantin Ernst with the first family
    His first wife, Anna Silinas

    After this personal life Konstantin Ernst was directly related to work in the TV industry: his second wife was the former head of the TV company «VID», and now the Director of the television holding «Red Square», a well-known business lady Larissa Sinel’shchikova.

    Konstantin Ernst has three children: daughter Alexandra from his first marriage with Anna Silunas and children Larissa — Igor and Anastasia, which Ernst gave his name.

    Kostyantin Ernst I. of Larisa Sinel'shchikova
    Larissa Sinelshchikova | Woman.ru

    With the end of 2014, the press increasingly began to appear pictures, which Konstantin Lvovich was seen in the company of a young model Sofya Zaika. Sofia is the daughter of the famous St. Petersburg financier and aspiring actress. The girl is a student of the school-Studio of MKHAT and has already starred in several films, including the serial film of the First channel «Mysterious passion».

    Konstantin Ernst and Sophia Zaika
    With Sofya Zaika | medikforum

    Konstantin Ernst, met with Sophia a Stutter at the age of 53 years, his companion is younger, Director of the First channel for 27 years. Some media reported that in early 2016, the 55-year-old Konstantin Ernst and Sofya Zaika daughter was born. This information is not confirmed.


    Kostyantin Ernst

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