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  • Name: Konstantin Davydov ( Davydov Konstantin )
  • Date of birth: 20 July 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Staraya Kupavna
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Konstantin Davydov biography

    The idol of today’s teenagers Konstantin Davydov was born in a small provincial town near Moscow Old Kupavna. A regular guy in school, and differed little from their peers, until suddenly by chance did not get to the set serial Thriller about Chechnya titled «Code of honor». Kostya was only twelve. A cameo role is his first job in the movie, which immediately changed all his life.

    Kostya was looking forward to last call, and as soon as receiving the coveted certificate, with all haste rushed to apply to the famous «Pike» — Theatre Institute of the Boris Shchukin in Moscow. He was lucky to get into the Studio Valentiny Petrovny Nikolaenko. Anyone who has watched «Wedding in Malinovka», easy to recognize her lyrical heroine of the film — Arence. Valentina thought the coast one of his best students, and her colleagues agreed with her: student Davydov was recognized in its release best. Nikolaenko has released the course in 2012.

    Student actors do not write dissertations, teachers assess their level of suitability with the final performance. Course Konstantin Davydov took a swing at «Three sisters» by A. Chekhov and received an ovation teachers. Constantine played Baron Tuzenbach so reliable, and was awarded with the diploma «For the best performance of the role» at the IV theater festival «APART».

    Konstantin Davydov theater

    Graduate «Pike», the promising young actor Konstantin Davydov received the Moscow Drama theatre of a name of N. Gogol, where he once played and, of course, was the singer of the Cliffs. Now, after a restyling and rebranding, cultural Muscovites know this place as «Gogol-center».

    In «Gogol-center» Konstantin Davydov played in performances of «Christmas at the Ivanovs» and «Island». He is listed in the lists of actors and to this day, but when you can see it on the stage is unknown. Most of the time the actor is filming a movie. More precisely, in detective and crime serials.

    Konstantin Davydov movies

    Kostya Davidov was time to act while studying at the «Pike». At seventeen he played his ne namesake Kostya Khokhlov in the detective series «Law & order: criminal intent»; in the nineteen – worked with Maxim Averin in the TV series «Capercaillie. The sequel» where she performed the role of «nerd» Jura; at twenty – two was Karlusha in the detective series «the beekeeper»; and in twenty-four began acting in two serials: «the Turkish transite» Davydov played Denis and incredibly popular among adolescents mystical megastrike «

  • Chernobyl. Exclusion zone» he got the role of the main character Pasha Vershinin. The plot of the series hero Konstantin Davydov Pavel Vershinin and four friends in pursuit of the thief raced off on a motorcycle with a large sum of money, are in the exclusion zone – in the actual «dead city of Pripyat. Its inhabitants left their homes along with all his possessions and ran away from radiation contamination after the Chernobyl accident.

    For the role of Pasha Vershinina, except Konstantin Davydov, claimed about thirty young actors. Casting was very difficult, but Kostya did not think about it: he was just doing the job of the Director, laying out on the full. When Constantine learned that approved it, he realized that this is a real professional victory, the beginning of hard work, including on yourself.

    The Series «Chernobyl. Exclusion zone» is quite difficult for young actors to work, if only because many of the dangerous stunts they do not give a stunt, and perform themselves. Here we need not only good physical preparation, but the ability to overcome yourself, your fears.

    In real life, Constantine was very nervous, sitting not only behind the wheel, but even in the passenger seat of the car affected by the accident, in which he once fell. But the script of the show he had to perform in the car difficult tricks. To overcome fear classes helped with the stunt. As a result, the actor coped with the Director’s task to «excellent.»

    The height of the young actor feared even more than cars. But once the hero Constantine had to climb thirty meters high Ferris wheel. He had to get to the top, and then pull down heroine actress Kristina Kazinskaya Anya. Kostya Davidov played the entire episode himself, not changing with the stuntman. It was a real professional feat.

    Sometimes in the filming process interfered with unpredictable weather: the heat, the actors had to wear jackets, and icy wind, on the contrary, to walk naked like they hot. But all these production difficulties, the viewer is unlikely to notice, because they remained behind the scenes.

    Konstantin Davydov: personal life

    Konstantin Davydov not married. He has many fans in social networks there are even a few fan pages where they write their declarations of love. But Constantine is literally living on the set, so that the novels he simply does not have time. Rumor has it mutual sympathy to the partner on the «Chernobyl» Christina Kazinskoe, but neither Constantine nor Christine could not comment.

    About their Hobbies Kostya says caution: like, say, travel to exotic countries.

    Konstantin Davydov: filmography

    • Last minute-2
    • Ay Ti Company
    • Chernobyl. The exclusion zone
    • Practice
    • Moscow. Three station
    • Provocation
    • Beekeeper
    • Muster
    • Code of honor-5
    • Law and Order: Criminal intent
    • Code of honor-4
    • Grouse-2

    Kostyantyn Davydov: photo

    Kostyantin Of David

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