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  • Name: Kolya Serga ( Nikolay Serga )
  • Date of birth: 23 March 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Cherkassy
  • Activity: musician, singer, showman
  • Marital status: not married

    Kolya Serga: biography

    Kolya Serga — known Ukrainian musician, comedian and broadcaster, familiar to many from the educational TV show «heads and tails». He was born in Cherkasy on 23 March 1989. Later the family moved to Odessa, where Kohl lives to date. «The pearl of the sea» has always been famous for its actors, comedians and showmen, soft Odessa humor accompanied all the childhood and youth of the future TV presenter and musician.

    Baby nickname Circle — «Pet». Somehow, after watching the fighters, Sergey wanted to become a karate — since then, acrobatics and Thai Boxing are his favorite sports, which is great impact on the physical form.

    At school the boy showed not hefty creativity, participated in the initiative. In 2006, after finishing school Sergey entered the specialty Manager of personnel management at the Odessa State Ecological University. However, to work in this field never had.

    Kolya Serga: KVN humor

    A great sense of humor and talent for public speaking has led Sergu in the student KVN. When the first team was a humorous Quartet «Laugh out», but later, realizing that I could do more, the artist has created a team of «name» that consists of him alone, and called it «

  • And a lot of others.» Sparkling humorous performance brought the novice comedian’s victory in the First Ukrainian League of KVN, and in the Sevastopol League.

    Feel confident in your own abilities, Kolya Serga decided not to waste time on trifles and at nineteen went to conquer Moscow. There, the comedian took part in a TV show Paul Will and Vladimir Turchinsky «

  • Laughter without rules», where he performed under the pseudonym
  • «Coach Nick
  • «. The image of the teacher, constantly singing fragments of popular songs, was loved by the audience, and Kolya Serga became the winner in the eighth season of the show.

    In this role the artist played in the Odessa Comedy Club. Then Serga discovered his musical vocation, starting with parodies of famous pop hits, he gradually began writing his own music and lyrics. This passion was later determined the further path of creative development of the artist.

    Kolya Serga: music

    As the music Kolya Serga came mainly from KVN, he did the emphasis on the comic element of their performances. So, in 2011, he together with Masha Sobko had the honor to represent Ukraine at the festival «New Wave» in Jurmala, Latvia. Presentation of the project «

  • The Kolya Serga» remembered by the audience for its stunning irony and bright charisma of the frontman. However, despite the applause and universal approval of the audience for the audience, the jury awarded him eighth place.

    A year earlier, Kohl’s participated in the Ukrainian «

  • Star Factory-3″. The artist took the competition in third place, largely due to his brilliant ability to improvise and unconventional creative solutions in his speeches. After speaking at the «New wave» in groups
  • «The Kohl» appeared numerous fans. So, the song «Edugame» has become a kind of Internet meme, the great popularity also won the song «Moccasin», «married women Priests» and others. To build on this success, the guys filmed a few clips. Video «Batman also needs affection» and «Loafers» have gained a huge amount of hits on the Internet thanks to its humorous lyrics and themes.

    Also «The nick» released a few romantic movies: «Ah» «Such secrets» and «who wants to kiss you then.» Together with TV presenter Andrey Domansky Kolya Serga recorded a humorous track «of these men»

    First solo concert was held in November 2013 in the Kiev club «Caribbean Club», where he collected a full house was widely covered by the Metropolitan media.

    Kolya Serga: «heads and tails»

    In late 2013, Kolya Serga successfully passed the casting for the role of the entertainment host of the popular travel-show

  • «Heads or Tails», which he led for seven months along with her countrywoman, presenter, Regina Todorenko. Serga has replaced Andrew Bednyakova, which led to the transfer of the previous six seasons. First, the audience of the program reluctantly took a new master, but over time, Serga Odessa thanks to its humor and charm won the audience award. The essence of the campaign was the fact that at the beginning of each transmission leading was driving in a new country on the weekend and there was a coin toss. One received a «gold» card and the opportunity to live these two days at large, nor in denying themselves nothing. The winner of the «winning» side of the coin was trying to spend a weekend, laid in an amount equal to one hundred dollars. The Kohl admits that he was more attracted to the option of «economical» weekend, as in this case, included passion, and overcoming obstacles, says the actor-boxer, always goes only on advantage.

    Seven months later, Kolya Serga left the project, citing the fact that the work in the show takes too much time, the artist would like to spend on music. The new host of «the eagle and Tails» was directed by Evgeny Sinelnikov.

    The organizers of the show made in 2015 gift to all viewers of the project «heads and tails». In the anniversary season 10 appeared leading the project, including Kolya Serga.

    Kolya Serga: personal life

    The artist does not like to dwell on issues not related to work, preferring to laugh it off — well he does, given the extensive experience in the KVN. However, despite the fact that personal life If Sergi is not particularly covered in the media, it is known that the artist has a steady girlfriend named Julia, with whom he had a long-term relationship.

    Kolya Serga: songs

    • Go to Zh for permanent residence
    • New Wave
    • Loafers
    • Besides, who wants to kiss you then
    • Priests married women
    • Batman also needs affection
    • Ah
    • Each loser — producer
    • The greedy man-beef
    • Men
    • Dance as Gazmanov

    Kolya Serga: photo

    Kolya Serga

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