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  • Name: Kola Beldy ( Nikolai Beldy )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1929
  • Age: 64 years
  • Date of death: 21 Dec 1993
  • Place of birth: page Fly, Russia
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: married

    Cola Beldy: biography

    «We will go, we rush to the deer early in the morning…» sings more than one generation. But not everyone remembers the singer, who performed this hit. His name is Nicholas Baldi and stage name – Kola Beldy.

    Circles born may 2, 1929 in the small village Fly, in distant Khabarovsk Krai. The boy was orphaned early, nervous stutter. The circle was treated by a local shaman, hospitals were not. At first he was raised by an aunt, and then he came to the orphanage. Native or not was aunt, now already nobody will tell, because in the village Fly all the residents wore name Beldy.

    The guy could not get used to the school, and in 1943 he escaped to the front. Circle hid in the drawer under the train and who knows where would have come if one of the stations it found no seamen. They pitied the boy and took him to Vladivostok. The circles quick reflexes and have given themselves two years — so he got the cabin boy to the Pacific fleet. The guy stopped to stammer, and soon the companions heard his beautiful voice.

    Cola Beldy in his youth
    Cola Beldy in his youth | Around Fun

    First of Cola Beldy acted in the initiative, and soon became a member of the ensemble of song and dance of the Pacific fleet. He enrolled in the school of music has graduated as an external student. After graduation Beldy continued service in the Navy, received several medals and the order of the Patriotic war for the liberation of Korea. Demobilized, he decided to pursue music professionally. Entered the Saratov Conservatory, studied and worked in a factory, worked in the urban drama. After the Conservatory Circle worked in Kalinin and the Khabarovsk Philharmonic, but above the level of a regional by him then to rise failed.


    «Finest hour» Nanai nugget struck in 1957 when Kola Beldy was the winner of the youth festival, which was held in Moscow. It drew the attention of the Minister of culture E. Furtseva. She knew immediately that the representative of the Northern people with a unique repertoire is new for the Soviet stage. Soon Cola received the invitation to Moscow and began to work in moskontsert. In the 60th he won the all-Russian variety contest and the next 30 years actively toured the Soviet Union and abroad.

    In those years, ethnic music as a genre on stage was not there, so Beldy made Nanai coloring in a pop song or accepted songs of shamans in the modern treatment. When he appeared on stage in national costume, the hall has stood pending. His concerts were always sold out.

    In the 70s Kola Beldy was at the peak of popularity. In 1972, in the final Song of the year, he performed the legendary song «will take you to the tundra», and the following year at the festival in Sopot was awarded the second prize for the song, and the song «Nature sings». By the way, the anecdote about the Chukchi, who arrived in the capital, appeared after the song Kola Beldy «And the Chukchi in the tent waiting for the dawn».

    There was a time when Beldy tried myself solely as a performer of fashion hits, but then still came back to the songs of peoples of the North. In the 70’s in the «Northern Rhapsody» he performed Nanai, Chukchi, and Yakut songs. For his singing career of Cola Beldy recorded seven CDs, given concerts in 46 countries, including in the famous concert hall «Olympia» in Paris. The popularity of the singer in the Nanai suit in Europe was not less than in the USSR. The mayor of the French city of Mezen called the singer «a Golden voice of the North» immediately after his speech.

    In the early ‘ 90s Kola Beldy ceased to appear on stage. He, like many artists, was unclaimed during the perestroika years and decided to return home.

    Personal life

    Kola Beldy was married three times. The first time he married in 1950. His wife Nina was 15 years older than him. They met and married in Saratov, in the post-war years. But in Saratov the Round failed to be realized as the singer, so in 1954 he and his wife moved to Khabarovsk. In marriage they lived until 1965 and broke up.

    Second wife Larisa Semyonovna too, was older When 5 years old. These relations were durable — they lived together for 23 years. In 1989, Larissa did not.

    Cola Beldy with his wife Olga and daughter Helen | Comodeca

    In 1991 Cola Beldy he met Olga, who became his third wife. Olga is a doctor by training, came to St. Petersburg to her brother, to write thesis. Brother and introduced her to Beldy. The singer was older than his wife by 30 years, but she says she fell in love with it immediately. The day after he proposed to her. Olga was then 29 years old.

    They are already signed in Khabarovsk, when Olga was pregnant. In 1991, When the daughter, Elena. Lena is his only child.


    Kola Beldy was not 21 December 1993. In the morning he went to the grocery store, where he had a heart attack. Called an ambulance, but the doctors were late, the heart of the singer has stopped. He died of a heart attack before they reach 10 days before the New year – a holiday that I love so much.

    Tomb Of Cola Beldy
    Tomb of Cola Beldy | Virtual necropolis

    Beldy is buried in the Central cemetery of Khabarovsk.


    • «Fishing»
    • «Greetings»
    • «Sons Of Russia»
    • «I’ll take you to the tundra»
    • «Love me»
    • «A deer is better»
    • «Red horse»
    • «You don’t know me»
    • «Oh, the lake»


    Kola Beldy

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