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  • Name: Klevakin Oleg ( Oleg Klevakin )
  • Date of birth: 11 April 1992.
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Activity: dancer, participant of the show «Dancing» on TNT
  • Marital status: not married

    Klevakin Oleg: biography

    Klevakin Oleg – the participant of the second season of «Dancing» on TNT project «Dancing. Battle of the seasons» and other dance shows.

    He was born 11 APR 1992 in Yekaterinburg. My parents wanted to send him to a school of figure skating, but changed his mind. In 3.5 years the first time the boy came to the Studio of ballroom dancing. The choice of ballroom dancing not chosen by chance – in the 90s it was popular. Worked Klevakin Oleg a year and a half.

    In 5 years he joined the folk dance ensemble «Souvenir». Here he worked 10 years until he graduated from high school. Oleg says he was «the most», the teachers immediately saw his talent.

    With the choice of profession the guy was determined immediately. In 2009, he entered the Department of choreography of the Chelyabinsk Academy of arts. In Ekaterinburg there are no dance schools, and Academy in Chelyabinsk is famous for its dance training. As a student, Klevakin Oleg has performed in the dance team Malakhit, went with him on tour to France, Israel and Germany. At the Academy he is seriously interested in modern and contemporary dance, and soon realized that this is his focus, he needs to develop.

    Television projects

    In 2013, Klevakin Oleg decided to take part in Ukrainian dance show «everybody Dance». He came to the casting season 6 in Donetsk passed the selection. Then was a difficult path to the twenty, then the TOP 12 live shows. Famous choreographer Radu Poklitaru, watching solo Oleg, said that without additional checks took him to the theater.

    The way in live broadcasts of the project «everybody Dance» for Klevakina ended at the stage TOP 10, but audiences remembered him touching farewell waltz, which he danced with Alice Dotsenko. Fans said that Klevakin Oleg left the project early because the rest of the contestants, some were weaker than him. On the forums it was suggested that the little dancer was shown in preliminary tests that the red color in which it was painted, messed it up.

    After «everybody Dance» Oleg moved to Krasnodar and worked as a teacher in dance School «Without rules».

    Then it came to the casting show «Dance!» on the First channel. Before testing the dancer had serious health problems, the doctors forbade him to dance after the surgery. Klevakin Oleg decided otherwise. On the casting «Dance!» he came straight from the hospital, I could, of course, not 100 percent, but a hundred of the best hit. Klevakin was held in the TOP 26 in the same period, was supposed to go on tour to Israel — tickets were already paid for, hotel booked. The guy planned to combine the two events, especially because of the filming of «Dance!» in this period was not planned. However, the organizers did not go to meet him. Dancer left the project.

    In the spring of 2015, he participated in the casting of the project «Dancing» on TNT in Yekaterinburg. Was selected and the following tours, came to mentor Yegor Druzhinin. Klevakin Oleg admitted that before, not interested in the work of Miguel and Druzhinina, but when I watched the first season of «Dancing», I realized that both are professionals, but they have a different approach. He wanted to get into the team of Miguel – power were similar, despite this, he did not regret that came to Druzhinin. Oleg liked the diverse team and strong dancers. He thought he was one of the best.

    Klevakin Oleg left the «Dancing» after the broadcast on 28 November 2015. At that time he and Mitya Stew danced jazz and was nominated. In the show had 7 girls and 9 guys, four of us had to leave the project.

    March 26, 2016 on the channel TNT aired the first issue of the new Dance show». Battle of the seasons». 20 best participants of the two seasons was found at the scene. This time Oleg got the team to Miguel. The coach invited Klevakina in my team, because he decided to showcase his talent.

    In the new show everything is decided by the audience. Each week, the project leaves one participant who scored the lowest number of audience votes. Setting participants put the best choreographers. The final will be released four, only one person can win. The prize for the winner 3 million rubles.

    Personal life

    Klevakin Oleg considers himself a sociable, likable and fun. Says a great impact on him and his career give the mom the girl and the friends.

    If you have time, Oleg reads a lot. He also likes to cook: it is best he does Bolognese. He loves people, to travel, to relax with friends.

    Klevakin Oleg wants to achieve recognition in the field of dance, because he didn’t have time to communicate with loved ones and personal life. In case of victory in show «Dances» on TNT, the young man promises brightly to celebrate this event somewhere on the Islands.


    Klevakin Oleg

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