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  • Name: Klavdiya Shulzhenko ( Klavdiya Shulzhenko )
  • Date of birth: 24 March 1906.
  • Age: 78 years
  • Date of death: 17 Jun 1984
  • Place of birth: Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Activity: singer, actress, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: was in a civil marriage

    Klavdiya Shulzhenko: biography

    Claudia Ivanovna Shulzhenko – a prominent Soviet singer and actress, winner of many awards, people’s artist of the USSR, RSFSR. In 1971, Shulzhenko was awarded the title people’s artist of the USSR, 1976 — awarded the order of Lenin.

    Childhood and adolescence

    Klavdia Shulzhenko was born 24 March 1906 in the city of Kharkov. In the family of Ivan Shulzhenko, who served as an accountant in the management of Railways, and his wife had two children. Claudia and her brother nick lived with their parents in the outbuilding of a small house on the street, Vladimir.

    Klavdiya Shulzhenko young
    Klavdiya Shulzhenko in youth | One Motherland

    The girl’s father in his spare time he played wind instruments and sang solo. Then there were the popular Amateur concerts, performances. Ivan has performed with the ensemble of Amateur and neighbors the family had in the courtyard theater, in which participated and children enthusiastically sang and played a little Keyboard.

    Klavdiya Shulzhenko young
    Klavdiya Shulzhenko in youth | One Motherland

    The girl was in high school, but the music and singing did not arouse her admiration. Claudia chose language arts, reading Russian poetry, learned them by heart and recited familiar.

    Parents gave the daughter dreams about the theatre, to study music at the Kharkov Conservatory, Professor N. L. Chemizova. Nikita Leontyevich gave the young debutante faith in her singing talent, telling her that the voice she is given by nature.

    Dreams of theatre

    The girl was delighted with dad’s beautiful baritone, but since the childhood dreamed of the stage. A lasting impression on Claudius made the silent film star, but even more she loved the theater. Father often took her with him to the performances of the local drama theater, where he served as a Director Nikolay Sinelnikov. At 15 years of age, Claudia and her friend came to Sinelnikov»act in actress».

    Klavdiya Shulzhenko young
    Klavdiya Shulzhenko in youth | Ruspekh

    At the audition girl sang a few songs and played a small sketch. By the way, was accompanied by girlfriend young Isaac Dunayevsky. Shulzhenko liking the Director, and he carried her to the corpse. The role young actress got a cameo. So, Claudia Ivanovna sang in the chorus in the operetta, and portrayed the dead Nastasia Filippovna in the 4th act of «Idiot». According to the father of the actress, who attended this performance had it pretty convincing.

    Klavdiya Shulzhenko
    Klavdiya Shulzhenko | Russian news portal

    Then there were other roles that are often associated with song performances, Shulzhenko sang in clubs in other theatres after performances. Claudia Ivanovna was determined to connect his life and career with the theatre. Her life was planned to the minute. In the morning she went to the rehearsal for Sinelnikov, then studied singing and music at the Conservatory and took lessons of ballet choreography and the basics of dance, and in the evening played in performances.

    By the way, Sinelnikov admirers of Claudia Ivanovna should be grateful for her bright, sincere and soulful singing. «You have to play the song and to perform in this role,» instructed the young actress Director.

    The first success

    That all changed in 1924, when in Kharkov with touring came the famous singer Lydia Lipkovskaya. The girl plucked up courage and came to Opera divas in the hotel. And listened to a few songs and was delighted. Lipkovskaya advised the singer to change the repertoire for lyric, because her talent will manifest itself even brighter.

    Then the case brought Claudia Ivanovna with the young composer Paul Herman. He approached her after the show and offered to sing his songs. So in her repertoire included «note», «mine No. 3», «No regrets», «the Bricks». Verses for the song «Cigarette girl and the sailor», «Red poppy», «sledding» wrote Claudia artist of the Chervonozavodsky breitigam the drama, and the music was written by Yuriy Meytus.

    The singer’s career

    In 1928 he made his debut in the Mariinsky theatre, and in 1929 — in Moscow music hall. Her songs Metropolitan audience listened with bated breath, and a long time was not silent applause.

    Shulzhenko he worked at the Leningrad music hall, sang two songs in the play «Conditionally killed» the music of Shostakovich. For 30 years we have the cooperation of the singer with the jazz orchestra Skomorovskogo. Her repertoire includes songs «Andrew», «Hand», «Mama» and others. The song Claudia Shulzhenko of the period were frankly lyrical and at one time even forbade them to perform for political reasons.

    Claudia Ivanovna began performing with Ukrainian folk, Russian, Spanish, Latin American songs. «Chelita» and «Simple girl» on the wave of propaganda of friendship of peoples were quite happy with the government on policy issues, the public perceived them as songs about their peers, about love, friendship and youth. Critics scolded her for theatricality, and the people loved unconditionally, for the first phonograph records Shulzhenko queues.

    In 1939, the singer became the winner of the competition of entertainers, its plates are issued in large editions and photos are placed in the magazine «Soviet art» in Leningrad specifically for Claudia Ivanovna organized a jazz orchestra.

    When the war started, Shulzhenko was on tour in Yerevan. Claudia Ivanovna with her husband joined the army, and their jazz orchestra received the status of a frontline. More than 500 artists gave concerts during the war, were in the besieged Leningrad on the Road of Life on the front line, under fire. Two musicians from the troupe Shulzhenko died in Leningrad of starvation.

    In 1942, after speaking to Claudia Ivanovna came Mikhail Maksimov and offered to perform a song of his own composition. It was the legendary «Blue scarf». Penetrating performance Shulzhenko, a popular motif and emotional lyrics made this song famous and really popular.

    Klavdiya Shulzhenko on the front
    Klavdiya Shulzhenko on the front | One Motherland

    In 1943, jazz band Claudia Shulzhenko toured the Caucasus and Central Asia, beginning in the summer of 1945, singer began performing as a solo artist. Discography Claudia Ivanovna Shulzhenko (including recordings that came out during the life of the singer) has about two dozen records. Her repertoire includes hundreds of songs in collaboration with famous composers and musicians, singers and performers. The most loved songs the singer was «waltz of Waltz», «Silent», «fellow», «a Letter to mother», «School waltz» and others.

    Personal life

    The first and only official husband of Claudia Ivanovna Shulzhenko was an artist from Odessa, entertainer, musician Vladimir koralli. Their marriage lasted from 1930 to 1955, in 1932, the couple had a son, Igor. The reason for the gap of the spouses was jealousy.

    Klavdiya Shulzhenko family
    Klavdiya Shulzhenko and her husband and son | FMdon

    In 1957 Shulzhenko met with George Epifanov, cameraman, who was fallen in love with the legendary singer for many years. He wrote her letters, signing initials. At the time of the meeting Claudia Ivanovna was 50 years old, George was younger than 12 years.


    Recent years, the actress lived in Moscow, she inherited at the end of life a separate apartment. Being retired, she remained true to her habits, as in his youth, he preferred French perfumes, she could not save, did not want to part with the latest in Antiques, although most of the long time sold out.

    Klavdiya Shulzhenko
    Klavdiya Shulzhenko in recent years | Pesnyafet

    Klavdiya Shulzhenko wanted to visit France, the grave of the legendary Edith Piaf, with which it was compared in the strength and depth of talent. However, it was not allowed, and singer has toured in Germany, Poland and Hungary.

    Klavdiya Shulzhenko appeared in films in small roles, sang songs for the Comedy «On vacation». In 1981 she published her memoirs «When you ask me…»

    Klavdiya Shulzhenko and Alla Pugacheva
    Klavdiya Shulzhenko and Alla Pugacheva | One Motherland

    Year old star of the Soviet stage was often visited by young musicians, singers, artists, but money from them, Claudia Ivanovna did not take, taking only the Goodies. Strange, but only Alla Pugacheva has managed to deceive the vigilance of a proud and talented woman. Before leaving, she quietly hid under a napkin note, and Claudia Ivanovna then he was surprised, thinking that she forgot there.

    Monument Of Claudia Shulzhenko
    The plaque Claudia Shulzhenko | a homeland

    Died brilliant performer on 17 June 1984. Claudia Shulzhenko was buried in Moscow at Novodevichy cemetery.

    Interesting facts

    • Claudia Ivanovna refused to come to the Christmas party for the son of Stalin, saying that to change the plans a few hours before the new year late and she was waiting for friends.
    • Shulzhenko was the first Soviet actress who appeared on stage in a pantsuit, she adored outfits, exquisite perfume. French bag with perfume Klavdiya managed to keep even during the bombing in Leningrad.
    • The singer knew his worth and was not afraid of power. When she was invited for the award of the order is not in the Kremlin, and in another room, she refused the award. Once Furtseva made her wait for his audience, and Claudia Ivanovna, offended, left, asking him to refer that «the Minister bad-mannered».


    Klavdiya Shulzhenko

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