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  • Name: Klavdiya Korshunova ( Klavdiya Korshunova )
  • Date of birth: 8 June 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Klavdiya Korshunova biography

    Claudia A. Korshunova, known to many viewers for his roles in the TV series «Soldier’s Decameron», «Dubrovsky» and «Moscow courtyard», was born in the capital in June 1984.

    Claudius refers to an old acting dynasty. Her great-grandmother, the famous actress Klavdiya Elanskaya was a leading actress of the Moscow art Theater. In honor of his parents called the girl. Grandmother Ekaterina Elanskaya – Director of the theater «Sphere». Famous and grandpa Claudia – actor of Small theatre Victor Korshunov. My mom also has a direct relation to the world of cinema: Olga Leonova worked as a painter-decorator in the theater Mossovet. Father Claudia – actor Alexander Korshunov – the audience remember the beloved film «can’t say goodbye» (the policeman GAI Basil).

    It is noteworthy that Klavdiya Korshunova did not want to become an actress. She studied at the prestigious English school, which is known for having a famous actor Igor Yasulovich annually together with the students of this school has Christmas performances. Participated in young Korshunova. But she had planned after graduation to enroll in the law or the psychology Department.

    Probably, the genes of the legendary great-grandmother, whose name was not in vain was this girl, still prevailed. Because after obtaining the certificate Klavdiya Korshunova left to enter the VTU named after Mikhail Schepkin. She got on the course, which had just gained her grandfather.


    After «Chips» in 2004, Klavdiya Korshunova decided to continue to learn. She wanted to buy another specialty – directing. But the graduation performance was attended by Galina Volchek. She liked the young actress and she has invited her to his «Contemporary». To refuse such an offer Korshunova could not. And later regretted it. She soon took the stage of the Sovremennik, where he was given the performances of «Demons», «jukebox» and «Pygmalion». Behind the brilliant play in these and other productions Korshunova was awarded a prestigious theatre award named Andrei Mironov «Figaro».

    A cinematic biography of Claudia Korshunova began immediately after the end of «Sliver». She made her debut in the film Andrew Proshkina «Soldier’s Decameron». In the same year 2005 she appeared in several projects. This film «Alexander garden» and «you are my Happiness». These roles are revealed to the Directors of new star.

    A year Nikolay Khomeriki entrusted Claudia Korshunova’s main role in her fiction drama «Nine Seven Seven», where she played in tandem with Fedor Lavrov. This role followed in the crime series «Jail. Theodore case Sechenov» did the young actress recognizable. To build on the success Korshunova managed after the drama «the Separation» Alexander Mindadze.

    Today her filmography includes about three dozen movies. Of projects in recent years most striking it is possible to call the series «Moscow courtyard», drama, «Eurasian», adventure film «road to life», where she starred with Sergey Garmash, and, of course, the melodrama «Dubrovsky». It Klavdiya Korshunova and Danila Kozlovsky played the main characters.

    In 2015, viewers saw the actress in the TV series «the Inquisitor» and «May tape». Many critics call Claudia Korshunova rising star of the national cinema and predicting for her a brilliant career.

    Personal life

    While the personal life of Claudia Korshunova on the second plan its priorities. The actress is busy filming new projects and continues to go on various theatre scenes. In a charming and talented girl has a lot of fans, but the man with whom she would like to connect my life, yet.


    • «Alexander garden»
    • «Soldier’s Decameron»
    • «Nine Seven Seven»
    • «Lenin’s Testament»
    • «Personal life of Dr. Selivanova»
    • «Separation»
    • «Drawing»
    • «Moscow yard»
    • «Furtseva»
    • «Dubrovsky»
    • «May tape»


    Klavdiya Korshunova

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