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  • Name: Klara Novikova ( Klara Novikova )
  • Date of birth: 12 December 1946
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: variety actress, comedian, actress, singer, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: widow

    Clara Novikova: biography

    Klara Novikova — Soviet and Russian actress comedian, famous for his comic monologues. She was born and raised in Kiev, in the family of the Director of a Shoe store Boris Herrera and his wife Pauline was a housewife and upbringing of Clara and her brother, Leonid. By the way, your name the future star was in honor of the grandmother on the paternal side.

    The children received a very strict education. Recalls the actress, the father punished them for the slightest offense. Therefore, the primary outlet for his childhood girl became a school drama club. There she received the first experience of theater performances and fell in love with the stage.

    After school, Clara went to circus school, which little gave her, except for the fact that it was there that she received the new name of Novikov, which later became known throughout the Soviet Union.

    As the chosen daughter the way Boris Herzer absolutely do not approve of it, Clara had to leave home and after school she went to Moscow, where he entered the GITIS. The young actress made her debut as a pop actress Mosconcert under the leadership of Pavel Leonidov, and in 1974 became the winner of the main pop competition, receiving the prize from the hands of Arkady Raikin.

    Pop music and theatre

    Played Klara Novikova with different numbers of own production, but her fame has monologues by other authors. The most well-known character actress – the Governor Aunt Sonya. The first text written by a writer Marian Belenky, and then joined other comedians. This image became the hallmark Novikova.

    Clara toured the country and performed on TV, most often appearing in the popular program «full House», which was led by Regina Dubovitskaya. By the way, this humorous show will offer the viewer another pop star — Elena Sparrow.

    But in the 21st century the position of Naukovoi began to push Elena Stepanenko-the wife of Yevgeny Petrosyan. And indeed Clara B. increasingly looked to the side of the stage.

    At first she started to play in the theater of variety miniatures, which was headed by Mikhail Zhvanetsky, and later joined the Israeli theatre «Gesher», where she revealed herself as a dramatic actress. There she debuted in the tragedy of «Late love» and this theatre is still its main job.

    Music and movies

    During the peak of the popularity of Klara Novikova tried himself as a singer. She sang a pretty popular song, «Let the music», «Mirror», «life», «I Wish you love.» Interesting Duo Novikova and Gennady Khazanov was held in the musical «the snow Queen», where they sang a comic song «Carl from Clara stole corals». It is also worth noting the joint work of the artist group «discomafia», which Klara Novikova sang the hit «once upon a Time».

    In the movie, the actress first appeared in 1991 in the film adaptation of the play «How it was done in Odessa». It is also worth noting the Comedy «You will laugh», in which Novikov has turned into quite a variety of characters, each time staying the main character of the story. It can also be seen in the musical «the snow Queen» in the role of Clara ravens. Last appearance of Clara Novikova in the movies were the Comedy «Caution, Zadov! or adventures of a warrant officer» and «Queen of the gas station 2», and ranked a humorous picture of the «radio Day» her voice sounds «in the role of» mother of Mikhail Natanovich, although the character on the screen do not show.

    Personal life

    The first time Clara B. married while still a student at circus school. Her husband was a classmate of Viktor Novikov, who later became a drummer and participant of many Ukrainian and Russian bands. This marriage lasted very long, but gave Clara the name Novikova has become very famous.

    Second husband of the actress pop — journalist Yuri Zerchaninov, head of the Department of journalism of the magazine «Youth». They lived in perfect harmony until his death in 2009. The couple had a daughter, Mary, who followed in the footsteps of his father and plunged into journalism and now teaches in higher education. Thanks to his daughter Klara Novikova three grandchildren – Leo, Anna and Andrew. The death of her husband, the woman suffered a very difficult and long time felt lonely and useless.

    In 2001, Clara B. published the autobiographical novel «My story», which enjoyed success with her fans.


    • 1991 — As it was done in Odessa
    • 1999 — You’ll laugh
    • 2003 — the snow Queen
    • 2004-2005 — Caution, Zadov!
    • 2005 — Queen of the gas station 2
    • 2008 — radio Day


    • 1990 — I laugh not to cry
    • 1997 — favorites


    Klara Novikova

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