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  • Name: Klara Luchko ( Luchko Clara )
  • Date of birth: 1 July 1925
  • Age: 79 years
  • Date of death: March 26, 2005
  • Place of birth: Chutovo, Ukraine
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actress, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: was married to Dmitry Mamleev

    Clara Luchko: biography

    Clara Stepanovna Luchko was born in Ukraine, in the small village Chutovo Poltava region. The parents of the actress – the peasants. Both father and mother worked for the posts of Directors of state farms of the neighboring villages. An example for the girls was the mother – smart, strong-willed, full of energy woman. Besides Anna sang wonderfully and was an actress in a traveling theater. In her youth, she even sang in the Church with the legendary Ivan Kozlovsky.

    Apparently, my mother’s passion for the theatre was passed to Clara: she wanted to become an actress from a young age. Father and mother did not approve of the choice of his daughter: they had seen her future as a lawyer or doctor.

    In childhood and adolescence Luchko looked clumsy high as a teenager, for that peers teased her «Giraffe». When a girl at school, the family moved to Poltava. There they found the war. To finish school Clara had in Kazakhstan, in the Jambul secondary school. There, the family was evacuated during the war.

    At the end of schooling Clara once accidentally saw in the newspaper the announcement that the Metropolitan film Institute, evacuated to Alma-ATA, gaining first-year students. And the girl began to gather in Alma-ATA. Mother, who had previously been strongly against the acting profession daughter, seeing her determination, I agreed. But the blessing of the father Clara could not wait, as my father fought. Luchko came from. Clara studied at the Studio of the legendary Gerasimov and Makarova, after graduating from VGIK in the late ‘ 50s.

    Clara Luchko: movies

    A cinematic biography of Clara Luchko was launched in the fourth year of Cinematography. In the painting «Three meetings» aspiring actress has played a geologist in. With this first major work, the aspiring actress was the perfect fit.

    Following Clara Luchko – Ulyana Gromova in the Young guard. It was the graduation performance of the young actress. With its role as Clara coped so brilliantly that received the highest score from the Sergei Gerasimov. After the play, legendary Director immediately undertook to make a film based on the novel by Fadeev. Of course, Clara Luchko was sure that I will get a role in the film Ulyana. But what was her disappointment, when, instead of playing Gromov fell Nonna Mordyukova. Clara got unobtrusive the role of aunt. They say artsite so offended by Gerasimov that he almost left the profession.

    Fortunately, in this difficult period of a young actress called in his picture of famous Director Ivan Pyriev. The role of Dashi the Rustle of a tape

  • «Kuban Cossacks» helped Clara to cheer up and not to leave the cinema. Moreover, the picture after the release did Luchko famous artist. For this work she received the Stalin prize. After this film in the filmography of Clara Luchko, a host of paintings, which not only entered the Golden Fund of Russian filmmaking and brought the young artist to the rank of movie stars of the first magnitude. The most famous of them, «Donetsk miners», «the Return of Vasili Bortnikov», «Big family», «twelfth night,» «On seven winds» «State criminal,» and many others.

    In the mid-1960s in his personal and creative life of the actress has come a difficult period. Husband died suddenly Clara Stepanovna, it’s creative and timelessness. The proposed role is not like a famous artist, but she agreed to everything but not «idle» and not to lose skill.

    The actress survived this rough patch. In the last two decades of his life Luchko appeared in the most wonderful paintings, which were played his best role. My experiences have an impact on the game Clara stepanovny. Now her images become more profound, psychologically charged and multidimensional. That’s another Clara Luchko. If you compare the actress in her first pictures and films of recent years «the Guardian», «We, the undersigned», «Carnival», «the Casket of Maria Medici,» «Anxious Sunday», it is possible to verify this.

    But the main picture is the latest, and possibly the years of the life of Clara Luchko can be considered multiseries film

  • «Gypsy». It was a great success. So soon there were no less successful sequel called
  • «Return Budulai». The main characters of the film Klara Luchko and Mihai Volontir received the title of people’s artists of the USSR.

    But was the role from which Clara Luchko refused. This seductive image of Anna Sergeyevna «Brilliant hands». The actress decided that she should not come in such frivolous qualities.

    Did not Clara Luchko suddenly. July 1, 2005, she was preparing to celebrate its 80th anniversary. But on Saturday morning, March 26 actress died. Instant death occurred due to the loose clot.

    Clara Luchko: personal life

    First husband of Clara Luchko was a famous actor

  • Sergey Lukyanov. With him, the actress met when they starred in «the Kuban Cossacks». Lukyanov, as you know, played in the film Gordei gordeevich of Crow. In fact, young beauty Luchko stole Lukyanova family, where the daughter grew up, the aspiring actress Darya Poverennova. Soon were born they shared a daughter, Oksana. The couple lived together for fifteen years. Did not Lukyanov in March 1965. He died suddenly from a heart attack. Second husband of Klara Luchko was astratel in 4 years. They were
  • Dmitry Mamleev, a young and promising journalist of «Izvestia». Their casual acquaintance soon turned into love. Luchko and Mamleev lived together happily for 36 years. My wife Dmitri survived only seven years.

    Clara Luchko: filmografia

    • The young guard
    • Kuban Cossacks
    • The Return Of Vasili Bortnikov
    • Melody Dunayevsky
    • Year as life
    • Roma
    • S lyubimymi ne rasstavaytes’
    • Carnival
    • Poor Masha
    • Return Of Budulai

    Clara Luchko: photo

    Clara Luchko

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