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  • Name: Kit Harington ( Christopher Catesby Harington )
  • Date of birth: 26 December 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Worcestershire, England
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Kit Harington biography

    Actor kit Harington born 26 December 1986 in London. His passion for the theatre from an early age is understandable, because the mother whale playwright. Harrington can be proud of his family and relatives: his father is a successful businessman, and uncle is a baronet.

    In 1992, Christopher went to elementary school Yesterday. After 6 years, his family moved from London to Worcester. There he graduated from high school and during his studies often took part in school plays. He especially remembered the play «waiting for Godot». Keith Harrington liked to go on stage, however, about the profession of actor, he thought. The guy could not decide: he saw himself as a journalist, a cameraman, and then wanted to become a war correspondent. But in the senior class, kit Harington knew that would become an actor.

    After school he studied at the School of elocution and damascuscv – one of the most prestigious establishments in London. Time showed that the years of training were not in vain.


    Keith Harrington was 22 years old when he graduated high school and started working at the theatre Royal. At the same time with the main work he has participated in performances of the New London theatre. The actor made his debut in the play «war horse» in 2008. The role was one of the Central, an aspiring actor brilliantly coped with it. Spectacular appearance and the talent of Keith liked and remembered by the audience, he was pleased and theatre critics.

    In 2010, Harington landed the role of ed Montgomery in the production of «Posh» – also successfully. The actor wants to play the role of king Henry believes that his dream will come true. Theatre, he considers his work, and cinema – passion.


    Keith Harrington is often called the John snow — a character he played in «Game of thrones». The actor came to the casting and easily beat out hundreds of other applicants. In 2011 the audience saw the first season of «Game of thrones», after which Harrington woke up famous. However, he had to do a wig, because his own hair was short. Gothic image of John, his attraction to black color close to the actor. He says that in ordinary life, be sure to have friends with him. However, the cat was upset that the fifth season of snow was supposed to die at the hands of brothers in arms.

    «Game of thrones» is the biggest project in the life of kit Harrington, but not the only. He also starred in the films «the Seventh son» and «Pompeii». The «Pompeii» actor had to build muscle.

    All of his roles are similar, so in 2014 Keith is increasingly called a «one role». The situation changed after the release of the Comedy «7 days in hell» that unfolds in our time.

    In 2015, the screens went Thriller «Spooks: the best fate», which was played by kit Harington. And again it struck critics and fans upset. The actor is not upset about the same type of roles. He plans for the future and dreams of someday starring in a film by Ridley Scott and Martin Scorsese.

    Personal life

    Kit Harington tells about his personal life. After «Game of thrones» fans have attributed to him an affair with actress Emilia Clarke. The reason for discussion was the frequent occurrence of young people in public. But the cat said that she and Emily are good friends, nothing more.

    Soon Harrington began to notice in the company rose Leslie, who played Ingritt all in the same «Game of thrones». In the spring of 2016, they officially announced that they have become a couple.

    Explicit scenes, which had to removed the whale and the rose turned into a serious relationship and in life. Kit and rose have a lot in common: they are the same age, born and raised in the UK, doing one job. Kit Harington admitted that he had fun making in intimate scenes with rose Leslie and has never required a stunt double. Moreover, he was looking forward to a new day to touch the girl he liked.

    Other novels who attributed the actor, and remained a figment of the imagination of journalists.


    • «Pompeii»
    • «Ghosts: the Best fate»
    • «Game of thrones»
    • «Memories of the future»
    • «Silent Hill 2»
    • «The death and life of John F. Donovan»
    • «7 days in hell»


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