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  • Name: Kirsten Dunst ( Kirsten Dunst )
  • Date of birth: 30 April 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: point pleasant, United States
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: American actress, model and singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Kirsten dunst : biography

    Kirsten Caroline Dance was born in the U.S. state of new Jersey in April 1982. 4 years after the appearance of the daughter in the family was born a son, Christian. To 9 years of age Kirsten lived in the town of point pleasant. Her father worked in a medical company, and my mother was very artistic: she painted pictures and owned a small art gallery.

    Both were natives of Germany. On my mother’s side were Swedish roots. So the daughter from an early age he learned the German language as a second home.

    When her daughter was 9 and son 5, my parents divorced. The relative importance Inez took the kids and moved to southern California.


    A cinematic biography of Kirsten dunst started very early. The audience began to watch the development of her career, when she was only 3 years old. First, direct and cheerful girl appeared in several television shows, on change which came from advertising and movies. For the first time in the movie, Kirsten starred in 6 years. A cameo role in his project «new York stories» she offered himself woody Allen.

    After starring in this sensational picture of Kirsten dunst with her mother and brother moved to Los Angeles, which, of course, benefited her career. Since 1989, aspiring actress wins all new and new heights.

    At the age of 13 she starred in the movie «Interview with the vampire» in the company of such already recognized stars like brad pitt and Tom cruise. In the same year, People magazine put Kirsten in the list of most beautiful people of 1995. Then dunst received her first award – the award «Saturn». And was nominated for a Golden globe.

    In 1997 the young actress had a small role in the film, which today looks with no less interest than a year premiere. This is a political satire called «Trickery» Borri Levinson. The main role here played by a real Hollywood star Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman. Appearing on screen with such masters was a big success.

    From this moment on, Kirsten dunst starred in «adult cinema», where she is entrusted with images of Mature and multifaceted. Such roles in a drama Sofia Coppola’s «the Virgin suicides» and two films of Cameron Crowe – «Almost famous» and «Elizabethtown».

    In 2002, beyond the most grossing picture of the year «spider-Man», which brings Kirsten dunst not only profit, but real fame. 2 years later came the sequel of the film, his popularity ratings exceed the first part.

    From the paintings of the last years with the participation of Kirsten can be noted melodrama, «Smile Mona Lisa», where dunst appeared on the screen with Julia Roberts romantic Comedy «Wimbledon» and the historical drama «Marie Antoinette». This is the second project of Sofia Coppola, who was invited Kirsten dunst.

    Personal life

    In this charming actress has not only a rich and great filmography: no less eventful a life, and Kirsten dunst. She is credited with over a dozen novels (imaginary or real) with known colleagues, stars of sport and music. Rumor has it that the filming of the movie «Wag» the girl really liked Dustin Hoffman. He even decided to introduce her with his son Jake. But the young people appeared in public only a couple of times.

    A year Kirsten on the set of the painting «the Virgin suicides» has met with Josh Hartnett. They were a couple for almost a year. But I think they also had more friendship than romance.

    Then beauty seen in the company of actor Ben foster, soloist of the «Phantom Planet» by Alex Greenwald. A few journalists managed to photograph Kirsten and Alex to kiss. But this novel windy pretty soon ended it. It replaced the Greenwald came colleague Tobey Maguire, with whom dunst played the «spider-Man».

    Rich personal life, and Kirsten dunst is no less rich of a professional, apparently, caused a deep depression of the actress, in which she was plunged in 2008. She even had to go to the clinic so as to heal yourself failed.

    In 2012 Kirsten dunst started Dating fellow Garrett Hedlund. But in the spring of 2016, the pair announced their breakup.


    • «Interview with the vampire»
    • «Jumanji»
    • «Little women»
    • «The virgin suicides»
    • Almost famous
    • Spider-man»
    • «Elizabethtown»
    • «Smile Mona Lisa»
    • «Marie Antoinette»
    • «Fargo»


    Kirsten Dunst

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