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  • Name: Kirill Zhandarov ( Kirill Jandarov )
  • Date of birth: 29 March 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Lomonosov, Leningrad oblast
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married to Hope Tolubeeva

    Kirill Zhandarov : biography

    Kirill Zhandarov V. was born 29 March 1983 in Lomonosov near St. Petersburg. Parents Cyril was far from art and skeptically perceived fascination with Cyril acting. Parents wanted to give their son entered the law faculty. First, Kirill was still wondering which of the two professions to choose from. But in 2000 decided and passed exams at the Saint Petersburg Academy of theatre arts.

    Kirill Zhandarov theater

    Cyril studied under the famous teacher and actor Sergey Parshin, managing to play in the educational theater on Mokhovaya street. Theater-goers could watch the game Jandarova in productions of «a Midsummer night’s Dream» and «Truth is good but happiness is better».

    In 2004, after graduating from the Academy, Cyril Zhandarov went to conquer the capital. The young artist attended the Roman Viktyuk Theatre. Roman believed in molodogvardiyska and even entrusted him with the difficult role of Yeshua in his statement. Zhandarov was busy in other performances of theatre of Viktyuk, the most notable of which were «unearthly garden» and «let’s have sex.»

    And yet the capital is not the first time Cyril opened his arms. Roles were few and Andrew even got another degree, becoming a «Manager of a restaurant business». However, the diploma in this specialty he never took.

    In 2006, the young artist returned to the city of his childhood. He was accepted in Big drama theatre. Tovstonogov . The actor was involved in productions of «uncle’s dream», «the Whim!», «School for taxpayers» and «the Night before Christmas» .

    Kirill Zhandarov: movies

    In 2003 began the biography of Cyril Jandarova in the cinema. The actor first appeared on screen in the film by Dmitry svetozarova «Three colors of love». The basis of this film is the story of unrequited love between a woman and three men. Zhandarov played in this film a small role, but was fortunate to work with Anna Samokhina.

    Famous Zhandarov was once starred in a TV tape of Anna GRES «Milkmaid of hatsapetovki». This is a melodrama about a girl called Katya from the province, who arrived in Moscow to enter the Institute of food. She dreamed of becoming a chef of a large restaurant. The series on the rehabilitation of major Dima, played by Zhandarov, with delight watched almost the entire female population of Russia and Ukraine. Cyril woke up famous and very popular.

    Next year the GRES again invited Jandarova for the lead role in a new picture «Hope as evidence of life». This complex psychological drama about love. Cyril it appeared together with actress Anastasia Panina.

    Soon Kirill Zhandarov has appeared in many domestic films, the most famous of which — «And all-taki I love…», «Hope as evidence of life», «hick», «A4», «Breathe with me», «Dostoevsky» and many others. Mostly his characters were villains and «bad guys». But the actor says it feels good, because good play is boring.

    Kirill Zhandarov: personal life

    With his future wife, actress

  • Hope Tolubeev, Cyril Jandarova introduced the case. One morning he came to the theater and went down to the cafeteria. Walking down the stairs, he met a beautiful girl. They missed each other. Looking back, Cyril met her gaze. And, as he says, «something happened.» After a few days the lovers met. Soon Cyril did Nadia original proposal to marry him: tubules for a cocktail twisted the ring and asked the girl to become his wife. Soon the young couple had a son.

    Kirill Zhandarov: filmography

    • Milkmaid of hatsapetovki
    • Rustic romance
    • Breathe with me
    • A4
    • Gentlemen, good luck!
    • Simple life
    • The last train
    • Windy woman
    • Experience

    Kirill Zhandarov: photo

    Kirilo Zhandarov

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