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  • Name: Kirill Safonov ( Safonov Kirill )
  • Date of birth: 21 June 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: page yermakovskoye, Russia
  • Height: 191
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married Sasha Savelieva

    Kirill Safonov: biography

    Kirill Safonov, loved by the wide audience for his role of heartthrob Sergey Nikiforov in the TV series «Tatyana’s day», was born in the Siberian village of yermakovskoye, which is located in Krasnoyarsk region. His father was the chief engineer on the construction of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP and the mother Galina S. Safonov taught at the school of Ukrainian language and literature. The family had three children: Cyril and his two older sisters.

    When little Kirill was six years old, the family moved across the entire Union in Lviv, where Galina Semenovna took a job as Director of a local Palace of Pioneers. School years the boy went in endless circles and sections, thanks to his artistry, he took first place in the competition of reciters of poems.

    When Kirill turned twelve, his parents split up. The family financial situation deteriorated, and to help the mother to raise three children, a boy in high school worked in construction brigades. After high school, Cyril decided to enroll in the directing Department of the Institute of culture, but failed the entrance exam from Ukrainian language. After some time the young man spent selling paintings at the Lviv Vernissage, but then he began to slowly draw.

    In 1990, the family Safonovich returned to Krasnoyarsk. Here is eighteen-year-old boy met his first love, Lena, where soon married. Three years later, Kirill was admitted to the theater Department in Krasnoyarsk state art Institute. Having studied a year there, he transferred to the second course of GITIS, where he was enrolled in the Studio of Andrey Goncharov. Under the guidance of a meter, a talented student played leading roles in productions of «chopsticks» and «Children Vanyushina» at the Moscow academic theatre of a name of Vladimir Mayakovsky, which he conducted.

    But to complete the training Cyril failed. In the fourth year of the Institute, he tore the dress rehearsal for the graduation performance. This was the cause of the quarrel Safonov with his mentor and the subsequent expulsion from Moscow University.

  • Theatre
  • However, the lack of a diploma did not stop the young actor to work in the specialty. In the same year he began working at the Moscow drama theater. K. S. Stanislavsky in the new group, directed by Vladimir Mirzoyev. The most notable works were the roles in productions of «twelfth night» and «the taming of the shrew» by William Shakespeare. The money would pay very little, therefore, to support a family, Safonov after performances sat behind the wheel of his «seven» and went on a «second shift» — to earn additionally private carrying.

    Two years later he received a job offer from Leonid Kanevsky, the founder of the Israeli theater «Gesher». He decided to move with his family to Jaffa, this was facilitated by the fact that his mother and sister already lived some time in Israel and could support newly arrived family at first. Thus, the biography of Kirill Safonov, Poltavska it throughout the former Soviet Union, supplemented by the experience of emigration. The actor did not plan to remain permanently in Jaffa, he wanted to return to Russia the winner.

    He moved to Israel, the actor mastered a Hebrew in record time, in just a few months. This allowed to dive into the work in the company «Gesher». He played Levi Matthew in the play «the Devil in Moscow» based on the novel of Mikhail Bulgakov «Master and Margarita». The actor also participated in productions of «the Sea» and «Mademoiselle Julie».

    In 2001, in the biography of Kirill Safonov has come a black stripe. The deterioration of relations with his wife led to the divorce. The husband left the theater and got a job as a bartender. Rethinking his life, Safonov decided to shift the attention from the stage to film.


    In parallel with work at the bar the actor appeared in small roles in Israeli films, and worked on dubbing of Hollywood films. Kirill Safonov played in the films «Dust», «Lie to me», «the Bird anyway,» and also played the role of Andrzej Rubinstein in the «party».

    Fortune smiled upon the actor with the movie «half-Russian history,» Israeli Director Eitan Anner. This drama about a family of two opposite minded individuals got positive reviews from film critics at the Moscow film festival in 2006 where the film was presented in competition programme.

    The success of «Belorusskoy history» bore fruit, Kirill was invited to the Russian projects. In 2007 he played the lead role in the film Vadim Shmelev «the Apocalypse Code», where partner Safonova on the set was the star of the Comedy series «My beautiful nanny» Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, abruptly changed their roles.

    But the real success in the film career of Kirill Safonov was the main role in the television series «Tatyana’s day». This Russian adaptation of the Colombian telenovela «war of the roses» became a huge success among the General public. Safonov became a popular actor, he has starred in dozens of films and TV series. Recently the artist is working on the set of paintings «These eyes opposite» and «Marriage contract-2», which will appear in the title role.


    In addition to acting talent, Safonov has a talent for writing and performing songs. During his life in Israel, the artist has recorded a music album titled «Dreams of Gulliver», which included eighteen compositions. A few years Kirill Safonov, and Anna Snatkina has recorded the duet «Two love», which became the soundtrack to the TV series «Tatyana’s day», where they played a major role.

    Personal life

    The first marriage of the artist with his wife Helen lasted ten years in this marriage and have a daughter Anastasia. The former couple has maintained a friendly relationship, daughter lives in Israel with her mother.

    After a divorce in 2001, actor for a long time not having a long-term relationship. However, in 2008, he met at a social event with a soloist of pop group «Fabrika» Alexandra Savelieva, and between them broke out feeling. Two years later, Kirill Safonov and Sasha Savelieva got married. The wedding ceremony was held in April 2010 on the estate «Tsaritsyno».


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    Kirilo Safonov

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