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  • Name: Kirill Pirogov ( Kirill Pirogov )
  • Date of birth: 4 September 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: actor, composer
  • Marital status: not married

    Kirill Pirogov: biography

    Kirill Pirogov Russian actor and composer, honored artist of the Russian Federation. Known for the films «Bart-2», «Fan», «the Diary of a killer». Is also one of the leading artists of the theater «Pyotr Fomenko Workshop».

    Cyril was born in the Iranian capital Tehran, where at that time worked for his father, who served in the field of foreign trade and was engaged in the import of heavy road and construction equipment. After Iran Cyril spent four years in Budapest and just before the school moved to Moscow. But even there he rarely saw his father, who had been working. Raising a child is mainly involved mom.

    She tried to take all the free time son. In addition to the special school with advanced study of English and French, the boy graduated from music school, piano class. And yet he managed to train in the section fencing, and visit the famous children’s theatre Studio under the direction of Sergey Z. Kazarnovskaja.

    Despite creative education, parents have seen their child a scientist or a diplomat. They urged him to enter Moscow state University or MGIMO, but Pies Jr. categorically chose a different path. He became a student of Theatrical school of a name of Boris Schukin and five years absorbed the knowledge shared artistic Director Vladimir Ivanov. After the release of Kirill Pirogov managed to do something incredible – he became the first actor from GITIS, in which his company took Peter Fomenko. To this great Director only invited those he taught himself.


    Immediately after drama school Kirill Pirogov debuted not only on theatre stage but also in film. He starred in the main role in the tragicomedy George Danelia «heads and tails» and received the main jury prize of the Gatchina film festival «Literature and cinema». But then for five years, the actor took a break and focused on performances.

    In 2000, he returned to the set to create an image of a computer genius Elijah Network in the action movie by Alexei Balabanov, «Brother-2». A very interesting character got Cyril in the film of Sergei Bodrov Jr.’s «Sisters». He portrayed a cold-blooded but charismatic bandit, ready to do anything to achieve the goal. However, the most Pirogov the image is not close, because the actor did not like guns and it’s unpleasant to deal with him even in the movie.

    Even more popularity has swept Kirill Pirogov after the release of detective «killer’s Diary», where he recreated on the screen of a typical Russian intellectual, morally broken by the revolution. Another achievement in the career of the actor was the role of Anton Chekhov in the biographical romantic drama «the Fan». In addition, he starred in the film adaptation of Pasternak’s «Doctor Zhivago», a fantasy football Comedy «the Game», war drama «Missing». The last film of the talented actor was the Thriller «Wake me up».

    It is also worth noting that Kirill Pirogov tried himself as a composer and wrote music for four movies. His compositions are heard in the soundtrack to the melodrama, «Peter FM», detective, «Revelation,» Comedy «Excavation» and a documentary about Osip Mandelstam «Save my speech forever»..

    Personal life

    Kirill Pirogov received a classical education, therefore, believes that any information that comes to his feelings, should not be available to the public. He is absolutely not a public person, it is hard to find on a secular party.

    However, according to information from social networks, Kirill romantically involved with a colleague in theatre «Peter Fomenko’s Workshop» Galina Tyunina. But the actor himself these rumors in the press confirms nor denies.

    Your Pies likes to spend leisure time alone with a good book or a positive film.


    • 1995 — heads and tails
    • 2000 — Brother 2
    • 2002 — Rostov-Papa
    • 2002 — the killer’s Diary
    • 2006 — Doctor Zhivago
    • 2009 — the Inhabited island
    • 2009 — the Disappeared
    • 2011 — Revelation
    • 2012 — Fan
    • 2016 — Wake me up


    • 2006 — Piter FM
    • 2011 — Revelation
    • 2014 — the dig
    • 2015 — Save my speech forever


    Kirilo Pies

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