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  • Name: Kirill Nagiev ( Kirill Nagiev )
  • Date of birth: August 31, 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Kirill Nagiev : biography

    Kirill Nagiev was born in August 1989 in St. Petersburg. When he was born, his mother Alla Selishcheva was not yet the iconic radio host Alice Sher, and Dmitry Nagiyev only studied on 3-year student of the Leningrad state Institute of theater named after Cherkasov. But Cyril was lucky to be born and to grow up in a family of creative and bright, where each of the parents was a strong personality and a potential star.

    Popularity came to father Cyril that the boy was in Junior high school. As it is now, says Harvey, Jr., daddy’s popularity was a heavy cross for him. Crowds strong teams and asking classmates about what will the next transfer «Window», which was led by Dmitry Nagiyev – such unpleasant moments, overshadowed his childhood and teenage years Cyril. Because of the huge employment of his father at work, the boy had joint visits with dad on a fishing trip, unfolding the tent and kindling the fire on the river Bank. All this was taught by the grandfather of a grandson.

    Dad took Cyril into section of wrestling freestyle, which was once engaged himself. Dima, namely the so-called and continues to call the Pope the son, wanted to bring him «the man». But in the minds of the son’s karate class and the concept of «man» did not touch. The boy hated this sport and dream about hockey, but to persuade his father failed. Subsequently, Kirill Nagiev also learn this kind of martial arts and even succeeded in it, having the belt. But to love karate and could not.

    When he turned 18, his parents divorced. And although the gap was accompanied by a serious scandal, and experiences, Cyril has maintained a good relationship with both parents.

    Not to say that Kirill Nagiev childhood dream of becoming an actor. A great influence on the boy had grandparents, parents mom. Grandfather grandson interested in history and sowed the idea to learn to be an archaeologist. My grandmother was infected with the desire to become a surgeon. The decision to follow in the footsteps of his father-the artist came to Nagiyev, Jr. at the last moment.

    After finishing school in 2007, 18-year-old Kirill Nagiev went to Moscow and entered the School-Studio of MKHAT, where he was in the course of Dmitry Brusnikina and Roman Kozak. But studied in the capital is only 2 years – Saint Petersburg beckoned him back. Cyril returned to his hometown and continued his studies at the St. Petersburg state theatre arts Academy. In 2011, he received the diploma about higher education.


    A cinematic biography of Kirill Nagiev began early enough. Even as a schoolboy he starred in the episode «Caution, Zadov!», in which the main role played by his father. Cyril played a nurse.

    The first notable work got him in a Comedy sitcom «Daddy’s girls» when Kirill Nagiev in school-Studio of MKHAT. The actor played Slavik, commander of Masha Vasnetsova. In the same year he appeared in the TV series «Law & order: Division of operative investigations», where he played Peter Chashchina.

    In 2008-2009, Kirill Nagiev went on to star in the series, the most famous being «traffic police, etc.» and «Merry». Here he got the role of the second plan, in which the younger artist, they say, «practiced», having acquired the necessary acting skills. But the more serious work of Cyril came in 2010 when he starred in the films «the Russian cross», where he played soldier Smirnova, and «Capital of sin» (character named Dennis.

    The popularity of Kiril Nagiyev came in 2012, after the release of the crime tape «Brigade: the Heir». The actor played Philip, best friend Ivan Belov, son of the legendary Sasha White. Part of the filming took place in America. Cyril this time well remembered. He argues that not only worked, but was so fun, getting a lot of fresh impressions of the country.

    Further in the biography Nagiyev Junior took the role, which can not be called passable or barely visible. He appeared in the films «the Trap», «Anya» and «the Territory of Jah».

    In 2015, the screens out the film «Prince of Siberia». This comic strip was broadcast on the channel «STS». The story unfolded in his beloved city of Cyril St. Petersburg and in the provinces. Says Harvey, Jr., a character named Vlad, whom he had played, he had nothing in common. It’s gigolo, dishonest, and preoccupied solely with money. But playing the villain is always interesting. And the audience remember it better.

    In 2015 the same year on the screens out another project, which starred Kirill Nagiev. This is a crime drama mini-series «the Spaniard».

    Personal life

    Free time Kirill Nagiev is dedicated to sports. He loves hockey and snowboarding. In the last sport prefers a variety of as freeride. They Nagiyev, Jr. has been doing for 15 years.

    Personal life Kirill Nagiev more interested in journalists. After all, the career of an actor is growing rapidly, and it increasingly appears on the screen. From social networks it is known that Cyril has a girlfriend Yulia Melnikova, a former dancer go-go. Couple met 5 years. Julia was also born in Saint-Petersburg. She is a certified graphic designer and working in the specialty.

    According to media reports, the couple rents an apartment and in the summer of 2015 lives together. Kirill and Yulia a lot in common. They both love dogs and their apartment live two Stafford. Julia, as Cyril, loves snowboarding and is sympathetic to the frequent touring Nagiyev, Jr. Friends note the similarity of the girl with mom of Cyril Alice cher. The choice of the son, they say, is approved, and a famous dad.


    • «Daddy’s girls»
    • «Traffic police, etc.»
    • «Veselchaki»
    • «Russian cross»
    • «Capital sin»
    • «Brigada: Naslednik»
    • «The trap»
    • «The Territory Of Jah»
    • «Prince Of Siberia»
    • «The Spaniard»


    Kirill Nagiev with father Dmitry Nagiyev

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