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  • Name: Kirill Lavrov ( Kirill Lavrov )
  • Date of birth: September 15, 1925.
  • Age: 81 years
  • Date of death: April 27, 2007
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: not married

    Kirill Lavrov biography

    Cyril Lavrov – the favorite actor of millions of viewers. He played dozens of roles in famous operas and cult Soviet films. It seemed that fate determined the future of the boy.

    He was born 15 Sep 1925 in Leningrad in a family of actors. His father worked in the BDT, the mother often recorded the programs on the radio, acted as a literary reader. Since childhood, Kirill grew up in an artistic environment that allowed him to be a bully and a bully among his peers. His teenage passion was football — he excelled so much that was part of the Leningrad «Spartacus».

    When in Leningrad, a wave of repression in the circles of intellectuals, parents Lavrov for several years he moved to Kiev. The boy stayed with his grandmother, who raised him. Kirill often said in interviews that in love with Petersburg.

    During the great Patriotic Laurel was evacuated to Kirov oblast. In 1942, Cyril Y. deported to Novosibirsk, he worked as a Turner in a local factory. In those years his only dream was a scene — he wanted to conquer the world with their talent.

    Over the years, the factory 17-year-old boy was drafted into the army. After three years of service, he studied at the military aviation mechanic and spent five years as a degree-based bombers in the Kuril Islands. But with a dream Kirill Lavrov did not leave. However, all of the capital theatre school rejected him. Then the guy went to Kiev, where he lived and worked for his father. Yuri Lavrov was a well-respected actor in the theater. Lesya Ukrainka. He helped her son.

    Kirill Lavrov was not only a successful actor but also a prominent political figure. He had a strong influence on the decisions of the government of the USSR and the Russian Federation in the field of theatrical art and cinema.


    Lavrov took to the theater with a trial period. First, the newcomer appeared on the scene only in the extras, but the Director saw his talent and potential, so soon, Lavrov got a steady job.In 1955, the actor returned to Leningrad at the invitation of the Bolshoi drama theater. This theatre he remained faithful all his life.

    The audience saw his nearly 60 plays. He played jumped off in «Woe from wit», Astrov in «Uncle Vanya», in the Salt «Three sisters», gorodnichego in the «inspector». These roles are so carefully and subtly he managed that no other audience had no idea.

    In 1989, Kirill Lavrov was headed by HDH and directed it until his death.


    The film Kirill Lavrov took place in 1955 in the movie «Vasek Trubachev». Followed by new proposals and new role. Popular was his performance in the film «the Living and the dead», filmed in 1964. He played a war correspondent Sintsov — a courageous, honest and ideological man. The actor recalled that these qualities bribed his character, the nature of which he tried to pass off the screen. The film «the Living and the dead» was watched by over 40 million viewers, which was an absolute record.

    After 4 years, the audience saw Kirill Lavrov in the movie «the Brothers Karamazov». On the set he met with Mikhail Ulyanov, since their friendship began. The role of Andrew Bashkirtseva in «Taming of the fire» Lavrov brought the State prize. Also remembered by the audience the film «My tender and gentle beast», «Glass of water», «Long happy life», which starred Kirill Lavrov.

    One of his last roles – the Baron in the first season of «Gangster Petersburg». Kirill was familiar with the man he was playing, personally. When the prototype of the Baron approached the actor on the street, left his card and offered to help in any difficult matters.

    Personal life

    Beautiful and a successful actor was a dream of thousands of women. But in his life there was only one true love – his wife Valentina. They met in the theater. Lesya Ukrainka, where she worked for a short time. Fell in love, got married, moved to Leningrad.

    In 1955 the family had a son, Sergei, and 10 years later was born the daughter Maria. Laurel lived happily married for 40 years.

    5 June 2002 Valentina died – the loss of a loved one crippled Lavrov. But soon he met Anastasia Lozovaya, who worked as a costumer in theater. She was younger than Kirill Lavrov almost 50 years. The couple lived together for three years, until the death of Kirill Yurievich. On the sidelines, loudly discussed their Union, but said the actor’s daughter, Maria, Anastasia, really, truly loved her father.


    He is 80 years old went on stage, but in the fall of 2006, Lavrov felt unwell. The Director of the theater, looked to visit him, called an Ambulance.

    After examination it turned out that Kirill Lavrov required a bone marrow transplant. The donor was his daughter Maria. After the surgery, the actor returned to the stage for the leukemia relapsed.

    On 27 April 2007 Kirill Lavrov did not. His funeral mass was held on leushinskom a farmstead where many years ago the parents of the baptized son. Actor was buried at the Theological cemetery, near the grave of his wife.


    • «Magistral»
    • «Grooms and knives»
    • «Kiss!»
    • «Love Spring!»
    • «My sweet and tender beast»
    • «Leningrad»
    • «The master and Margarita»
    • «Mystery walk»
    • «Tender age»
    • «Charlotte’s Necklace»
    • «Date with youth»


    Kirilo Lavrov

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