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  • Name: Kirill Kyaro ( Kirill Kyaro )
  • Date of birth: 24 February 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Tallinn
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Kirill kyaro: biography

    Talented Russian and Estonian actor Kirill kyaro was born on 24 February 1975 in Estonia. The childhood of the actor was held in Tallinn. His parents have nothing to do with acting, his father was a sea captain and her mother worked as a kindergarten teacher.

    Biography Kirill could follow in the footsteps of his father, the boy in childhood wanted to become a sailor. Now, being a famous actor, Cyril jokingly says that now the sea he takes revenge: it is often much spin waves, which manages with great difficulty to get out, plucking mouthfuls of sand, and jellyfish sting.

    Kirilo Kyaro
    Photo By Kirill Kyaro | «Wokrout»

    At school, Cyril was never an exemplary student, and teachers often complained to parents on the restlessness of a boy. And he is careless student was dreaming about a challenging job that will allow him to prove himself and to travel a lot.

    Biography Kirill saturated with jobs that he had to learn: while in school, summer worked as a laborer at a fish processing factory, then as a janitor, worked in the Estonian Embassy, guide tourists from Korea, was a salesman CD, a waiter, also staged theatrical performances, and even worked as a driver.

    Kirilo Kyaro
    The actor has changed many professions | PITER.TV

    After graduating high school in 1992, Kyaro decides to become an actor. A guy goes to Moscow and entered the Theater school. Shchukin in the acting Department. Course leader was Marina Panteleeva.

    Kirill kyaro in the theater

    After graduating in 1997, the actor began working in the theater Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. The head of the theatre played a significant role in the development of the actor. Cyril really respects him. In the Dzhigarkhanyan theater artist and worked for two years.

    Kirilo at Kyaro
    In «Evening Urgant» | «Twitter»

    The actor then disappears from the Moscow scene, and in 1999, going to Estonia for five years. According to Cyril, it scared the frantic pace of the metropolis, which started badly for him to affect. Cyril realized that not ready to live in Moscow. In addition, the personal life of Cyril Kyaro at the moment has developed in such a way that he returned home. Until 2004, the actor plays in the Russian theatre of Estonia. But the theatre is closed for repairs, and the actor decides to return to Russia.

    Since 2005 Kyaro works in the Practice. The most notable roles of the actor in the theatre can be called a participation in such performances as «the Collector of bullets», «Red Cup» and «Art». In addition, Kyaro and played in antrepriznyh performances. Among other things, are «Arshin Mal Alan» and «Russian laughter».


    Since 2005, the actor begins to act in movies and TV series. First, the artist got a small secondary role. The popularity and love of the public came to Kyaro after the release of the series «Liquidation», in which the main role was played by Vladimir Mashkov. Cyril played the role of Glory — nephew of Stechele. Although the role was not major, but due to its specificity it is remembered and liked by the audience. The actor liked to work with Director Sergey Ursulyak and he’ll happily accept if he offered again.

    In the film «Liquidation» | full Movie.RU

    Cyril plays a major role in the film «Gone and never came back.» In this movie the actor creates an image of the old. It should be noted that this role did not apply makeup.

    Among his most successful works, the actor emphasizes the role of major Yershov in the TV series «Zastava Zhilina», the role of the tutor in «1814», the role of Bryzgalov in the movie «the Wizard», also notable was work in the series «Margot».

    The greatest popularity and audience’s love Kirill kyaro received in 2013 after the release of the series «Sniffer». Russian response to the American TV series about unusual people with almost supernatural powers was warmly received by the audience. Cyril creates a unique image of a man with an extraordinary sense of smell. The artist worked hard for the role of the Sniffer, because the character was not similar to that of Cyril. After the completion of filming, the artist completely changed the style of the clothes began to wear suits and coats, also have become more attentive to their health and to the surrounding smells.

    The Sniffer | Party

    After the release of «the Sniffer» Kyaro continues to appear in movies and TV series. From 2013 to 2015 in rolled out movies Kirill’s «Star», «Sex, coffee, cigarettes,» «All that jam», «Doctor», «angel» and the TV series «All over again» and «Male holiday».

    In the movie «All over again» | «»

    In 2015 the audience had the opportunity to admire the game favorite actor in the films «Swordsman», «Escape from Moskvabada» and in the TV series «Djuna» and «Prophetess».

    In the same year, the actor starred in the TV series «Betrayal» in a role of Cyril, the husband of the heroine of the ASI. Partners on the set became Elena Lyadova (ASI), Glafira Tarhanova, Evgeniy Stychkin, Nadezhda Borisova, Mikhail Trukhin, Denis Swedes, etc. In one of his interviews the actor said that he agrees with his hero that cheating always takes two — one who is cheating and those who cheat.

    Elena Lyadova in the TV series «Betrayal» Today.ia

    In 2016, the actor starred in the films «Freud’s Method», «Valentine’s Night», «Consultant». Today Kirill kyaro is quite popular and in demand actor in the domestic film industry.

    Personal life Kirill

    Kirill kyaro had dreamed since childhood of frequent relocation and travel. And so it happened. True, the first trip he had to pay from his pocket. But Cyril takes it absolutely fine, because the trip brought him a lot of pleasure.

    Kirill kyaro Kyaro and Anastasia
    Actor with first wife Anastasia Kyaro | Life

    First wife of Cyril Kyaro was actress Anastasia Medvedeva, who took after the wedding, her husband’s name. They met in drama school. Rumor has it that mother-in-law was not thrilled with the choice of his daughter. And earned that moment in the theater the actors-beginners little. All this caused the County actor in Estonia and rupture of family relations. Although, as recognized by Anastasia Kyaro in one interview, she and after the divorce felt strong feelings for the former spouse.

    His decision to return to Moscow relatives did not at first supported, but then resigned and realized that this decision was absolutely correct. In Moscow, Kirill remembered friends and colleagues. They helped him get comfortable and acquainted with the right people and helped to establish life.

    Yulia Duz |

    From Estonia after Kirill moved his girlfriend Julia. Personal life Kirill and Yulia develops harmoniously. It helped the actor come to terms with the city, which he did not agree the first time. Their relationship is not formalized. The artist very warmly and sincerely talks about his mate. For the actor Julia is one of the most important people in my life, because it is not only his girlfriend but also the toughest critic.


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    Kirilo Kyaro

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