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  • Name: Kirill Ivanchenko ( Kirill Ivanchenko )
  • Date of birth: 12 March 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Mytishchi, Russia
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Kirill Ivanchenko: biography

    The actor of theatre and cinema Kirill Ivanchenko was born 12 March 1977 in Mytishchi near Moscow. He grew up a sports guy, went swimming and biathlon and later became interested in kickboxing.

    Having completed 8 classes of secondary school, Cyril moved to the gymnasium at the Russian Academy of service. In high school she worked as a theater Studio where teen went with pleasure. There he became interested in theater, but about acting as a profession at that time did not think.

    After graduating from high school, Ivanchenko listened to the advice of parents and entered the financial Department of the Academy of service. After the second year, he decided to try his force in the Theater. Was the first qualifying round, but in the second stage, the Chairman of the Committee, it failed. The verdict of the teacher was the following: «the Applicant reads poetry to the screen, not the audience.»

    Kirill Ivanchenko in his youth
    Kirill Ivanchenko in youth | Wokrout

    Then Kirill Ivanchenko went to the audition in schepkinskoe school. For company he took his friend, but from the excitement of friends confused the time and came 3 hours before the start of the selection. Later Cyril recalled how they went to a nearby café, and for the courage drank a glass or two. To audition, contestants appeared in high spirits, but unsteadily. Of course, they were not accepted.

    Ivanchenko was able to enter the Shchukin school for the third time. In parallel, he continued his studies at the Academy of service. First year in high school theater was given to him difficult: academic failure, truancy, the likelihood of deductions. But by the end of the first year of Kirill Ivanchenko realized that the acting profession. Theatre school he graduated with «red» diploma.


    In 2000, immediately after graduating from theatre school, Ivanchenko got a job working in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. The novice actor Director immediately involved in the play «Cinderella.» Cyril went to one of the Central roles – he played the Prince.

    Then there were other performances with his participation. He brilliantly played Sergey in the play «the Yids of the city of Peter,» adriana in «the picture of Dorian gray». Another theatrical role of the actor – Soldiers in a fairy tale «Ognivo».


    In the movie, Kirill Ivanchenko debuted a year after the start of work in the theater. His first job was the episode in the movie «Operation dead», which was filmed in 2001. Then there were small roles in the series «Turkish March» and the film «the beekeeper».

    Kirill Ivanchenko in the film
    Kirill Ivanchenko in the film «Undina» | MOVIE-THEATER

    Viewers Cyril is remembered for her role as Romana in the project «the best city in the world» and Paul in «Ondine». Both series came out in 2003. After that, Directors began to invite more of the actor on the set. In 2008 he starred in the youth series «Univer», and in 2010 came just two films with his participation – «Russian chocolate» and «was love».

    Ivanchenko said that his main role is found.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Kirill Ivanchenko unknown. At public events he appears alone, in social networks does not share photos with the fairer sex. Perhaps the actor hides his fiancee from journalists.

    In free from work in theater and film while he contemplates new projects, ideas, ways of their implementation.Recently Kirill Ivanchenko tries himself in the role of the presenter in the lottery «Golden key».


    • «On love»
    • Wild
    • «Sklifosovsky»
    • «My dear daughter»
    • «The practice»
    • «All the law»
    • «It was love»
    • «Another life»
    • «I will come»
    • «The ugly duckling»


    Kirill Ivanchenko

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