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  • Name: Kirill Grebenshchikov ( Kirill Grebenshchikov )
  • Date of birth: 22 June 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Kirill Grebenshchikov: biography

    Kirill Grebenshchikov was born on 22 June 1972 in Moscow in a theatrical family. His father Yury – the actor of Theatre on Taganke, theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and theatre «S. D. I.». The mother of Cyril, Natalia Fedorovna, is also the actress of theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and teacher of VGIK in the course of Sergei Solovyov.

    When Cyril was 15 years old, was tragically killed the father of the family. Senior Grebenshchikov was barely 50. Dark winter evening, he was hit by a car, which was headed by the famous Soviet poet, whose name is Cyril prefers not to remember. The situation is significantly complicated by the fact that timely medical care was not provided, and all measures taken in the hospital, do not play a special role. After 3.5 months, not come out of the coma, father Cyril died, and the boy was the only male in the family. The actor himself said that the death of the Pope significantly changed the way of life. After her husband’s death Natalya Fyodorovna had to work, and while raising her son she began to spend less time, yet has done much to Cyril successfully entered the Institute.

    After graduation in 1989, actor arrives at the staging faculty of School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, where he studied for 2 years. From 1991 he entered the course A. Would be. Intercession in the acting Department of the same University.


    First job after graduation was finding a place in the Moscow dramatic theatre named after K. S. Stanislavsky. In this theatre Cyril was marked by roles in productions of «Thomas Beckett», «the Black man», «Gardeners», «Beginning» etc. At the end of 1997 for a short time worked at the Moscow theatre of the young spectator. In this theater he has worked only 3 months, after which a meeting was held with Alexandre Vassiliev, which gave a significant boost acting career.

    In 1997 Grebenshchikov has acted in the actor’s laboratory theatre «School of Dramatic Art» Vasiliev, once worked for his father. Here Cyril is working now. During the period he was noted playing in such productions as «Mozart and Salieri», «Pushkin morning performance», «journey Onegin», «the Iliad. Song twenty third», etc. the artist Also took part in laboratory projects, including «Three sisters» at the festival at Delphi, «the Misanthrope» and «Ulysses. The root of time.»

    From 1998 to 1999, an actor on TV channel «Culture» was a show called «Wonder tale.» From 2003 to 2007, together with the Studio «Ardis» has recorded audiobooks.


    The first cinematic experience Kirill Grebenshchikov acquired in the period of study at the University. In 1992, the actor played a cameo role in the movie «the Russian novel» under the direction of St. Great. In 1999, appeared on the screens also in a cameo role in the cult film «the Siberian Barber».

    However, the path to television fame is long and difficult. It should be noted that Cyril did not seek to become a TV star. Getting on the casting, often heard about the wrong «intelligent» appearance. Finally, in 2004, the TV career of the actor began to gain momentum. He noticed after a brilliant detective in the TV series «a place in the sun». After that, it began regular work in films, and today the actor has performed more than fifty roles, including shooting the film adaptation of world-famous works of Dostoevsky «the Brothers Karamazov».

    Recent works include such paintings as «Double line», «the Last victim Anna», «Secrets of the city AIN», in which actor starred in the lead roles, as well as the expected drama of Karen Shakhnazarov’s «Anna Karenina», where Kirill Grebenshchikov will appear in the role of Anna’s son, Seryozha. Here on the set he works with actors, such as Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Maxim Matveev, Vitaliy Kishchenko and others.

    Personal life

    Kirill Grebenshchikov and his wife Olga have registered their marriage, even as students. In 1994, the young family made their appearance a daughter called Pauline. The girl went in his father’s footsteps and is now studying at VGIK. It should be noted that Cyril himself is not happy with such a choice of the daughter, however, does not make her any pressure.

    All his spare time Kirill is trying to dedicate your lovely wife and daughter. Very often the family is resting in the country or chooses walking in the Silver forest. Among Grebenshchikov hobby is travelling. My first serious fee that the artist has spent on a family trip to Spain.


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    Kirilo Grebenshchikov

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