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  • Name: Kirill Emelyanov ( Kirill Emelyanov )
  • Date of birth: 15 April 1991.
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Kirill Emelyanov: biography

    The star of the show «kadetstvo» Kirill Leonidovich’yanov was born in Moscow in April 1991. He grew up in a family of actors, so the love for the profession he has, what is called, in the blood. «Behind the scenes» childhood and regular visits – starting from 3 years of age theatre has done its job: about any other profession, except litsedeyskie, the boy dreamed of.

    Kirill Emelyanov
    In childhood | VK

    To go every weekend to the performances was for Kirill Emelyanov habit. The boy even had a «theater» shirt that he usually wore before the premiere.

    Soon Emelyanov could boast not only excellent knowledge of the repertoire of Moscow theaters, but the acting talent: boy amused family and friends, perfectly parodying Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. Parents and friends already then it became clear that the guy is going in the right direction – the theatre Institute.

    Kirill Emelyanov in
    The first role in the «Jumble» |

    Characteristic appearance and undoubted ability to play-acting have become the reason why Kirill Emelyanov and several boys from his school chosen agents newsreel «jumble». So the first time the boy appeared on the screen in 2003-2004. He starred in four editions of children’s comic almanac, and was finally convinced that his chosen target is correct.

    The parents noticed the first significant successes of the son, and transferred him to a special school with a theatrical bias. True, Kirill did not stay. According to some reports, he was expelled for disorderly conduct. But this is unlikely to greatly upset a young actor, because at that time he was invited to act in films. Therefore, the school he graduated in absentia.

    Kirill Emelyanov
    A great artist Lev Durov | VK

    After the ceremony of matriculation boyfriend, as planned, went to arrive in GITIS. And, of course, came from the first attempt. He enrolled in a course to a wonderful mentor to Joseph Raihelgauz. In addition to his acting guys taught albert Filozov and Mikhail Ali-Husein.

    In 2011, the young actor received the diploma of a famous University and went to conquer the peaks of theatre and film arts. He was taken to the theater «School of modern play».


    A cinematic biography of Kirill Emelyanov after work in the «Jumble» has developed rapidly on. At the age of 15, when he was a student of the Moscow Theatre school # 123, it took a feature-length drama «Bastards». Director Alexander Atanesyan has identified the guy in a negative role – a young recidivist named Studer. Picture about the tragic fate of young people in the great Patriotic war, he shot down a group of saboteurs on death row, received a huge response and mixed reviews. But doubtless it was that young artists, among whom were Emelyanov, played brilliantly.

    Kirill Emelyanov in the drama
    In the drama «the Bastards» |

    In this war drama, a young actor and the Director said Vyacheslav Morgunov, who was preparing to shoot the TV series «kadetstvo». From «Bastards» he chose two actors who seemed to him most suitable for the role of cadets. Is Alexander Golovin and Kirill Emelyanov.

    Cyril again got a negative role. It Suvorov Alexey cheesecakes a Snitch, that like to make small and not so innocent meanness of his comrades. In the life of Cyril is quite different than «the Street», so to play a realistic villain, he had a good look around.

    «Kadetstvo» |

    And the actors of the series talked a lot with these cadets, who told them many stories from his life. Hero Yemelyanov was very «alive» and realistic. Despite the negative role, Cyril was a whole army of fans. This was the first fame, when he came up on the street for my autograph and recognized in public transport.

    When the Muscovites came to arrive in GITIS, it already was a collaboration with such stars of Russian cinema, Andrei Panin, Andrei Krasko, Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov, Vladimir Steklov and Valery Barinov.

    The huge success of «Kadetstvo» prompted its creators to make a sequel called «the Kremlin cadets». Alex cheesecakes here again appeared. But the sequel was not as popular as the first series.

    Kirill Emelyanov in the series
    In the TV series «the Kremlin cadets» |

    While students Kirill Emelyanov continued acting. He appeared in the TV series «Victorious wind», «Gluhar-3» and «Investigative Committee». In the project «Pyatnitsky» the artist got the role Nelidova, and the «Country 03» – Kirill Vasilenko.

    The artist tried his hand as a TV presenter. A short time, he led the program «STS lights the superstar».

    Kirill Emelyanov alternated film work with roles on the stage. In the theatre he played in performances «The» «Star disease», «Anton Chekhov. Seagull», «bad advice», «house of women» and «Gamers».

    Personal life

    One name the young actor was associated with the name Katie Gordon. Rumor has it that they were Roman, even though Kate denies it. In one of the comments to journalists, she said that Kirill towards her was unrequited love, but from her side of the juvenile actor was just friendly feelings.

    Kirill Emelyanov, Kate Gordon
    Katya Gordon |

    As if there was not, but the relationship with Gordon is long gone. Personal life of Kirill Emelyanov turned out the best. He met with his colleague Catherine Direktorenko that before he met Arthur by Smolyaninova. After this the student of the novel, Katya for some time met with businessman Dmitry Solovyov, who is older than her 16 years. But the family fortune came to Kirill and Katya when they met.

    Kirill Emelyanov with his wife and son
    Kirill Emelyanov with his wife and son |

    Kirill Emelyanov with his wife Kate has twice became happy parents. They have two sons, Stephen and Basil. The boys were born in 2011 and 2013. The actor claims that children are the meaning of his life. He tries to spend with them as much as possible.


    • 2006 – «Bastards»
    • 2006-07 – «kadetstvo»
    • 2009 – «Victorious wind, clear day»
    • 2009-10 – «the Kremlin cadets»
    • 2011 – «Pyatnitskiy»
    • 2012 – «Investigation Committee»
    • 2013 – «Personal life of the investigator Saveliev»
    • 2013 – «Eastern Boys»
    • 2014 – «goodbye, boys»
    • 2014 – «Three stars»


    Kirill Emelyanov,

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