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  • Name: Kirill Dementiev ( Dementiev Kirill )
  • Date of birth: 7 July 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: broadcaster, newscaster, sports commentator
  • Marital status: not married

    Kirill Dementev: biography

    Kirill Dement’ev – Russian sports commentator, football commentator who has worked on such TV channels as 7 TV, NTV-plus, channel Match TV. Dementyev also is a regular host of the column «Sports Break» in the popular show «Evening Urgant». Lovers of the national sport called Cyril the most glamorous, attractive, outrageous commentator on Russian television.

    Kirill Dementev
    Youth Cyril Dementyev | VK

    Cyril was born July 7, 1981 in Moscow. His parents had no relation to the TV and show business, while her mother still worked in the creative direction. She is an artist and in 80-90-e years when in the Russian style was the fashion among foreigners, were successfully put on the market products with its own colorful painting brooches, caskets, panels and the like gift things. Also she taught drawing in high school and taught the basics of painting his only son. Dementiev, though, and tried not to let her mother, in his own words, artistic talent is not had, and great desire to realize myself in this field too, in itself is not found.

    Kirill Dementev
    Kirill Dementev | VK

    After school, Cyril successfully entered the Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov, where he studied the Korean language at the faculty of Asia and Africa. Actually, the guy chosen a specialty without a specific understanding of what he will do in the future. And only until about the fourth year Dementyev became convinced that Orientalism isn’t exactly a cause to which he devoted his life. The young man wrote articles in various print publications, but more for self-and part-time work. But gradually Kirill came to the conclusion that he wanted to test himself in journalism.

    Kirill Dementev
    Kirill Dementev | Championship

    So when the newly minted graduate was invited to work on the TV channel «7TV», he happily agreed. The guy from childhood loved to watch the world championship on football, especially preferred German championship. This was the reason that Dementyev was the claim on the arising vacancy in the sports Department.


    First, Kirill worked as a trainee, then as a staff correspondent. He was preparing information for the review of the championship of Russia, and also for the big program of world football «Football Gazette». The young man had a hand in the creation of historical-documentary and analytical program «the History of Russian football 1992-2003», which focused on the milestones in the development of domestic football after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Kirill Dementev
    Reporting Kirill Dementyev in the Studio of the channel «7TV» |

    But it is the ability to comment on the game during matches Dementiev believes that its main success. First, he led the coverage from the Studio, later he was entrusted to be the voice of the canal from the stadium, which hosted the qualifying match of Champions League between Lokomotiv Moscow and Shakhtar Donetsk. On the first away comments are very positive, the Russian master of sports of the microphone Vasily Utkin.

    On the channel «7TV» Cyril continued to work and when the company was close to collapse. However, he was no longer a full-time employee, and a guest commentator for the Spanish championship. After the end of the contract Dementieva received an offer to move to the more prestigious «NTV-Plus». At the new place of work, the commentator most often worked in the football matches of the Championships of his native Russia, well-known his beloved Spain and Germany. For some time, and more precisely from August 2010 to April 2011, he alternately Timur Zhuravel led one of the most popular transmission channel – a weekly review of the «Football club». Later in the program returned to its author Vasily Utkin, Kirill and, of course, had to give him a place.

    Kirill Dementev
    Kirill Dementiev says match on «NTV-Plus» | Sports news

    The next place of work the flamboyant TV presenter has become a newly established sports channel «Match TV». There the man managed to create several cycles of the documentaries, e.g. «Arch-rivals», «Sports breakthroughs», «top 500 goals», «the truth about…». He also continued to comment on football matches, to do quick reviews of games qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, Champions League and UEFA Europa League. But at the end of February 2016 Dementieva, together with Alexei, the Author was suspended from all air on all channels of holding «Gazprom-Media Match».

    Kirill Dementev
    Kirill Dementev commented on the stadium | Sports news

    The official announcement of the reasons for the suspension was not, but in the margins of the channel said that commentators fell out of favor for his disagreement with the political line pursued by the state. Cyril and his «colleagues in misfortune,» Alexey Andronov on the TV channel «Rain» created the author’s program «Sports in the Rain», but Dementiev worked there for a short time. Already in the fall of 2016, he was returned to commenting football matches on thematic channels of holding «Match TV».

    It is also worth adding that Russian journalist is a regular host of the column «Sports break» in the popular show «Evening Urgant» on the First channel. Commentator November 2015 every two weeks in this program talks about past news in the world of sports, but as always presents information in their own unique way.

    Personal life

    About the personal life of a popular football commentator and sports reporter not much is known. A man is not married, lives alone, why he had to learn to cook, although any pleasure from this activity it receives. Cyril loves to go to restaurants with good food. And he chooses not the trendy places, such as where I work chef in a Michelin-star level. For example, the commenter believes a very talented young chef Vladimir Mukhin, who heads the kitchen of the restaurant «White Rabbit», which was included in the list of 50 best restaurants in the world.

    Kirill Dementev
    Kirill Dementev | entertainment

    Because of manners, unusual voice and habit bright dress, many viewers will take Dementieva to representatives of nonconventional orientation. This is also the opinion of a former colleague Kirill «NTV-Plus» Timur Daguev that in your an interview said that Cyril had a relationship with a guy. The agreement neither confirms nor denies these conversations. He is sure that such things do not require a response, as like peeping through the keyhole. The man believes that he is not obliged to explain to the public or to justify to the public for what happens in his home behind closed doors.

    About your love for stylish clothes Cyril says that she showed him around 2006. For fashion shows commentator is not followed, but the choice of clothes drew attention to the unusual things. Your non-journalist style Dementyev calls not shocking, as a protest against the intolerance of dissent that developed in Russian society over the past decade.


    Kirill Dementev

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