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  • Name: Kirill Andreev ( Kirill Andreev )
  • Date of birth: 6 April 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 188
  • Activity: singer, model, actor, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Kirill Andreev: biography

    Kirill Andreev — Russian singer, TV host, model catwalk. He became famous as a celebrity soloist of pop group «Ivanushki International». Cyril was born and raised in Moscow, in the area called «Kuzminki». His parents were simple workers. Alexander’s father worked in construction, and mother Nina held the position of technologist in the First exemplary printing house. However, Cyril is still not the first artist in the family: his grandmother sang in the choir Pyatnitsky.

    When the boy turned 11 years old, his father abandoned the family. Raising a child alone engaged Nina tried to be to him and for mother and for father. The task was complicated by the fact that the teenage years were in a very difficult time for the country is Rebuilding. People have varied concepts, principles, and purpose. From the streets of Cyril saved the sport. In 7 years he was among ten children, which of the many hundreds of coaches selected in the section navigation. In the pool Andreev went almost to the end of school and could become a candidate master of sports.

    To higher education the young man did not. Instead, he’s a special accelerated program, he graduated from Moscow radio engineering school and then served two years in the artillery troops in Vladimir region. Discharged from the army, Kirill Andreev began to look for something interesting to do, and then his eye caught the announcement of the recruitment in model school of Slava Zaitsev. The young man thanks to the tall and athletic easily passed the audition and worked for several years in the house of the famous couturier. Moreover, he specifically went to USA, where he was one of the most prestigious courses in the American School of advertising and of models.

    Working model, Kirill Andreev met with many famous people from the sphere of show business, including singer Natalia Vetlitskaya. She recommended striking the boy to the producer and composer Igor Matvienko, already famous as the Creator of the group «lube». Igor then just organized a new project still had no name.


    Cyril was enrolled in a new boy-band the first. Then he was joined by Igor Sorin and Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov. Interestingly, the first group had no name and every show in clubs guys asked visitors to offer their own versions. Thus, the trio received a non-standard name of «Ivanushki International», which can be considered truly national.

    The first song «Simons», which was a cover version of the hit rock band «Rondo» called «the universe» became very popular. But then came a stupor in the work and to fly above the guys does not work. Igor Matvienko has decided to go VA-Bank. New song «Clouds» was written in unusual for the Russian stage style of trip hop and releasing it into the air, the producer took a desperate step, since even thought to close the project. But the composition became known, it caused a furor. The «cloud» blared from every apartment, each passing car. The success was enormous.

    In 1996, «Ivanushki» release debut album «of Course it is», two songs of which go to the show «song of the year». Subsequently, the trio every two years, releases new album as well as discs of remixes and the best songs. The most famous hits from the later albums became «poplar fluff», «Sky», «Shuttle», «Golden clouds», «Bouquet of lilacs» and «movie Ticket». However, after 2005 news from the guys appear very rarely.

    It is worth noting that several times in the team changed the composition, but, interestingly, always one thing: instead of Igor Sorin came Oleg Yakovlev, who in 2013, in turn, was replaced by Cyril Dee-Dee. But Kirill Andreev was and remains a long-standing soloist of group «Ivanushki International».

    Recently, the singer, being a member of pop group, engaged in a solo career. He often gives independent concerts, and in 2009 even released the album «I continue to live» without the participation of their colleagues.

    TV and movie

    Before the singing career of Kirill Andreev began to appear on television, and in music videos. It can be seen in the video of the singer Svetlana Vladimirsky for the song «my Boy» and in the clip Laima Vaikule on the English hit, «I’m Lost Without You».

    As one of their «Simons» Andreev starred in the musicals «Old songs about the main thing — 3» and «First Express» and in the Comedy film «election Day» and «Mixed feelings.» Dabbled artist and as a TV presenter when a time was the main actor in the entertainment program «News» on the channel «Music Box» .

    In addition, fans regularly watch his pet in various TV shows and talent shows. Together with artistkoy Elena Sparrow he sang a duet in the Ukrainian show «star+Star», along with dancer Marina Kopylova were in rating the program «dancing with the stars» and «Circus with stars» was actually one of the favorites, but in one of the rooms fell, broke his arm and was forced to leave the project.

    Personal life

    All the friends of the singer say that Kirill Andreev is a family man even on tour all the time thinking about his wife and child. With his wife Lolita Alikulova, trainer, aerobics and fitness, the actor met on the eve of 1999. Pretty soon the young people got married, and in October 2000 they had a son, who was named in honor of father Kirill Andreev, Jr.

    Cyril is the senior saved the child’s attachment to a healthy lifestyle. He does not smoke and does not drink alcohol, a lot of sports. In addition to the beloved navigation, the singer went to kickboxing, but the doctors forbade martial arts due to the possible deterioration of vision. Recently Andreev began playing hockey in the club «Star», which consists of musicians and other representatives of show business.


    • 1996 — of Course he
    • 1997 — Your letters
    • 1999 — memory of Igor Sorin «Fragments of life»
    • 1999 — I’m going to scream all night
    • 2000 — Wait for me
    • 2002 — Oleg Andrei Kirill
    • 2005 — 10 years in the universe
    • 2009 — I continue to live…


    Kirill Andreev

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