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  • Name: Kira Proshutinskaya ( Kira Proshutinskaya )
  • Date of birth: 15 September 1945.
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: popular Soviet TV host, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Kira Proshutinskaya : biography

    Famous TV presenter and the author of many rating television projects Kira A. Proshutinskaya was born in Moscow in September 1945. Looking ahead, we must say that a lot of viewers who loved the Proshutinskaya-leading, often wondered: is there any kind of Kira Alexandrovna noble roots. Already very different from other colleagues, was unusually intelligent television presenter.

    Indeed, in the family of the Kira Proshutinskaya were the nobles. «Former» was the beloved grandmother of a journalist. In Russia she came back from France after the revolution in 1918. About his origin, the woman is not especially spread, knowing what it can mean. She quietly worked in the dispensation, transferring filling some papers. The grandmother the Proshutinskaya was deeply intelligent and educated man. In the Lenin library and still kept her translation from French of several literary works.

    The grandmother has had the greatest influence on the education of the Kira Proshutinskaya. Leading says that it was for her a kind of Arina Rodionovna. During his youth, Kira Alexandrovna came into fashion in correspondence with their peers from other countries of the socialist camp. To help her granddaughter, the woman learned German and English.

    School years, Kira Proshutinskaya remembers as the best time in my life. Red hair color was often cause for ridicule. She felt she was not like everyone else. Complexes slowly walked after his family moved Proshutinsky on a farm Outpost. In the class, which got Proshutinskaya, were two more red. This Alla Pugacheva and future physicist Thank Chips. The presence of such as it, gave her confidence and calmed.

    Kira proshutinskaya the had many Hobbies. She avidly read, studied at music school, took lessons of choreography and skating.

    In the early 1960s Proshutinskaya enrolled at MSU, where he chose journalism. In 1967 she received a diploma and specialization «literary worker of radio and television.»

    Television projects

    Biography Kira proshutinskaya the started the last courses of universities. A young journalist was in the group of «TV people». The first practice in Tomsk proved to be successful. The proshutinskaya entrusted to broadcast «Club of hunters».

    Immediately upon graduation, Kira Alexandrovna was invited to work in the Youth edition of the Central television broadcaster as a correspondent. After 4 years she was appointed Deputy editor. Kira Proshutinskaya stood at the origins of the show, «wow», «Time», «Together», «Look» and others. Programme «come on, girls» is a project invented by the journalist. She was assigned leading the first Soviet show.

    In 1988, together with her husband Anatoly Malkin Proshutinskaya created «Author’s TV», independent television station. Within the company there are many exciting projects, among which the brightest and the rating was «In search of the lost,» «We,» «the Old apartment» and the talk show «Man and woman».

    The Proshutinskaya career rapidly progressed. In 1994, Kira Alexandrovna was appointed chief editor of the channel ATV. She also became its Vice-President. At this time, the journalist continued to work for state television. On the channel «Ostankino» Proshutinskaya established a program of «Press club» which was aired 5 years.

    In 2002, summer, Kira Proshutinskaya began to lead the program «People want to know». She appeared on the channel TVC. The talk show had high ratings and had great success with the audience. A survivor of the air was another «child» Kira Alexandrovna – program «Vremechko». It was released in over 15 years.

    Viewers, especially women, immediately loved the project Kira proshutinskaya the «Wife», created in 2012. It’s a show about famous women and women famous people. Her heroes were Nina Chusova, Irina Leshchenko, Darya Dontsova, Marina Golub, and many other interesting women leading skillfully caused to be Frank. While the heroine of the transmission did not feel interrogated. The emphasis was on the psychological component and enabled the women to talk.

    Similar and no less fascinating were the other transfer the Proshutinskaya – «Man and woman». It revealed relations between the two sexes. Heroes of the project were also well-known personalities. The talk show proved to be a logical continuation of the project «Wife.»

    Kira Proshutinskaya has many distinguished awards for his journalistic work. The leading has its own style, name. Since 1996 she is a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences.

    Personal life

    The first presenter was married at a fairly early age. She was a student of Moscow state University. The pair has lived together for long. But Kira Proshutinskaya grateful to this marriage, because it was born her only son Andrew.

    Second husband of the famous journalist was a diplomat. This marriage lasted much longer than the first. The stepfather managed to replace Andrew’s birth father. But after meeting the Kira Proshutinskaya Anatoly Malkin, at that time, unemployed, strong, it would seem that the marriage fell apart immediately. Collapsed and former family Malkin.

    Together, the couple have created not only a strong family, but also became the founders of many new projects. In 30 years of marriage, they were collaborators and work partners.

    But in 2013, the tabloids are talking about over the family idyll. There is information that the personal life of the Kira Proshutinskaya is no longer associated with Anatoly Malkin and the couple secretly divorced. TV presenter allegedly left her husband to the priest, who is younger than her 27 years.

    But confirmation of these rumors was not found. Kira Alexandrovna herself prefers to remain silent on the subject, neither confirming nor denying the rumors. Therefore, it is not known, there is marriage the Proshutinskaya and Malkin or he has in the past. There is no official confirmation about this no.

    Kira Proshutinskaya a great hostess. She was very hospitable, excellent cook and loves to make friends. Especially in the country. Here’s popular TV presenter spends all his free time. Most of all she likes to relax, sitting on the swings, and read the memoirs or detectives.


    Kira Proshutinskaya

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