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  • Name: Kira Plastinina ( Kira Plastinina )
  • Date of birth: 1 June 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian fashion designer
  • Marital status: not married

    Kira Plastinina: biography

    The young Russian designer Kira Sergeevna Plastinina was born on 1 June 1992 in the family of Sergey and Tatiana Plastinina. In addition to Kira, and they had two children – Alexander and Antonina. Sergey Plastinin – known Russian businessman, shareholder of the giant food-processing industry «Vimm-the bill-Dann. Food products». His fortune is estimated at 350 million pounds. Tatyana Plastinina is a linguist by training, is co-founder of the Academy of children’s musical.

    From early childhood, Kira loved to draw, she sewed clothes for their dolls. Dad once said passion for her daughter and decided to support it. 14 years old Kira Plastinina has become the owner of their own fashion brand. Every day after school, she went to the office, worked in the design lab and came home in the evening and doing homework.

    Plastinina graduated from the Anglo-American school in Moscow, now in University in the United States, where he received a business education in the study of art history.

    Kira Plastinina collection

    Daughter’s dream of becoming a designer youth clothing was made by her father. The first steps in this direction were made in 2006. Sergey Plastinin has assembled a team of professionals who are engaged in the creation of chain stores. They have to be sold clothes, invented by the daughter. So there is a trade mark

  • Kira Plastinina is a personal project of Sergey Plastinina. He also became the General Director of «KP style». Then his post was replaced by Olga, Feldt. But design and fashion design is the personal work of Kira. The style of their brand, the young designer has defined as «art-glamour-sportive-casual». It is a bright youth thing for teenagers and the young at heart people. She tells Kira that comes up with only the clothes in which I would like to walk by myself. 99% of the wardrobe girls clothing brand.

    Conceived come to life rapidly. The biography of Kira Plastinina was launched on 14 March 2007. This was followed by a presentation of the first collection of girls. So Kira became the youngest designer in Russia. On this day in Moscow Shopping center «European» opened its first mono-brand store Kira Plastinina, which teenage girls would buy clothes from designer of the same age.

    Energy and desire to work with Kira beat over the edge. Young fashion designer of all time. In the same 2007, Plastinina has become the official designer of the project of the First channel «Factory of stars-7». During the project, Kira picked up the clothes for the participants of the project, and she created stage images for annual concerts. And still participants of «American idol,» visited the Studio of Style Plastinina, where Kira and style consultants brand helped to pick up clothes for the project. In October 2007, «factory» as models participated in the fashion show of Kira Plastinina during Fashion Week in Moscow.

    For promoting and promotion of the brand in the fall of 2007 Moscow store Kira Plastinina visited American model and actress Paris Hilton. According to some, the arrival of Hilton and featuring stars in advertising campaign cost Plastinina in $ 2 million. On the development of its brand in Russia, marketing campaign and the establishment of representative offices in China, where factories produced clothing, the father of Kira Plastinina has invested $ 35 million. About the same number have gone to the development of the brand in America, where it was opened 12 clothing stores. But the economic crisis of 2008 has hit the business Plastinina, and all American stores had to close two stores in Los Angeles resumed in the summer of 2009).

    In January 2008 Kira Plastinina began the next step in conquering the heights of fashion, hosted an international debut Plastinina as a designer at the fashion Week in Rome. She was awarded as most talented young designer. And on October 27, 2008, Cyrus participated in one of the most important fashion weeks of the world — Milan. She introduced the MALIBU collection designed for spring-summer 2009. After a year there, Kira presented her collection «Dreams about Africa». Soon the girls got the opportunity to open your boutique in the iconic London Department store Harrod’s, and also to provide your clothes the famous Milan show-room In Style.

    Currently, Kira is a member of Association of Haute couture and pret-a-porter in Russia and permanent participant of fashion Week in Moscow. The shows Kira Plastinina are often the stars of world scale. In September 2011, the office visited the designer of Britney Spears in March 2012 in the presentation of her collection, was involved with singer Karlie Kloss. The heroine of advertising Kira Plastinina spring-summer 2012 was the model Georgia may Jagger.

    At the beginning of 2011 there were more than 120 shops Kira Plastinina. Now they were located not only in Russia and USA, but also in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, the Philippines, China, Italy and the UK. Clothes Kira Plastinina refers to the average price group, the so-called mass market, focused on girls 15-25 years.

    Kira Plastinina: personal life

    Personal life Kira Plastinina is a clean sheet. And here it is not only at a young age, but in an incredible employment girls. Its a tight schedule. And yet one novel Kira journalists noticed.

    At the time there were rumors that Plastinina has met with the graduate of «Factory of stars-7»

  • Vlad Sokolovsky. The pair were resting together, however, young people are denied such information, Recalling the friendship that lasts from childhood. After the wedding Sokolowski all rumors ceased to be groundless.

    Kira Plastinina: awards

    • The award «designer of the year» by the magazine «Glamour» (2007)
    • Medal of the municipality of Rome (2008)
    • Award «Successful Debut at Milan Fashion Week» (2008)

    Kira Plastinina: photo

    Kira Plastinina

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