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  • Name: Kim Jong-UN ( Kim Jong-un )
  • Date of birth: 8 January 1982
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Pyongyang, North Korea
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: the North Korean state, military and political leader, the head of the DPRK
  • Marital status: Married

    Kim Jong-UN: a biography

    Kim Jong-UN – one of the bloodiest dictators in the world, which is based on a number of geopolitical threats to the planet. With his name associated pompous military parades, colossal statues of the leaders, the launching of missiles, weapons of mass destruction and Asian «Stalinism», which terrifies many world leaders. The main business of life of the leader of North Korea is the creation of powerful nuclear weapons, with which he intends to turn all your enemies into radioactive ash. In his country he is considered «great reformer» that changed people’s lives for the better by providing them many rights and freedoms that were once not even dreamed of Koreans.

    Biography of Kim Jong-UN is composed of a solid mystery. According to official figures, North Korean leader born January 8, 1982 in Pyongyang, but intelligence sources say that he’s a few years younger and was born no earlier than 1984. Parents of the future policy was a North Korean head Kim Jong-Il and his favorite dancer Ko Yong Hui. He became the second potential heir of the father – firstborn Jong Il was Jong-Nam, who is the head of the DPRK gave birth to the actress song Hye-rim, as well as the mother of Jong-UN were not married with the leader of the Korean people’s Democratic Republic.

    The education of Kim Jong-UN as his whole life is securely hidden from society. It is known that he studied at the Swiss international school in Bern, but the management of the institution says that the leader of the DPRK had not crossed the threshold of this school. According to North Korean intelligence services, Jong-UN received knowledge individually at home and has no diploma of European universities.

    On the political horizon of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN appeared in 2008, when rumours about the deadly disease of his father Jong-Il, who led the country at the time. Then the North Korean throne was intended for the Advisor to North Korean leader Hour Sleep in-Taek, who at that period actually held in their hands the control apparatus of the DPRK and had a brother-in-law of Kim Jong Il. But the cards fell differently – thanks to his mother, who back in 2003, the entire management team of the Republic of convinced that Jong-UN is a favorite son of the father, and his only successor, in 2009, he became the leader of the race for the post of the leader of the DPRK.

    Shortly before the death of his father, Kim Jong-UN received the title of «Brilliant comrade» and was appointed head of the state security of North Korea. 24 Nov 2011 it was officially declared the Supreme Commander of the Korean people’s army, and a few days later was elected Chairman of the Central Committee of the ruling Labor army. For the first time after the appointment of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN appeared in public only in April 2012, during a Parade dedicated to the centenary of his grandfather Kim Il sung.


    The policy of the young North Korean leader who came to power at the age of 26, is filled with a solid and uncompromising boldness. He regularly throws a loud call to the world, proving its power of «forbidden» nuclear way. To bypass all the security Council resolutions UN Jong-UN continues his father’s work and is developing a nuclear potential of the country, threatening to destroy anyone who tries to stand in his way.

    The most notorious of his actions during the reign of steel the joining of the DPRK in 2012 «the club of space powers», the third in the history of North Korea nuclear test in 2013 and release into Earth orbit of an artificial satellite than it is the whole world on the brink of nuclear war. Jong-UN regularly cause fear tests, which are not regulated by international law, and gives priority to the development of North Korea’s «nuclear weapons» of mass destruction in defiance of the DPRK imposed tough sanctions all leading countries of the world.

    Special humanity of Kim Jong-UN is no different and in the internal politics of the DPRK. During his reign he executed more than 70 people, which was a record among all the rulers of the country. He loves to hold public executions of officials who in his opinion, operate against him. Among those killed at the hands of Jong-UN is also his uncle, the young leader was accused of treason and plotting a coup.

    At the same time, he is actively involved in reforms in the DPRK, where it gained considerable success. Among his reform achievements include the closure of camps for political prisoners, change the so-called «serfdom», whereby people have the ability to create production salsacate of a few families, not whole farms, and give the leader the only part of their harvest and not all over like before.

    Also, Kim Jong-UN has decentralized industry in Korea, giving managers a lot of authority. From now on, managers can decide to hire staff, set salaries and choose the direction for marketing their products. In addition, the North Korean leader managed to maintain a «friendship» with its almost sole strategic partner, China, which is the main trading partner of North Korea.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Kim Jong-UN, like his biography, has no officially confirmed data. According to media reports, the leader of North Korea married since 2009 dancer Lee Sol-Ju. Sources also claim that the North Korean leader is father of two children, the first of which presumably was born in 2010 and the second in 2012.

    It is known that Jong UN has health problems that are caused by his excessive weight. The medical record of chronic diseases among the North Korean leader indicated, diabetes and hypertension, which plagued her for several years.

    In addition to the «geopolitical games» of nuclear weapons and domestic policy of North Korea’s young ruler is fond of Western pop culture and basketball. During leisure time, Kim Jong-UN can spend time watching American films with Mel Gibson, and also loves to organize large-scale entertainment events.


    Kim Jong-UN

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