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  • Name: Kim Jong Il ( Kim Jong-il )
  • Date of birth: 16 February 1942
  • Age: 69 years
  • Date of death: December 17, 2011
  • Place of birth: Kanke-Nando, North Korea
  • Height: 160
  • Activity: state, party and military leader, the Great Leader of the DPRK
  • Marital status: married

    Kim Jong Il: biography

    Kim Jong Il is the long time head of North Korea, formally called a Great Leader of the Korean people’s Democratic Republic. Also, he was considered the Supreme commander of the Korean army and General Secretary of the workers ‘ party of Korea. Biography of Kim Jong Il with highly ambiguous. According to North Korea, he was born February 16, 1942 at the foot of the highest mountain baekdu, which is located in the province Kanka-Nando. And supposedly in the time of his birth the sky lit up bright star and double rainbow that symbolized the birth of the future leader of the Korean people.

    Kim Jong-Il with parents
    With his father Kim Il Sung and mother Kim Jong-Suk | Cyfroteka

    But Soviet sources claimed that the biography of Kim Jong Il starts exactly a year earlier, and in the Khabarovsk territory. Moreover, according to the Soviet encyclopedia, he not only spent his childhood in the Soviet Union, but initially in the documents have been recorded as Yuri Irsenovich Kim. But what do all historians agree with is the legendary figure of father Kim Jong Il. He was born in the family of the founder and first leader of the Korean people’s Democratic Republic (more commonly referred to as North Korea) Kim Il-sung and his wife Kim Jong Suk.

    Kim Jong-Il in his youth
    The future ruler in his youth | Korea Północna

    Kim Jong-Il was his sister Kim Kyong-Hui, later became the country’s only female General, and half brother Kim Pyong-Il. It is believed that in the Soviet Union, Kim Jong Il lived to the end of the Second world war, then did not long remain in Pyongyang. But when started the Korean war, the boy was taken to China. Higher education the future ruler of North Korea was received at the Pyongyang University named after his father and became a certified specialist in the field of political economy.


    Labor activity of Kim Jong Il from the very beginning was connected with government work. He started to work on a post of the instructor of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea, then went through all the stages of the party ladder. Career of Kim Jong Il ends with his election as not just a member of the Politburo, and the unofficial successor Chairman of the party of Kim Il sung. Since then, active policies are referred to as the «Center party» and praised him superhuman wisdom.

    Kim Jong-Il in his youth
    Statesman of North Korea | Private Correspondent

    In the 80-ies practically all questions connected with the internal policy of North Korea, was decided by Kim Jong Il and his father-the ruler was engaged only in international relations. Later, Kim Il sung has removed from itself powers of the Supreme commander of the Korean people’s Army and gave them to his son. Through year 50-year-old military leader was awarded the title of Generalissimo, and after a week he rose to the rank of Marshal of the DPRK.

    The North Korean Leader

    In 1994 the Great Leader Kim Il sung died of a heart attack. There was a plenary meeting at which the Central Committee discussed possible candidates for the new ruler, but in fact it was fiction, since long before the death of Kim Il sung it was clear who would be his successor. Kim Jong Il acquired all the rights of the Supreme ruler, except the title of father. Instead of «Great Leader» became the «Great Leader». True, the official position he was able to enter only after three years of mourning, in 1997.

    Kim Jong-Il in his youth
    The great leader of North Korea | Reuters

    For 15 years under the leadership of Kim Jong Il repeatedly accused the international community of violations of human rights. In the European, Japanese and American press mentioned such unauthorized interventions, as public executions, forced abortions, creation of the labor concentration camps, kidnapping of foreign citizens. But since the DPRK has been and remains a closed country, and the press and television in North Korea are under total control of the government, can neither confirm nor deny such accusations. Also, as with the predecessor, Kim Il-sung, and successor, Kim Jong Il acted to promote the person of the ruler. Kim Jong Il has created around himself a cult of personality, perhaps even exceeded the level of similar cult around Joseph Stalin.

    Kim Jong-Il
    The Head Of North Korea | Kiev Telegraph

    Portraits of the Great Leader was adorned with every public institution, any criticism was punished by imprisonment, in Newspapers his name was typed in bold, the birthday was one of two state holidays, but the biography Kim Jong-Il has become a mandatory school subject. Moreover, residents of North Korea, it is considered that Kim Jong Il is a brilliant composer that he wrote two years six great operas and scientist, created the works on philosophy, culture, literature, history and politics. The book «the cinema,» Kim Jong-Il in the DPRK is recognized as a classic textbook for actors.

    Kim Jong-Il
    Not only a Great ruler but also a Supreme commander | Private Correspondent

    But that’s not all. The North Koreans believe that the Great Leader is the consummate architect who came up with the concept of a skyscraper and created the plan of «Juche Tower» in Pyongyang; an amazing cook, made the world’s first hamburger; a world record for the the game of Golf; an outstanding expert in the field of Internet and mobile communications. However, as the head of North Korea for a very long time was the only person in the country who had the right to use a mobile phone and a global network, the latter statement was actually true.

    Personal life

    If his father Kim Il-sung had two wives, Kim Jong-Il has married four times. According to the data considered to be reliable, a Great Leader left three sons and a daughter, but according to unofficial information, the North Korean leader became the father 17 times, and nine of his children were born out of wedlock. As in the case of violation of human rights in the DPRK, this information check is not possible. So it makes sense to speak only about the personal life of Kim Jong Il that the head of North Korea was presented as official.

    Song Hye-Rim
    Song Hye rim, his first wife Kim Jong-Il’s | Day Online

    The first wife of Kim Jong-Il, song Hye-rim was a well-known actress. She’s in 1971, bore her husband a son, Kim Jong-Nam. Like most of his relatives, the boy was studying in Switzerland. Although Kim Jong Us is the eldest son and heir, but father’s successor on a post of the head of state, he never considered. The fact that the guy a few times back in his younger years, managed to get into international scandals related to visa-free border crossing. Now the firstborn son of Kim Jong Il lives in the Chinese district of Macau, and runs his own business.

    Kim Jong-Il with his family
    Kim Jong-Il with his family | the new York times

    The second wife of the ruler was Kim Yong Suk, a daughter of a senior military that the son was personally chosen by President Kim Il sung. According to some sources, she was the only wife of the ruler, while others are just civilian spouses. Perhaps this explains the fact that it is often called the first wife Kim Jong-Il, although from a chronological point of view it is impossible. The man openly showed she didn’t feel the woman feelings. However, Kim Yong-Suk gave birth to a daughter, Kim Sol, a Dream that would later become the personal Secretary of the father and will be headed by the propaganda Department of party literature.

    Ko Yong-Hee
    Ko Yong Hee — the wife of Kim Jong-Il and mother of Kim Jong-UN | Polytech

    As song Hye-rim, the third woman in the life of the Great Leader was an actress. Her name is Ko young-Hee, and she not only starred in the movie, but also sang and danced on stage. Because she was the mother of two sons, Kim Jong Chul and Kim Jong-UN, the youngest of whom turns out to be father’s successor, Ko young-Hee also became a cult figure in North Korea. But the cult of his personality could not have a lot of weight due to origin women Santa Ko Yong-Hee, at the time, cooperated with the Japanese army. Therefore, in the press, her name was buried with the title as «the great Mother».

    Kim Jong-Il and Kim OK
    The last wife of Kim Jong-Il, Kim OK | Today

    Fourth wife of Kim Jong-Il, who was younger than him by 20 years, became a political figure Kim OK. There is a high probability that she had before her marriage, in 2007 gave birth to the son of a Great Leader, but the government this fact does not recognize. After the death of his father Kim Jong-Cheese took the stepmother and all her relatives from their posts. Now the last wife of Kim Jong Il, according to one, is on treatment of the joints and others under house arrest.


    As in the case with the biography of Kim Jong-Il’s death, too, has two possible versions. It is known that the Great leader of the last years was very sick. He was diagnosed with diabetes, and several cardiovascular diseases. Also, according to unconfirmed reports could be Kim Jong Il and the tumor that the North Korean press called him «suddenly empty disease of unknown origin». In any case, the head of the DPRK about their health cared little. It till last days much smoke, and only the strongest cigars and cigarettes and regularly used the brandy.

    Ultimately, the disease took its toll and Kim Jong-Il died on the morning of 17 December 2011 and the people said about his death only two days later. The differences in the versions of death on place of death. According to official sources, Kim Jong-Il, despite his serious condition, he continued to work and made an inspection tour of the country on personal armored train, which met the last day of life. But other sources say that he recently left his home in Pyongyang and died there. The official cause of death of Kim Jong-Il is considered to be a heart attack – the same diagnosis as his father.

    The Funeral Of Kim Jong Il
    The body of the Great leader put under a glass cover | Radio Canada International

    The embalmed body of perennial ruler of North Korea was exhibited in an open coffin under a glass cover, and a few days later placed in the memorial mausoleum «Kumsusan». Across the country held ceremonies in which could take part all wishing. Those residents who had not expressed such desire, according to information from official sources, brought to trial and received up to six months in labor camps.


    Kim Jong-Il in his youth

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