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  • Name: Kim Hyun Joon ( Kim Hyunjoong )
  • Date of birth: 6 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: singer, actor, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Kim Hyun Joon biography

    Kim Hyun Joon is a South Korean singer, actor and model. The frontman of the famous dance group «SS501». As the actor received the recognition in 2009, after starring in the film «Boys over flowers».

    Kim was born in the capital of South Korea in a family of restaurateurs. In kindergarten, the boy showed great intellectual abilities, as much faster peers were to remember new words and their pronunciation. In elementary school Hyun Joon repeatedly awarded top prizes at mathematical Olympiads and creative competitions. The boy was into sports and taught himself to play musical instruments.

    As a teenager, he quit high school, so decides to become a professional singer. Looking ahead, we say that the school later, Kim still finished, but already a star of pop music. He also studied at the University of Convo in the specialty «Organization of theatrical performances» and the University of Kyonggi at the acting Department.

    Kim worked as a waiter in the restaurant of their parents, and simultaneously participated in different castings. At one of the performances he was noticed by the Director of producing Agency and included in the new boy band. Violating the original contract, the producer said that the guys will build a career not in the home country and in China, as there again, the fashion to Korean artists. Kim Hyun Joon refused and left the band, and not debuting it.

    The future showed that the young man made the right choice. He soon passed another audition and got the group «SS501», becoming its leader.


    With the song «Warning» the group debuted in 2005, and by the end of the same year became the best new band in Korea. Subsequently, youth dance team was named the best Asian project. During his 6-year career they released as many as 48 of the plates, although, of course, not all of them contain new songs. But songs like «Deja Vu», «Song For You», «You Are My Heaven» and «My Girl» became super hits not only in Asia but throughout the world.

    Sam Kim Hyun Joong as the leader, frontman and face of the team was always on the first roles. The fans even gave him the nickname, Manna, which means «Living sculpture». Kim has participated in almost all concerts and recordings of the group, and also in independent projects. For example, appeared in the Japanese musical «Cafe-In». Feeling that he is able to realize in his solo career, leader of the «SS501» leaves the team in 2011 and begins independent work. For example, Hyun Joon was followed by other guys. However, in interviews with all the guys claim that in future they are ready to get together and continue cooperation.

    His first solo album «Break Down» singer released in early June of the same year, and even on pre-orders had sold about 70 thousand copies. This disc was a bestseller of the summer and got to the top ranks of not only local, but also Japanese charts. Even greater success awaited new album «Lucky», which eventually took 5th place in the prestigious world chart «Billboard». Thanks to this, Kim Hyun Joon received the title of best singer in Asian Music Awards. Later the artist released three more Studio album and took part in the recording of several popular soundtracks.

    By the way, Kim has made in the world of Asian music and even a few breakthroughs. First, he became the first Korean who was invited to the Taiwan popular music show «Personality», and secondly, he was the first fellow held in Japan, a large-scale tour of a huge number of cities.


    In 2009, Kim Hyun Joon, as already fairly well-known personality was invited to try himself as an actor. In Korea, started filming a remake of the Japanese melodrama «Hana Yori Dango», which is the adapted version was called «Boys over flowers». The TV series was a great success not only in South Korea, but also abroad. The film was shown even in Europe and America. For the Hyun Joon first test, too, was very colorful: he was named best actor of the year at the film festival in Seoul.

    Kim’s acting career continued in the romantic Comedy «Naughty kiss», but this project could not repeat the success of previous. The latest episodes of the television series did not even show on TV, and posted on the Internet.

    Later, the actor starred in the Thriller «city Conquest» and the dramas «dream» and «young». Regardless of the popularity of movies, interest in Kim Hyun Joon only grew. In 2011, he for the third time in a row won the award for «Style Icon», but as musical taste, the young man has taste in clothes and very effectively combines the different pieces of your outfit, not only in the movies or on stage but in everyday life.

    Personal life

    Kim Hyun Joong is not married, but his numerous novels written by the journalists in almost all media. The singer and actor repeatedly said that he is not ready to build a family with any of their passions.

    A big scandal happened with the star in 2014. His ex-girlfriend, some miss Choi said that she was pregnant from him. The musician agreed to take on the education of the baby if the DNA analysis confirms that is indeed the father of Kim. But to date there is no evidence that Hyun Joon is relevant to the child, miss Choi does not exist.

    May 12, 2015 Kim Hyun Joong was mobilized and went on in Korea mandatory military service. From the army he needs to return in February 2017.


    • 2009 — Boys over flowers
    • 2010 — Mischievous kiss
    • 2011 — dream
    • 2013 — the conquest of the city
    • 2014 — young


    • 2006 — S. T 01 Now
    • 2008 — U R Man
    • 2009 — Black Belt
    • 2009 — All My Love
    • 2010 — Destination
    • 2011 — Break Down
    • 2011 — Lucky
    • 2013 — Round 3
    • 2014 — Hot Sun
    • 2014 — Timing


    Kim Hyun Joon

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