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  • Name: Kim Basinger ( Kimila Ann Basinger )
  • Date of birth: 8 December 1953
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Athens, GA, USA
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Kim Basinger: biography

    Kim Basinger is an American actress and model. His most famous roles are Domin Petachi in the James bond films «Never say never, Elizabeth McGraw in «Nine and a half weeks,» and Vicki Anderson in the Comedy «the Habit to marry». The actress is a laureate of the awards «Oscar» and «Golden globe» for shooting the Thriller «the Secrets of Los Angeles».

    The actress was born in Athens, located in the state of Georgia. Her father, Donald Wade Basinger was engaged in financial consulting major banks and also played in an Amateur orchestra. Mother Ann Lee Cordell in his youth he was a swimmer, and then a fashion model and actress, starred in several films from the series «water musicals». In Kimili had two older brothers James Michael and Skip, and two younger sisters, Ashley and Barbara.

    Kim from 3 years in ballet, but left the choreography in adolescence. Then was a member of the school cheerleading team. With 16, she began her career as a model and participated in local beauty contests. In 1971 she won the title «Miss Georgia», moved to new York to focus on modeling career, becoming one of the most popular girls in this business. Kim Basinger appeared on dozens of covers of popular magazines and in hundreds of commercials and was the face of the brand «Breck Shampoo». Later, after becoming an actress, she posed Nude for Playboy magazine.

    In new York along with the work of Kim Basinger attended acting school «Neighborhood Playhouse», because they understand that modeling is not very long compared to the career of the actress. In 1976, she throws the business model and moved to Los Angeles to begin acting in films.


    In Hollywood she began with participation in TV shows and daily serials. The breakthrough came in 1983, when Kim Basinger played the James bond girl in the next part of the spy Saga «Never say never. This picture was the last appearance of Sean Connery as agent 007.

    The incredible popularity of the actress brought the erotic drama «Nine and a half weeks», filmed on the novel by Elizabeth MacNeil. Partner in this cult drama was already a famous actor Mickey Rourke. «Nine and a half weeks» was not only action on sexual relations. The picture is filled with metaphors and symbolism, showing the contradictions between the physical dependence of people from each other and their spiritual discrepancy that leads to emotional devastation. Critics trashed the romance your reviews, Kim Basinger even got the negative award «Golden raspberry», but the commercial success and popularity with the public has allowed the film to stand on a par with his most famous erotic movies. In addition, thanks to the massive sales of tapes of the film, the actress received a huge income.

    In the comic book film, Batman 1989, Kim Basinger plays the role of reporter Vicki Vale, the girlfriend of a superhero, and hunter wild. At first this role was approved by Sean young, but before filming she was injured, riding on the horse. Then the producers invited Michelle Pfeiffer, but she refused because I couldn’t play along with Michael Keaton, whom recently broke up. Thus, the role went to Basinger, and she handled it very well. The film had good box office and influenced Hollywood, helped along the development of this genre, like blockbuster movies about superheroes.

    In 1997 Kim Basinger have been involved in the Thriller «the Secrets of Los Angeles», where she played the fateful call girl Lynn Margaret Bracken. Kim has twice rejected the proposal of the Director Curtis Hanson to take part in this picture, because I wanted to take a longer break from work. But knowing that its partners are such stars as Russell Crowe, Kevin spacey and guy Pearce, she agreed, and later in an interview repeatedly said that this project was the most enjoyable in her career, not least due to the outstanding cast. For this role, Kim Basinger received a statuette «Oscar» and the award «Golden globe»

    Personal life

    The first time Kim Basinger got married in the 1980’s for the make-up artist Ron Britton, whom she met on the set of the drama «Heavy country». They lived together for 7 years and officially divorced in late 1989.

    On the set of the romantic Comedy «the Habit to marry», Kim began an affair with a partner on the film by Alec Baldwin. They dated for 3 years, then got married, and in 1995 the couple had a daughter island. The actress decides to focus on family and raising her daughter, so violates the contract with the production company, Main Line Pictures about the shooting in the crime drama «Elena in a box». As a result, the company in court for breach of contract exposes her fine of almost $ 9 million that Basinger has led to a serious financial crisis.

    Kim and Alec divorced in 2000 and after 2 years, officially divorced. Interestingly, both husband and wife have written a book about his life with Kim Basinger and the rupture of relations with her. The memoirs of Ron Britton called «Longer than forever» and the memories of Baldwin – «I Promise to take on».

    Kim Basinger was the owner of a town of Braselton, Georgia, bought there all the plots, but later, she gradually sold off.

    The actress is a vegetarian and an ardent opponent of animal cruelty. She posed for the advertising of the organization «people for the ethical treatment of animals» that promotes the anti-fur campaign.


    • 1983 — Never say never
    • 1986 — Nine and a half weeks
    • 1988 — My stepmother is an alien
    • 1989 — Batman
    • 1991 — the Habit of get married
    • 1992 — Parallel world
    • 1997 — The Secrets Of Los Angeles
    • 2000 — I dreamed of Africa
    • 2002 — Eighth mile
    • 2010 — the Double life of Charlie St. cloud


    Kim Basinger

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