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  • Name: Kevin HART ( Kevin Hart )
  • Date of birth: 6 July 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Philadelphia, USA
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actor, comedian
  • Marital status: divorced

    Kevin HART: biography

    His calling – to make people laugh, he understood it as a teenager. Today Kevin HART is a successful American actor, who does not hesitate to make fun of him.

    He was born July 6, 1979 in Sunny Philadelphia, but his childhood and youth were not as cloudless as the weather. Father had left the family – my mother raised her son alone. In order not to disappoint her, Kevin was a good student in school, not naughty in the classroom.

    At age 16 he got a Ged and entered the University of temple in Philadelphia. Kevin studied at the University for two years and was forced to leave school because no money for his payment was not. He worked as a salesman in a Shoe store. He didn’t like this job, so free time HART took part in the auditions of the talent show and Comedy show. He tried not to miss a single selection – believed that someday he would be lucky.


    Luck came in 2001, when Kevin HART drew the attention of the producers of the show «Undecided». The actor played a small role in Luke, but it was enough that the Directors and producers noticed him. The following year he starred as Sean in the film «Paper soldiers»: he played a thief who tries to change his life. After the premiere of the film in HART appeared first fans.

    In 2003, Kevin starred in the Comedy «scary movie». The role was small, but he considers it a turning point in his acting career. A year later he was invited to star in the Comedy «along came Polly». In 2008, he appeared before the audience in the role of leader of the bandits, treasure hunter in the Comedy «fool’s Gold». Tight shooting schedule did not prevent the actor to do my own Comedy show.

    In 2011, Kevin starred in one of the leading roles in the movie «thirty-Five» and in parallel worked on a new program of his Comedy shows. HART is the first African American, to a concert which in the first two days it sold tickets worth over a million dollars.

    In 2013, rolling out the film «the trip» in which the actor played a stupid guard. For this role he received a prestigious MTV award. Two years later, the audience saw another film with his participation – Kevin HART is playing best man in the Comedy «best man for hire».

    In 2016, rolling out the Comedy «Mission in Miami,» in which the comedian played the role of guard Ben. In the same year he participated in two projects — «Half of the spy» and «the secret life of Pets».

    Personal life

    Personal life Kevin HART recently was very good. In 2003 he met tori fell in love. Soon they were married. Tori is an actress. In the spring of 2005, Kevin became a happy father, his daughter, haven. In 2.5 years was born the son of a boy named Hendrix.

    The marriage of tori and Kevin lasted until 2010, and then they broke up. The pair did not comment on the reasons for the divorce.

    The actor spends her spare time doing work, but do not forget about the children. On his social networking pages are regularly updated with new pictures of their joint vacation.


    • «Half a spy»
    • «Best man for hire»
    • «Grudge match»
    • «Scary movie 3»
    • «Death at a funeral»
    • «Undefined»
    • «Fool’s gold»
    • «Think like a man»
    • «Mission in Miami.»
    • «A little bit married»


    Kevin HART

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